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    Hey Leute

    Ich suche Member für meinen Clan DieKnöteriche

    Wir sind momentan zu 4 wobei ich leider der aktivste bin.

    Deshalb brauche ich Member die mit mir zusammen zocken und besser werden.
    Ich selbst bin 18 Jahre alt

    zocke CallofDuty seit MW2 und habe in AW reichlich erfahrung.


    Voraussetzungen sind lediglich :


    K/D von 1 +

    mind. 16 Jahre


    regelmäßiges zocken ( meistens abends ab 22:30 da ich vorher meist arbeiten bin )

    Donnerstags hab ich immer frei also wir da nach Absprache gezockt

    Da es so viele reine Männer Clans gibt

    sag ich vorab, Frauen sind genauso erwünscht wie Männer


    Also wer bock auf einen hoffentlich bald Aktiven Clan hat ist bei mir richtig !

    Addet mich bei PS4 unter : BroCode_


    Peace ^^

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    I sucked so bad at mp in that game but didn't care. I had more fun than any other game since. Like I said, they've all had an impact on me and I remember them all but that one was the shiz.

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  • 08/11/15--17:52: Re: Brain Power over K/D
  • TThere is no visible stat that determines skill in call of duty. my all time is 2280, and my monthly is 2500 something, and I haven't been able to get a stable connection this week. I admit, those stats aren't the best and are infact quite terrible even for TDM but the thing about those stats is they fail to show the THOUSANDS of matches I had to quit do to having 1 bar connections making it unplayable for parts of and sometimes full matches and no matter how long I waited in those matches my connection didnt get better. Sure 2500 is terrible but is kind of good when half the time in matches it takes 20 attempts jjust to get through a doorway do to rubber banding.

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  • 08/11/15--17:53: Re: Brain Power over K/D
  • MakoShark222 wrote:


    I would of been #3 at least. I was in the hospital for a week of that month. Sh** dude I just had a heart attack last Wednesday and played AW the next day because I walked out 8 hrs after heart surgery. NO KIDDING.


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  • 08/11/15--17:56: Re: Free tacos?
  • image.jpg

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    Well said. The way these 3 guns have been offered is the worst decision I've ever seen CoD make. I'ld be more willing to play the game more with these weapons... than play to try to get them.

    Base weapons being handled as gear, reinforcement, and variants crosses the line. Whoever made the final decision for this was out of touch with the players and too busy rolling around in advanced supply drop money.

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  • 08/12/15--17:55: Re: pc specs
  • No worries, it will be good for your purposes - you don't need an expensive rig to play most games on decent detail.

    Enjoy the new machine when it arrives !

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    Are you still accepting?

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  • 08/12/15--17:43: Re: new clan
  • Im down to join.

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    Just wonderig if you can check to see if my beta code worked from like a month ago. Like i dont think i have the code anymore but please check my acoount AC i would really apprerciate it!!!

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  • 08/12/15--17:17: Re: AW is just Titanfall?
  • Its unfair to say AW is  copy of TF as both games were in development at the same time. They are similar but feel completely different.

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  • 08/12/15--17:14: Re: AW is just Titanfall?
  • TF is EA not Activision

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    My list         


    1. black ops 1


    2. black ops 2


    3. world at war


    4. modern warfare   


    5. advanced warfare


    And the rest of the cods should have never been made they were god awful. ( mw2, mw3, ghost) i never played cod 1,2, or 3.

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    Maybe this will help.. Basically that's how my game looks like while playing.

    Please Help!

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    II'm really hoping I can get my stats reset black ops 2 zombies I believe there's something wrong my gamers tag is samcrow619 its for xbox360 thanks

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    Pretty sure every score on here is an escape except for SLAK808 on hardcore Nightfall. Hes been grinding that nonstop for the past week and managed to make it to the breeder but died sadly. Its definitely possible to escape hardcore with 9 relics solo.

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    black ops

    modern warfare 2

    modern warfare

    world at war


    modern warfare 3

    - I enjoyed all of those


    black ops 2

    - meh overall was pretty boring


    advanced warfare

    - complete abomination

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    It would be great if someone from Treyarch could answer this question. I sent AxelSpoonz a PM a while ago with the same question but have had no response. Hopefully this doesn't mean there's a problem.

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    Hey Thibey13,


    You will be able to download the Black Ops III beta from Steam beginning August 26th.




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    Certainly! Send AxelSpoonz, OGHuxtable, or myself a private message and include:


    - Gamertag and Console

    - Call of Duty Account Email

    - Beta Code




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