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    What game were you put on probation? AW? League play?

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    hey we at Tri five are looking for members message me @ Strive Butch for more info

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    I don't know you and what you think of me is no concern. My opinion is my fact as it's also my experience. I'm not here to degrade anyone but rather speak my piece. Comments like yours intrigue me to stick around and see how far you're willing to take your summation.

    P.S. I really liked this game.

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    I asked ARW if the 10 relic scores should be posted and he said "No and not because it's a glitch but because it's something in the game that not all consoles are on the same playing field with. Ps4 has a pure advantage with that. It only works for them. So then they would get every #1 or should."

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    zestroy wrote:



    When you call me out let me know please?

    so you agree people should not play the objective in an objective based mode?


    If you dont agree playing an objective based mode requires playing the objective, than the objective is to troll the game which it seems you are quiet comfortable with?


    Lets attempt to understand what position you stand by.


    Note: dont tell me people will do what ever, that is well known. Tell me your position on not playing the objective in a objective game mode.

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  • 08/11/15--16:58: Re: Room for improvement?
  • Room for improvement? more like window of opportunity.


    but I have noticed a rapid balancing act that allows the lesser players to defeat even the most skilled players with ease

    I dont know about with ease, but lesser player still deserves a chance to win dont you think?

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    during clan wars platinum division ps3 there was a clan with the clan tags TOXK that was totally not on platinum division level they got 295 captures and we at second place got around 50. is this under the reverse boosting category or if not what is it

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  • 08/11/15--17:08: Re: HPC Recruiting (XBOX1)
  • bump

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    CCan I join

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    Comigo aconteceu o mesmo! Desinstalei e reiniciei meu tablet e instalei novamente e funcionou.

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    Wrong again.  It didn't take 3 years and 6 months.

    Wrong again.  Therelaxingend proves the exact times I specify in Part I.

    Wrong again.  Therelaxingend proves there is a "zero exception" conditional loop which any descent programmer would expect.

    Wrong again.  Therelexingend proves that by glitching out the skill component, besides the time component, he proves it degrades to round vs down in player channel, part II of my ranking theory.


    # of people that have ranked up with zero kills in the world < than a handful because everyone that has NOT gotten a new gamertag has at least one kill.

    # of people that have now ranked up with my solution > hundreds.


    The problem:  TheRankingsystem and what TheRelaxindEnds' video does and does not do goes RIGHT over your head, your friends head and the vast majority of non-programmers.


    Case closed.  You are proven wrong -- once again.

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  • 08/11/15--17:11: Re: New xbox1 clan
  • Still looking for active members... Sign up on the website and be sure to check back for news and updates. We are up to 6 members now slowly things are coming together become a part of TooTurntGaming today!!!

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    I actually don't feel good about rating these because I've loved them all. Each has a special time, place and memory for me.


    I put AW at the bottom because I've seemed to have more trouble with a lot of different things. I would also be willing to bet, though, if I could take a time machine back to each game like it was current time, I'd have complaints about those games too. It's always easier to look back at fond memories and remember how great things were. Example:watched a movie I loved growing up, it kind of sucks now.


    I also put the older ones towards the bottom because I didn't play mp until COD4 and I base most of my ranking on mp. COD4 was where it all began for me.

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  • 08/11/15--17:34: Re: Brain Power over K/D
  • NNothing wrong with the strategy you just described. Spawn flag plus B flag in domination is one of if not the best way to win domination matches, trying to capture the 3 flag can lead to a triple cap or end up with the spawns flipping which is not what you want to happen.

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    My dream is for a COD 4 remake, maybe someday. I at least want to play without hackers again. My 10th Prestige gone down the drain

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    The only thing that went over my head is your arrogant ignorance to the facts provided to you by so many people. It is funny to watch you blow your assumptions out of proportion.

    Even if you combined all your posts and threads about this subject together, your theory still be wrong. How about you go on CODZ and post it like so many suggested to you in the past? or how about twitter and post it directly to a dev, so he can confirm it? come back and tell us how wrong we all are after that, until that happens you have no case.

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