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  • 07/27/15--08:33: Re: Clan invitation ps4
  • Hi , I'm interested but my k/d ratio is abit under :/ due to finding the right gun for me and starting next level prestiges .


    find me : mickcarr90

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    I am recruiting for my Advanced Warfare Clan. We currently have 4 members at a Clan Level of 23 about to level up to 24 (10,000 or so CXP). We need Friendly players who are Active during Clan Wars to join, as well as players who are interested in Ranked Play and Clan Raids. If you are interested in joining message me by direct communication via Xbox One. My Gamertag is as follows, DVR is Full.

    Thankyou and see you on.

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    Looking for clan member of any style for PS4.

    We have been a clan for 4 weeks.

    We are 2/2 in clan wars,

    8 members

    1.07 KD

    Gold Clan Tags

    We are active in wars and raids.

    As we get bigger we will have positions opened.


    Apply on our website.


    Or message BeastR26 on PSN

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    I'm looking for a clan for smgs I ahev a kd of .6 but that is because I used to suck currently I'm going positive most of the time or coming really close I'm looking for a clan that doesn't have too many people but would like to paly in a lobby. I don't like league play very much or zombies. My gamertag is UberLD14.

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    Yeh seriously...  I love how some one calls their "opinion" FACTS.  lol  Facts are "quantifiable".  As in you go 15 number of rounds with no downs and within 3 game, you will have the rank.  I've yet to figure out whether they are just young generation with no respect for their elders, or, is it because they are from a foreign country, and they are just a part of the "hate America/anything American crowd".


    Writing 5 paragraphs as opposed to just espousing an "opinion" is called a "proof".  Writing down exact numeric's  is called a hypothesis.  When the hypothesis is tested and proven by people every day as they rank up, then you say the theory is proven, or accepted, or is the "best explanation" of "reality" that we currently have.  That is where we currently are - helping people rank up by telling them exactly "where" in a quantifiable way and what 'exactly' they need to do.


    I can look at someone stats, there rank, and there emblem and tell them "EXACTLY" what they need to do and what they are doing wrong.  In <4 days, they have their rank.  Not --- "perhaps try the same thing you been doing for the last 3 months that hasn't worked".  Honestly, sometimes it really is playing clean rounds with no downs but "NOT" always...in fact ~75% of the time, that is NOT their problem.


    My experience so far is that a good ~40% of the time, it is they are not playing "ENOUGH".  (Not dedicated enough)  (Not consistent enough in play time)  People have come to believe the tally marks mean "nothing", which in fact, is FAR from the truth.  They are an integral part of the ranking system.  The number of hours played is tracked and "displayed" to the user and that is what makes the ranking system "ALIVE" which is what Jimmy Z. was "explaining" to people and what he "meant".

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    I love p2p. Loved playing COD4 and COD:MW2.  BUT I have been blamed, abused, harassed, and defamed on COD:AW because I was told that I'm responsible for others bad connection.  AND from my experience that's not how p2p worked... might ruin a dedicated game but p2p (and in this listen system), advantage always goes to the better connection.


    I have a feeling that i have been locked out of proper games; dedicated servers; and a lot of the listen systems because of my DLC.  WHICH is unfair.  Nor will i accept blame for 'ruining' a listen/p2p lobby.  Have yet to notice a dedicated game but that might be because the DLC locked me of that really early in this games life due to my pre-ordered season pass.


    I would guess 99% if not 100% of my games are listen/ peer hosted and not dedicated.

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    In all honesty I could care less about the music and the sparkly pink helmets. What COD needs is to work out existing bugs and issues before they start with a fashion show and band lineups...

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    wow, you sound like a really good player. What is your GT so I can see where you are at on the leader boards?

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  • 07/27/15--08:52: Re: 9 Relic Solo POC...
  • I just got my 6 relic escape in this weekend.  I might need to jump into 9 and run sentries and Feral as well. That seems to be the key?

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    I don't see why they won't just post a solution on this forum or any really.

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    Ultimate RaG3 is interested in acquiring you we are a clan that participates in clan wars a but don't require any member to help. We have gold clan tags if you are interested message BeastR26.

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    I´ve always liked the older call of duty games and not long ago i was in germany (on holiday). we were walking around town and the i went to a game shop. and guess what, they had call of duty 2. i´ve just got home and used one and a half hour installing the game. and then its ******* german, then im like "okay ehh Options and then sprechen or something ?. Okay Nope lets translate Language. okay lets search for that worrrrrd annnnnd No". i have searched on youtube (Of Course nothing). so please if anyone could help me change language, please im begging you

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    Hey guys, I'm the clan leader for a US based clan with 3 members currently. I started this clan about 3 weeks ago with my friend and after the recent clan war, we have hit gold tag. We are open to anybody that wants to join, but we are all 8th prestige and above, just to warn you. We are always active when we can, so if you want to join just msg CheechinCrafter on Xbox and we will be sure to invite you. THX

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    ON top of the invisible defenses destroying units and heroes I and other iOS players on my alliance are receiving the following error and losing battles.


    Data Error. 136, cmd: 140010, code: 10021162

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    Some of us are getting this mid battle some as soon as they select yes to confirm the battle.

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  • 07/28/15--09:14: Re: Starting clan ps4
  • HThese I've accepted your invite to clsn

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    Alliance wars needs to come down until this is fixed. Not everyone is effected. My base doesn't do this to the enemy but their base does it to me. It's impossible to win when your units cannot return fire.

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    The better response would be to allow retaliation against everyone who attacks you in PVP, whether they win or lose. This way the guy who comes in and steals 400,000 gold and oil is open for retaliation.

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    There is an invisible defense glitch effecting certain high level bases. Activision and Faceroll are well aware of it. They just have not done anything to stop it or fix it.

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