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    After reviewing the Community Forum Etiquette and GuidelinesI didn't see a couple of items that I have been accused of.  I would like to know if this will be updated to reflect these unspoken rules?


    1. I don't see anything about only being allowed to mark 2 helpful and one correct answer.

    2. I don't see anything that says I can not mark my own answer correct. After I do research and post the correct answer, why can't I not mark it as correct since no one else provided the correct answer?

    3. Forum thread bumps can only be done by Clan recruitment and that can only be done once a day.  But yet, I can not 'bump' my own non-recruitment thread that is lost to the flood of activity from recruitment thread 'bumps'

    4. Engaging in Toxic Behavior. I do see where this is relevant. I don't see any action taken when I report certain individuals who add the toxicity to the thread in the first place.  If I get personally attacked by someone who is obviously trying to be a troll/encite a reaction, why is not ok to defend myself? And then I get accused of participating in Toxic Behavior when I defend myself with a logical, reasonable, non-hostile response?


    Where is the logic in Number 4? This reminds me of how playing against people that troll in MP matches. You say one thing to them about the fact they are just a worthless troll and I am the one who gets a communications ban from XBL for a week, while they get to continue to troll other innocent players who just want to have an enjoyable gaming experience.  This is borderline what is happening to me on this forum right now.


    Where are these Unspoken Rules? Why are they not in the Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines ?


    I would like to think that I am a well respected, I provide insightful commentary, I engage in passionate debate, I participate in topics that are important to me.  I also provide answers to Support Questions to help our amazing moderators. I wouldn't like to be known as 'that guy' stirring up trouble, starting arguments, participating in Toxic behavior and being known as an instigator.  This post alone is NOT intended to instigate or stir the pot.  I would just like some honest feedback, some insightful commentary, and an answer to my questions stated above.


    I have named the people that I have the most respect for and probably offer the most insightful and helpful commentary on the forums. OUHATEMETWALL4ALL2iHattoriHanzo0RayOldGuy, nuttin2say


    gotsomestars, BrainDead6666, tracy, cranium2001, Izjar11, spudchucker22, FalconR6, OGHuxtable, AxelSpoonz

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    ich wollte normal aw spielen und es kam erstmal server sind down und so aber dann als ich paar tage nicht spielen konnte weil angeblich server down sind war ich bei einem freund der hat gezockt dann war ich bei steam support und da stand das ich VAC.gebannt bin obwohl ich nicht gehackt oder sonstiges hab und das ist echt scheiße

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    Yo, I am the clan leader of the 7/11 clan, we are US based with 3 members, but are looking to add more. We are a level 11 gold tag clan and are always active. If you are interested please message CheechinCrafter on Xbox and we'll invite you

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    anyone know how to solve this problem? Mod help please.

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  • 07/28/15--08:32: Re: Zombie Group (Xbox360)
  • hey id love to play if possible gamertag is batmane55 I'm not a squeaker and am decent at the game 13, Male

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    boybad wrote:


    All the name calling and smack is done by you two, I think everybody can clearly see that relaxing video holds more credibility than your one hit wonder.


    In fairness to codeaholic, he is right about needing 1 kills and/or 1 down to trigger it. The ranking system would not start ticking for a player until the amass some kind of stat to add to it. It does make perfect sense.


    That being said, I am not sure what stats are actually required to start your process. Rounds are a main part of the ranking system but it seems perfectly plausable that you would need to record at least something outwith rounds for it to work properly.


    It still does not take away from the fact that you CAN rank up to shotguns without kills though, and I have also seen plenty of other instances of people getting shotguns with unusual stats.

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  • 07/28/15--09:23: Re: CoD AW: DirectX Error
  • Possible Workaround:

    Everyone who wants to play, could try disconnecting second/external Monitors and/or dismantle their SLI/CrossFire Setups as a workaround. I guess, it won't be enough to just disable the features... *sigh*

    This works for me while I'm waiting for someone having a look on my ticket...

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    Send me a friend request. G22 Tanaka

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    Same with me

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    One word: Zombies.

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    Ok so far I'm thinking we need to shoot the Dinosaurs in order. Here are known locations so far.


    1: Floating By The Oil Rig

    Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.29.31 AM.png

    2: Hangar By The Stairs

    Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.53.46 AM.png

    3: Hanger By The Stairs

    Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.54.13 AM.png

    4: Med Bay Floor

    Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.21.47 AM.png

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    we play everything

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    Call of Duty - World at War for Xbox. PLEASE HELP!!


    I purchased World at War the other day and my daughter and I are playing co-op split screen. We start off at Semper Fi. We have played for an hour and stopped, or have even played all the way thru to the next level. Regardless, the next time we play we can never seem to pick up where we left off. We always end up back at the beginning of Semper Fi



    So my question is, how do I save where we are in the campaign so we can pick up from there next time we get to play without having to start all over? Any help is much appreciated...it's driving me crazy.

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  • 07/29/15--09:26: Re: Supply drops
  • Here is an Activision support article regarding this issue: Activision Support


    You can wait 20 minutes to see if they show up as they can be slow to update from time to time. As you are on the PS4, you can also try redownloading them if they still won't show up after waiting if they were brought in the in-game store or restarting the PS4 if they were brought via the PS Store. The support article I've linked explains how to perform the redownload of the ASDs. Should any of these steps fail to work, Activision Support can see what is going wrong here and assist you with this issue. Have a nice day!

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    Does it really give an advantage to players with a keyboard and mouse over controller? I mean players are quick with controller, so I don't see how it would be any different besides they feel more comfortable using it, if that's what they've been using.

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    Regardless, it was the second most balanced game in the series after CoD4 -- and the one I played the most, for that reason:
    It was fun because you could play a variety of playstyles successfully without getting auto-raped.


    Decent maps
    Decent weapon balance
    Great customization system

    ... I played mostly alone, occationally with one friend, and still BO2 is the CoD game I've played the most after CoD4.


    Bad maps
    Bad weapon balance


    Bad weapon balance

    Some bad maps



    Explosives and knife OP, otherwise decent weapon balance
    Some bad maps

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    Thank you so much @tracy for telling me this! I was worried that I would miss out on the beta but that you for telling me!

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