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    add whodamastrshonuf GB competitive experience Master division in ranked. AR obj playa

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    As the title states im looking for like minded people to play and practice GB, scrims, and ranked play. I mainly run AR but sometimes use overkill sub/sniper. Im in Master division in ranked play. I know all call-outs/terminology. Laid back Mature player . ADD whodamastrshonuf on PSN

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  • 07/26/15--08:25: BO3: Understanding Range
  • I've had this discussion before with BO2, but I think it would be a good one to revisit with the beta for this game coming out in a few weeks. A lot of players in COD pick a jack of all trades gun and specialize it to be as versatile as possible. However, when they lose a gun fight they normally find a scape goat to blame their loss on. This is how complaints about guns being over powered begin and leads to the forums being clogged up with complaint topics that often have no merit.  The truth is if you understand range in a COD game you can avoid a lot of frustrating deaths by playing your gun correctly.


    Now, I don't know the weapon stats or even all the weapons in BO3 yet. However, the meet of this discussion has held true for every COD game since the original Black Ops.  It's a good base line for thinking and it can definately help a player who is newer to the series.  Black Ops 3 doesn't have the light weight or toughness perks availble. So, controlling range is going to be the real key to gaining a dominant edge in a gun fight.  If you can force an enegagement at the proper range you can gain a distinct advantage against an opponent.


    Also, for the first time the game is going to let players put up to 6 attachments on primary weapon. In past COD games you had between 2 and 3 attachments at the most. This meant you could repurpose a weapon to compete outside its normal range. However, you couldn't both cover its weaknesses and specialize it at its intended range in the same build. This time around the more knowledgable players will be building guns that compete very strongly at multiple ranges. They key to overcoming these builds will be playing your weapon to its strengths. 


    It is also important to understand this knowledge is only overly useful when you start a gun fight on even terms. If somebody catches you by surprise you are at an automatic disadvantage in any engagement reguardless of your range dominance. It's also important to know that advantage doesn't garentee you a win.  You might be 80% to 20% to win a gun fight and still lose. Any weapon besides a shotgun can kill at any range and skill in addition to surprise can overcome the advatage this knowedge provides. It just gives you a higher probablitly of competing, especially if you are on the lower end of the skill gap.




    Melee in black ops 3 has been moved from a one hit to 2 hit kill.  This was done to eliminate panic knifing.  Having a 2 hit kill in close range means you only want to use melee to finish off a wounded opponent if you clip runs dry or if you can get someone from behind. The knife and tactical knife will probably still be a one hit kill, but melee isn't as practical as it has been in past COD games.


    Shotguns:  (0 to 10 meters)


    Shotguns seem to take their normal role in this game. The offer a one to two hit kill in very close ranges and will dominate any other weapon at that point.  7 meters seems to be about the one hit kill range for most semi or full auto shotguns in the series. 8 to 9 meters caps out the pump action ones.  If you have a shotgun in this range it will dominantly outkill most other weapons from its high damage. However, outside of this range you are going to be outclassed by most automatic weapons in terms of time to kill. So, shotguns get close or don't bother.


    Pistols: (0 to 12 meters)


    Like it or not, the pistols in BO3 are going to be strong weapons. This isn't new to the COD series. The pistols and machine pistols have been competative at this range in every cod since MW2 with the possible exceptions of BO1 and AW.  At this range pistols are doing their maximum damage usually requiring 2 to 3 shots to kill.  They handle faster than the SMGs and normally kill in one less shot at this range. They are also more accurate than the SMGs.  Once you get out of this range and a pistol falls to a 4 to 6 shot kill the small magazine on the weapon makes it very difficult to compete with the primaries. This can be a frustating affair to an AR or SMG rusher as you need to leave yourself some space between opponents. Otherwise if they have a handgun they can grab it and drop you like a sack of potatoes.


    SMGs: (10 to 22 meters)


    It's worth noting that SMGs will dominate anything but a pistol or shotgun at close range. But those weapons will kill slightly faster than an SMG.  So, it's best to insulate yourself with a little distance to gain the maximum advantage with this weapon class. SMGs have better fire rate and manouverability than the ARs, LMGs and sniper rifles. In this close range band accuracy isn't particularly important and it's hard for a slower weapon to keep up with a faster opponent.  In this band your speed and fire rate are king and you should have no problem leveraging them against a slower weapon. Wiht the absence of light weight getting into this band requires more skill than before.


    Once you are outside of 22 meters most of the SMGs are at or close to their minimum damage. This paired with their higher recoil makes it hard for them to compete with the other weapons that are more accurate and have better range damage. You can still kill out a little further, but your speed advantage is lost outside of this range.


    Automatic Assult Rifles: (20 to 30 meters)


    ARs are the middle of the pack jack of all trade weapons. They really shine in this narrow little band.  At this range the Speed advantage of the SMGs isn't particularly helpful and the ARs are still dealing relatively good damage. They are also more accurate than the speedier weapon classes. This combination gives them a faster time to kill than the SMGs and pistols. Shotguns are doing no damage at this range.


    The ARs also have condierably more favorable handling than the LMGs and Sniper rifles. This means at this range they can usually shoot first and the flinch from their automatic fire tends to keep them ahead in gun fights against the stronger weapons.


    Burst and Semiauto ARs, LMGs (30 to 40 meters):


    LMGs handle very slowly. However, they tend to have the longest ranged damage of the automatic weapons.  At this range the speed advantage of the SMGs and Pistols is meaningless as they are all at their minum damage.  Also, their handling advantage is not nearly enough to overcome the time to kill advantage the LMGs have at this range. Similarly, most of the automatic ARs are bottoming out and their recoil makes it hard to track a target at this range.  So LMGs compete very well here.


    Similarly, the burst fire ARs and semiautomatic ARs tend to hold their medium damage out to this range.  Their slower fire modes also tend to make them more accurate and competative at this range. However, their slower fire rates make them less competative in close quarters meaning they best fit this range band with an optic suited for it.


    Sniper Rifles: (40 meters and up)


    Sniper rifles with their slow ADS and handing speeds along with their limited view from the scope make them easy pray at closer ranges. They can compete at closer intervals with an appropriate optic and some kill. Especially with the semiautomatic variants. However, this is really where they dominate the battle field. At this range their slower handling isn't an issue.  This paired with the fact that they don't lose damage over range makes them ideal weapons for longer ranges. Not much can compete with their 1 to 2 hit kills at this range. However, most COD maps don't sport too many sight lines at this length and most other players won't expose themselves to a long sight line if they are smart.  Snipers are challenging to use, which has lead to many players adopting alternative tactics with them.



    Well, that is a good overview of how range affects combat in COD. This model will hold pretty solid for BO3 as it has for past COD games. It's worth noting that most weapons can compete within 10 meters of the listed ranges here. They lose their dominance, but can still be a credible threat. Also, attachments can also affect the ranges that weapons are effective at. But, I will save that for another topic. Thanks for reading as always and good luck on the battle field.

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    Gamertag: BrandonNeedsPie add me

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  • 07/26/15--08:21: Re: TP Gaming is Recruiting
  • im on every day live account name is tyrique13 big fan can i join

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  • 07/26/15--08:42: Re: Exodus solo score help
  • Dont suck up. Their egos are already out of control.  Also, rather that calling it "grinding", call it "wasting life" because that is more accurate. 

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  • 07/26/15--08:47: Re: Whats your favorite...?
  • I would say my favorite class is WS and my favorite weapon using that class is an LMG.  However, my favorite weapon to play with is the Remington simply because it sounds the best on my surround sound.  My favorite map is Exodus, and my favorite upgrades are CSA, Arcing Stun Ammo, and Double Class. Now just to clarify, just because WS is my favorite class does not mean I use it the most.  What class and loadout I run depends on who I am playing with. 

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    Hello Mynchi3000

    The best that you could do is follow this link

    http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-L oot-Recovery


    Tip : when you go to the support site you must first log-in (to the support site itself) before proceeding.

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    Hello Ryan14231,


                  You Should give more details about your purchase as where did you buy it from and other things.If you bought it from other website than steam then contact the website/steam soon and which platform is it for.

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    Mein Gamertag auf xbox 360 heisst EminationOrban mit dem acc wurde ich ohne GRUND GEBANNT!!!! Wenn sie mir mein Acc nicht wieder entbannen scheiss ich auf Black ops das kann es einfach nicht sein!!!

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  • 07/27/15--08:01: Maj bugg
  • impossible de me connecter en pleine gda perte de 100celerium plus les attaque subie plus les video free non vue plus la primes de division manquee merci pour vote superbe mise a jour ,allez m indemnise car au total ce sera 120 celerium ,plus la prime division prestige et les ressources perdues pour les attaques subies merci pseudo marc-aef team A.E.F

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  • 07/27/15--08:00: Re: 9 Relic Solo POC...
  • Thanks for the tips as always.  The only reason that I stream is to get some advice.

    I toyed with the idea of running 8 relics but I'm afraid that if I succeed I might concede and accept 9 as my best.


    I jumped from a 6 relic escape straight to 9.  I really don't know why I did as I never thought that I could have it in me; patience is not really one of my virtues but I can be very stubborn.  It's a struggle but I do see myself improving, slowly but am improving so I continue to have hope of success.


    I have the first two areas pretty well figured out and one big problem I have now is to try and not rush through to get to the cabin.  I keep wanting to get to the cabin area to work out the kinks there.  I'm still trying to figure out the best hive order and the run out.  I find it easiest to do the first hive, the street hive and then the barn but when I do that, the run from the barn to the island is too crazy.  So last night I changed it to first hive, barn and finally the street hive.  Doing the street hive last is hectic but it's easier to move over to the island.


    I can only do that first hive without dying if I have 3 sentries; that's why that I do it first so that I can use sentries from the city.

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    Quote"I think the joke is people playing on a dedicated server really don't like playing on the 'listen' peer host system.  Unfortunately, you don't know when you're on what."

    I have a Netduma and I can tell when I am on a dedicated server or not, 99% of the games I play are on dedicated servers and a quick look on the Netduma Forums will tell you that people much prefer playing on p2p/listen whatever you want to call them as opposed to the dedicated servers.

    Even on a dedicated server you can get players with high ping in the lobby as can be seen in the picture, this game played awful. One player had 987 MS ping to the lobby


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    I have done the site inscription. I hope be accepted. Tks.

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  • 07/13/15--09:05: Clan invitation ps4
  • Hi we are Venom gaming we are looking for memebers to join we are currently 44 members we need 3  more members so act fast if you want to join


    1.00 kd ratio

    Prestige 2+

    Have a mic


    speaks english


    if intrested or have any questions add :




    thanks have a great day

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    Je ne suis pas capable de cliquer sur find match

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  • 07/27/15--08:15: PS4 LOOKING FOR A CLAN
  • HI guys , im 25 from Australia. I'm looking to join a clan on advanced warfare, I'm a great team player , I have my ups and downs with k/d ratio sitting at 0.74 atm starting next level prestige tends to bring it down but overall I'm a good player wanting to join a clan. I'm 3rd prestige and a AK-12 shooter.

    Also I have a mic!

    note: I will not change my name and start a new account to suit clan like i have been asked before


    find me: mickcarr90

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  • 07/27/15--08:30: Re: MW3 Clan: ReD
  • TsBacon


    msr & acr

    good at quickscop and calls moabs

    and i want a good team to play and call moabs

    prestige 21 lvl 80 (its hacked)

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    hi I'm interested , my k/d is 0.74 atm . Due to finding the right and setup for it and starting new prestige . I'm level 3 prestige, have a mic , from Australia, I'm 25 , deadly with a ak-12 especially at long range


    find me : mickcarr90

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