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    [FTW] Platinum Division International Clan is searching for skilled active players to join our community.

    ( note u must be active in clan wars )


    We are a International Clan with  Active Members from around the world including countries like  Denmark, UK, Scotland, Netherlands, USA, and Egypt .. ( there are to many to list all )


    Currently we are a max level clan that is undefeated in the Platinum Division. Our goal is to replace inactive members with skilled players in order to eventually compete in the Diamond Division .. If you are interested in joining , pls review below list and  then contact our leader on PSN = Kokkendoff


    Basic Requirements

    Age = 18 +

    Language = English ( must have a mic )

    Access to Apps = Call of Duty App , KiK Chat

    K/D = +1

    Drink = whiskey


    ** note that once we receive your request ... we will invite you to join one of games for an informal tryout ....


    thanks for your time ..



    PSN = l-defiant-l

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  • 07/12/15--03:27: Re: PS4 International Clan
  • BUmp

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  • 07/12/15--04:30: Re: Sold out of juggernogs
  • darkrangeresp1 wrote:


    I went to my local game stop an hour after I heard about it online. They were sold out, so I bought one online.  I got pretty lucky I guess.

    Good thing you got it early. I heard gamestop cancelled around 2,000 preorders for the Jugg edition because they took in more orders than their supply could handle.

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  • 07/12/15--04:31: Re: Sold out of juggernogs
  • cranium2001 wrote:


    Imagine what an ass they'd feel like when they release more next week.

    Reminds me of the Twinkie crisis a few years back.

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  • 07/12/15--02:34: Re: Can't beat POC
  • I understand you yourself like to troll people and the likes, but there's no need to be an idiot or anything to people.

    I mean, we were all new at one point or another, ad just because we've been playing the game for a long time, doesn't mean everyone else will automatically know how to do stuff.


    We should be glad that new people are still trying the game and enjoying it. It's just a simple case of "we need to teach them", even if it is just simple/basic stuff, such as this; run back and don't protect. Personally, rather than doing what everyone else has done and send him hate messages, I'd actually message him saying what he needed to do.


    (This happened to some split screeners I tried helping escape. Sadly they had no mic and were from the Netherlands (though my experience is the majority speak good English). As much as I tried and kept on running back to revive them, they would not follow us (me and another newby). Eventually one of them got right next to the circle, I revived and then he went down again lol... But what I did afterwards (instead of simply ignoring what happened, or being rude), was told them a few simply tips: be sure to upgrade your pistol to a +1 and switch to it and RUN back, ignore everything, run past them, until you HAVE to shoot stuff (that's possibly the best option for inexperienced people).


    I don't see why people can't be helpful, after all, it is a team based game.

    If we don't encourage and teach, then newbies will simply give up/give in and not play anymore because they don't understand.

    Which then results in us all moaning that we can't find lobbies (or me at least haha). If people are willing to learn, or don't know how to do something, tell them - but in a nice, friendly way. There's no point in being an ass to people - as annoying as they can be.


    Anyway sorry, I kind of rambled a bit. It's just annoying when people moan and stuff at the inexperienced players, yet don't even try to help them.

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  • 07/12/15--02:22: Re: Can't beat POC
  • I assume you either have no mic, or the people shooting at you have no mic, correct?

    The reason they are shooting you is to try get you to follow them. It's their only way basically, to say "follow us".


    You'll get blocked by 2 separate meteors on your run back. The first one usually lifts up around the 3 minute mark, and the second one at about 2.15. I don't play POC much and the past few games I have, haven't taken note because I have helped complete noobies. Other people who have done the map more than myself could probably give you a better time frame for when they come down.

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    Yeah, pistol ark would be my last also. Everyone seems to rush to get that, but for me I rarely use it. My pistol, even in a random lobby, will pretty much always be the last thing to upgrade.

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    I understand you're just being silly but either way: I'm pretty sure it's to simply differentiate between the two options being discussed (all MS = bold, all CSA are underlined). Simple formatting is extremely useful for many different things, and allows you to scan through posts that are lengthy, and helps you see the key words more clearly etc etc

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    Hi, thanks for your reply. the portal is not near any metallic/wireless devices. the figures work properly, its just the traps that he is having trouble with. he uses PS3.




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    Thanks for your help!

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  • 07/12/15--23:34: Re: Second BETA Email
  • Np buddy. See you on the battlefield!

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  • 07/12/15--23:35: Re: Help anyone?
  • Hey there. You would enter the 13 digit code here Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3 | Beta . Once you have entered the code, go ahead and visit Activision Support for steps on how to retrieve bonus content depending on pre-order location. ^PD

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    Hi I am 33 years old and am now looking for dedicated mature players for clan wars diamond division, no cheaters plz. lion0fsparta on xbox 360. we are maximum level and will be doing black ops 3. phalanx fallen on youtube. we have been gaming for 6 years. and we are no strangers to multiplayer games like halo and cod .hurry asap to get a spot!. phantom phalanx on advanced warfare is our clan.

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    Who we are: 


    To start off, we are a clan looking to compete and have fun in the Call of Duty Series. We are going through clan raids with ease and are waiting for Clan Wars every two weeks to dominate. Leveling up has not been an issue thus far as we took one and a half weeks to hit RED Clan tag. We are looking forward to the release of Black Ops 3 and are trying to participate in the Diamond Division bracket of Clan Wars. Basically, this clan is picking up speed and growing rapidly.




    1. Must be active. (Especially for Clan Wars)

    2. Must have a K/D of a 1.05 or above.

    3. Must be located within the United States, United Kingdom or Canada.

    4. Must have the Call of Duty Companion App. (Links are down below)


    How to join:


    1. Have the Call of Duty App.

    2. Leave your current clan and hit apply.

    3. Add MrBasitRehman and/or ScreamsOfRapture.

    4. Leave them a message, that you want to join Profuse Dominion.

    5. Remain patient until acceptance and reply. (We always try to reply back to all who apply and message)


    App Links:


    iOS/Apple: Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Companion on the App Store on iTunes.

    Android: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Android Apps on Google Play

    Windows Phone: Your request appears to be from an automated process

    Windows Computer: Companion for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare app for Windows in the Windows Store

    Amazon Devices: Amazon.com: Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Companion: Appstore for Android

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  • 07/13/15--00:32: Clan wars - Lisbon
  • most likely a silly question and something quite simple to find out or nothing at all but to the point:

    what at is the difference between some of the clan wars? Apart from location.

    or is it just me


    i find it certain clan wars I don't see much clan activity whilst others it's a good clan Frenzy.

    is this just me and the group I'm in and not in the busy lobbies anymore or?


    (i m active randomly on ps4)

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  • 07/13/15--00:06: Re: Need members for clan
  • do i need to answer questionsto join??if so find me at [Removed by Moderator] or swaggy81 for psn

    Moderator note: Removed email for privacy reasons.

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  • 07/13/15--00:16: Re: Need members for clan
  • can u send me an invite for ur clan

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  • 07/13/15--00:54: Re: Ranked play!!!
  • Should prolly say what system you play on.

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    I agree on Destiny being over-rated. I played for a month until I got tired of killing the same level 3 dregs in the same place over and over and friends who had bought a PS4 for group Destiny play quit. The strikes and raids were so station to station that it wasn't a surprise when they were soloed.


    I'm looking more forward to the co-op campaign in BO3 than the rest. That feature made Aliens: Colonial Marines fun once it was fully patched. I did have to finish off a troll instead of reviving them but most people were fun to play with.

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    You ain't Grizz baby....


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