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    Rokklaggio wrote:


    Best one for me was Black Ops 2. Good God, it was perfect in almost every way, shape, and form.


    Worst one for me would be Ghosts. Haven't played AW yet.


    Just out of curiosity........ how many CoD's have you played?

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    My guess would be "bo2 and ghosts"....

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    Q39ESM wrote:


    How big a factor do you think the erratic movement players are capable of in AW plays here?


    I've only recently started using the burst fire weapons because I had trouble before being accurate enough with them.  Do you see a difference in results when vertical movement can and can't be used?


    I've used the SN6 often and like it. I got slightly better results with the KF5 and ASM1 but all three are viable enough with small differences.

    nice. i think the movement factor should make them rethink the weapons. on a ground based game only it would be totally different but when you have guys boosting 5 time normal speed its very difficult to hit them especially with some of the weapons in this game. movement is why the weapons need balance.

    if you took all the recoil off the pistols they would be alot better but right now 10 bullets weak as hell. plus slower movement than a sub.

    makes no sense. im very leary of sledgehammers next release. i hope they change it up.

    those spawns tho. lol

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    The kap was very op. Hence the nerfs.

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    If Call of Duty was a normal game and had a normal community..... I'ld say, yes.... we are getting there. After all.... all good things must come to an end.... correct?  The problem I see with that scenario is CoD is not a normal game and neither is the community. The game is a monster that offers a lot of evolving content in a very short period of time. I'm going to stick by what I've said in the past...... it's too big to fail.


    As long as units are being sold..... it doesn't matter how good the campaign, multiplayer, or bonus mode is...... there will be another one. Ghosts and AW have had terrible reviews from many players yet it's still making the powers that be a profit. So it's up to the community to say when enough is enough and does the speaking with their wallets (which I don't think will happen).


    It's very hard for me to see Call of Duty in three years especially with the negativity we hear,  but there is part of me that just can't see it stopping. My guess is we will continue to see CoD until the end of console gaming or some shockwave that hits the video game industry...... Or there is some huge falling out between Activision and the developers.


    Here's some food for thought........ do you think CoD would change the yearly cycle and come out like other games (2-5 years between titles) before it officially ends?

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    That was my assumption also. After all our first introduction to the series is usually the best. But you never know. There are people that really love BO2 and have played since the beginning.

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    You will get an email when the beta gets closer.

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    So after an update is released, every player has an unlimited free shield until they update? 


    This seems to make no sense; Their base is held on the server just like any other time they are offline is it not?


    Or is this a housekeeping action to clear out lapsed players from the PVP arena?

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  • 07/11/15--03:01: Re: New Atlas Units
  • You forgot the income from League Rewards and the Helipad, both worth 1000+ diamonds a day ( or more for high lvl  Helipad or Gold League); That's a lot of warbirds.......

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  • 07/12/15--03:32: How to create a clan?
  • Hey,


    I'm new at black ops and want to create a clan with friends, but I cant find out how to create it.

    On youtube I saw a video about cod elite, but the site doesnt exist anymore?




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  • 07/12/15--03:42: DVLS recruiting
  • Evil within [DVLS] are recruiting for xbox message back with your time played and KD clan level 13 very new clan got 10 very active members and are in platinum division

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    Any really good zombie players out there that loves mob of the dead and origins and that wants to get to high rounds add BSpicer5

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  • 07/12/15--03:53: No games found
  • After the most recent update I have been unable to find a game in Advanced Warfare on xbox 360. I've left the console on for 8 hours searching and not one game. The only way I can get a game is to sit and watch everyone on my friends list and when they get a game try and join. The problem with this is that it seems most if not all my friends are having the same problem on their 360's if I go to their gamer cards not one is playing AW anymore. BO2, Battlefield and even Ghosts is what they are playing now. Not good for AW is it?


    If I walk through to the lounge, get on the XB1 I find a game in 10 seconds.

    Before any smartie pants suggests I just give up on the 360 and play exclusively on the XB1 I can tell you the XB1 is shared among three players so getting game time is a big negotiation.


    Both consoles are on the same wireless network in the South African Region. The XB1 performs perfectly so connection is not the problem. The only thing that has changed is the update last week.


    I have had suggestions that in order to find games on the 360 again I have to delete ALL the DLC maps. What is the point of this? Why would this even have to happen in order to play the game?


    What is going to happen about this then? Will a new min-patch be released to fix this?

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    It is a know fact that nat type does affect your ability to find matches, because it affects who you can connect to. But, hey, go ahead and ask for help then spit in its face. You'll probably get somewhere. ..

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  • 07/12/15--04:11: skylander toy not working
  • Hello!


    I have Skylanders Trap Team for PS3, and have just purchased the Light Element Expansion Pack for my partners son who's 7.


    He has put the Knight Light on to the portal, and it comes up with the following error:


    "A toy on the TRAPTANIUM PORTAL has a problem. Please remove the toy from the TRAPTONIUM PORTAL. Please contact Activision Customer Service for assistance. Need more help? Check out your Quickstart Guide."


    I can't find his quick start guide, and the net doesn't seem to have a guide for Trap Team that I can find.


    He has put the Sunscrape Spire on and that works fine, just can't use the toy with it.


    Can anyone help please? Very frustrated little lad here!



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    Thank you for your response. Is the hardware totally incompatible? Could I try to upgrade the tablet to Android kitkat version?

    It is very frustrating not to be able to use the starter pack and the store doesn't refund it!

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    I'm getting a PS4 with AW in 2 days (I already have AW on the PS3), my PSN is prokillerq, and I live in Europe.

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  • 07/12/15--03:44: Re: Can't beat POC
  • MAybe you know this, a maybe you don't.  The whole team has to activate the nuke, not just you.  Once it's armed the count down starts and you have to get to the extraction point before the clock tuns out.  Don't worry you'll know when it's armed. 


    i agree why can't the chopper just pick us up at the bomb site?  Answer, because it would be too easy.

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    I have the EPM3 diamond. I have used it enough to know it is not a good weapon at all. It needs a 2hk range

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    It's a habit for many, as it use to be for me during MW3. Somehow they need to find a way to break it.


    I honestly don't have many ideas. Having an AverageQuitRatio (AQR) lol, and adding it to the matchmaking process would be my only idea. Don't know if that's possible, might mess with the system?


    This way it doesn't really effect people who quit rarely for legit reasons or the rare rage quit (C'mon everyone get's a little pissed every now and then ) And if the quitters are tired of people in their matches quitting all the time they can stop quitting and eventually start to get cleaner and cleaner matches.

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