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    I don't think the amount of missions has been listed for BO3 but what I'm imagining is a campaign a little longer than AW but with a co-op option.


    I say  a little longer because I remember the devs pumping it up in an interview.

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    Yes. "The Giant" bonus map is in the Digital Deluxe Edition....... Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3 | Collector's Editions

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    Destiny could have been decent. They just made a lot of bad decisions. There are a few guys in the clan I was/am in that still play. The big thing for me that killed it was I didn't have a group to raid with. I didn't want to raid with strangers, and I kept getting skipped over by not strangers, so I stopped playing.

    Maybe if they would have had matchmaking for the raids and nightfall I might have kept playing.

    The pvp was absolutely horrid. I played it to help out some clan members a few times, but never because I wanted to.

    The funny part is, when I played the beta, I thought I was going to love it.


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    thebiindsniper wrote:


    yet it's still the most popular FPS in terms of people playing it on Twitch, sales numbers, and MLG events.

    Well that ain't true

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    Just wondering if anyone from Melbourne Australia wants to attend ACL pro Melbourne LAN event for AW on september 5th/6th

    if you are interested message me on my psn: mattjolly_hh

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  • 07/13/15--03:10: Re: Clan wars - Lisbon
  • location and the game modes are changed up a little each time as well... As far as clan activity for the last several we have only seen 1-2 other clans even try each time, just luck of the draw on who you are placed against.

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  • 07/13/15--04:41: Re: help me to get dna bomb
  • Sure it's Right, Left, Down, Down, X, X, O, FEVER.  That Fever part is really tricky because you have to do it without being able to see the keyboard.  Those gifted with disco funk can pull it off but those without may struggle

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  • 07/13/15--04:56: Re: Sold out of juggernogs
  • turkey3_scratch wrote:


    Treyarch is smart, they have little production to increase demand and raise the price. Have you guys even taken business classes?

    We know this.

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  • 07/13/15--23:29: Re: Its about time!
  • I'd be more interested if Vince Zampella came back.

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  • 07/13/15--23:41: Re: clan wars question
  • yyou need at least three players from your clan to participate. You get automatically enrolled in the wars   When clan wars starts your team plays the mode for whatever nodes needs to be capped ie tdm or dom etc. once you have capped that node you move on to the next. Hold those nodes throughout the war and have the most cp at the end of the war and your clan wins.  Hope this helps

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    just thought I'd post becsuse I haven't seen anyone else mention this. worth it to post a video link?

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  • 07/10/15--18:05: [Mega] New PS3 Clan 2.0K/D+
  • Most played game modes include but not limited to: Kill Confirmed, TDM, and Search and Destroy. Only requirements are: 2.0K/D+ and no modders/hackers. My current K/D is 3.89. No tryout is needed if it is verified that you have over a 2.0K/D and are a mediocre player. Making a new account under the clan name is mandatory to create a more organized and cleaner group. There are currently 7 members on the roster and the clan started 2 days ago. Add me on PSN: "Mega_DNA" and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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  • 07/11/15--09:31: Recruiting for New Clan
  • Check [Mega] New PS3 Clan 2.0K/D+ for more information.

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  • 07/13/15--23:59: Re: Pvp match up
  • Beuwolf this is realy a strange thing with the match up since the update. Nothing is like before. To many small base with small loot and the bigger one I attack the RP is completly diffrent to my own RP. This was definitely diffrent before the update. I can still find enough loot but the most base I can find were looted for more than one time if you see all the waste which is lieing there around. And that isn´t normal. All is looking abandont

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    Remember to check out Splash Gaming.

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    I have just purchased 10 advanced supply drops for call duty advance warfare on the PS3 about 4 days ago and they have still not appeared in the game. Plus it hasn't shown up in my download list. I have one that I bought from a couple of months ago but not for the new one.

    Any ideas?

    Already tried going in and out the game online multiple times.

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    We are a UK based team from different parts of the United kingdom who are expanding our clan in order to improve our chances of winning.


    You will be required to contribute to clan wars with reasonable results.


    High k/d isn't a necessity but you must be team focused and be able to contribute to a win, so win/loss must be adequate.





    or BILLY-BADB0NES (0 not an O for more information.

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  • 07/14/15--01:46: Re: Pvp match up
  • Now all looks fine. What ever they have changed since half an hour PvP match looks like before the update!

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    OSI are still looking for more members to join our ever-growing clan/community!

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