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    Hey, myron1127!


    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble unlocking the AE4 after purchasing Havoc. What system are you playing on?



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    Devildog Hitmen

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    GIVE PLAYERS SOMETHING UNTAPPED! (Let's get GH's Attention!!!)

    Please, please, pleeeeaaassseeee add some Hardcore/Punk, Alternative Rock, Thrash/Crossover, etc. songs to GH LIve. The Hardcore/Punk etc. community would be ecstatic to see some great songs on GH Live and guaranteed to sell more copies of the game, it’s not like all these are obscure bands. Most of these bands are very well known. Hardcore/Punk brings out true and raw emotion that GH Live would benefit from. All the mainstream music gets extremely boring after a while, bring some life to the game! True music heads will agree with me!


    Please consider adding songs from these bands or other related music. I could add a thousand more but I chose these songs because of their structure, overall sound/mood, and capability of people being able to sing along to them. Thank you GH and I hope you really do look into this!


    (Multiple songs separated by commas. Click song to listen)

    (*) - extremely recommended



    - English Dogs (The Final Conquest) - +Intro "Forward Into Battle"

    - Leeway (Mark of the Squealer, Enforcer, Soft Way Out, Stand For, Kingpin, Who's To Blame) *

    Rock, Heavy Metal, and Stoner Rock

    - Crowbar (Existence Is Punishment)

    - Danzig (Mother, Not of This World, Am I Demon, End Of Time, Long Way Back From Hell) *

    - Magic Circle (Scream Evil, The Greatest Escape/White Shores) *

    - Rollins Band (liar)

    - Sleep (The Druid, Dragonaut) *



    - 311 (Homebrew, Purpose, Sunset In July) *

    - Fiddlehead (My Arboretum) *

    - Helmet (Unsung)

    - Hum (If You Are To Bloom, Green To Me, Stars, I'd Like Your Hair Long) ***

    - Incubus (Zee Deveel, Blood on the Ground)

    - Jawbox (Savory) *******

    - Minus The Bear (Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse, Drilling, Hooray, Knights, Double Vision, Hey! Is That A Ninja Up There?) *

    - Quicksand (Fazer) *

    - Rival Schools (Used For Glue) *

    - Seaweed (Recall)

    - Sparta (Guns of Memorial Park, Breaking The Broken, Cut Your Ribbon, Assemble the Empire) *

    - Trenchmouth (hitmen will suffocate the city) - Fred Armisen


    - 7 Seconds (Young Till I Die)

    - Bad Brains (Rise) *

    - Black Flag (Nervous Breakdown) *

    - Blitz (warriors, New Age) *

    - Cro-Mags (We Gotta Know, Face The Facts) *

    - Fugazi (Waiting Room, Shut The Door) ***

    - Give (Heart First Opened)

    - Gorilla Biscuits (Start Today) *

    - Government Issue (Jaded Eyes, Beyond, Young Love, Where You Live, Wishing, Public Stage, Hole in the Scene) ***

    - Inside Out (Burning Fight) - Zack De La Rocha pre-RATM *

    - Killing Time (Fool's Die, Brightside)

    - Kingface (Tired) *

    - Krust (No Stress) *

    - Lagwagon (Violins)

    - Misfits (American Psycho, Green Hell, Horror Business, Hybrid Moments, Halloween, Skulls, Night of the Living Dead) *

    - Rest In Pieces (My Rage)

    - Sick of It All (Clobberin' Time/Pay the Price) *

    - Swiz (Ghost)

    - The Damned (New Rose, Neat Neat Neat)*

    - The Descendents (I’m the one)

    - The Germs (Lexicon Devil)

    - The Replacements (Alex Chilton) *

    - Turning Point (Behind This Wall, Get it Back, My Turn To Win) *

    - Turnstile (Bleach Temple, Gravity) *

    - Underdog (A Lot To Learn)

    - Uniform Choice (Once I Cry, Sometimes, Screaming for change) *

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  • 06/26/15--21:35: Re: Unite all Gamers
  • Bump

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    Like I know which DLC weapons give you the greater advantage. I stopped playing AW after around 56 hours and 1 prestige. That's after purchasing the special Console edition so in this case the jokes on me. You Know full well some of those guns have an advantage over the stock weapons and to say any different is a staggering lie of which I have 0 doubt you are well aware but hey its a Shills life right m8.

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  • 06/26/15--08:36: LOOKING FOR PS4 PLAYERS
  • Level 5 clan looking for ps4 players, we just made the clan today and are leveling up fast, looking for players and a co leader too.


    Add me if interested - xAfgstyle

    Clan name - Lazy But Krazyy

    No rules or requirements

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  • 06/26/15--22:45: Re: LOOKING FOR PS4 PLAYERS
  • BUMP

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    So... I should have just said false...

    you have no evidence of your claim and cannot provide any because it does not exist. 

    NoNE of the dlc weapons offer any advantage whatsoever.  There are regular varients that change certain stats but those are free. So no pay to win argument there....


    Also on a side note, you can call anyone a "shill" or whatever,  but that doesn't change the fact that you're wrong.

    Stay classy.


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    LOL yes there are variants that are free that change the stats of the Guns and some of them are superior to the stock Guns. You have to play the game to get a random chance of unlocking those weapons. OR you can pay for DLC which gives you the better weapons in a random fashion but still much faster than grinding in game for them .Text book PTW.

    I would tell you to stay Classy but you never have been. Just a ShillaGorilla who treats the people who grace this site in a fashion that reminds me of the gamergate.journalist. PS Batman on Youtube says COD is down at least 50% in sales from its peak and gives strong evidence to support that claim. Ouch!.

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    Looks like someone still didn't answer....

    doesn't have time to answer one question, but has the time to write 4 paragraphs trying to change the subject.

    lol comedian. ..

    and somehow after all of that he tries to spin it that you agree. ...




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    Well ShillaGorilla It would have took longer to reply to every point in ShillaGorillas post and I am now much more interested in his self proclaimed Cod God status.

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    YYou can join mine It's called FuRy and my GT is huntsalot1234

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    NNeed a clan invite me my gamertag is huntsalot1234

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    I blame the shills....


    Oh oh.. and pay to win.... ...

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    False is everything you write Shillsy.

    As for me I just went 30 to 2 in nuketown FFA with the Scorpion Evo. Long barrel laser and fast mag. Ran out of ammo a few times and even had to chase down an qs tryhard and knife him as he back pedaled and blazed about 2 or 3 shots at me. I picked up a five seven that bailed me out a few times too and got a senty gun and Agr rolling at the same time. Reminds me Im gonna go to theatre mode and save that one for prosperity. Have fun now ShillaGorrila.

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    Lucent76 wrote:


    In reality Shillagorilla when I post arguments with the Shill crew it usually ends with the mods stepping in so please refrain from lying. Mods step in because you constantly act like this. Shillagorilla. Because no discussion can happen with you without you sinking to this kind of childish crap. Go ahead, prove me wrong, Show everyone I am wrong here and stop with any kind of insults like this for the rest of the discussion. Infact actually try to have a discussion. Forget whats happened in the past and actually try to discuss something here and now.


    Now as for you and your big post yes I will not reply to all of it as I don't have the abundance of time you Actishills do nor am I paid to be here. Yet you spend an abundance of time here... insulting people and never proving what you say... also ignoring what people post and so on. Long list in your case

    It was however of interest in your very own post you mention some of the unlock able by grinding / paying Guns have better stats. Thankyou for supporting what I said about PTW. Point and case of what I said above. Thanks for proving me right. I didnt support you. Infact I did the opposite and crush your PTW argument. BUT like I said you would, you ignored parts of my post and took what you wanted to. Had you read all of it you would understand, as anyone who reads this discussion will, that I was certinally not supporting you or what you said. The only part that I was in MINOR agreement was that some weapons have a slight, tiny, minuscule, Microscopic, is not a major deal in any way shape and or form stat advantage.



    Now as for you and your legendary gaming skills well I just happened to pop your oh so scary name in Google and found your YouTube page.You upload mostly Black Ops 2 as far as COD goes which shows your real world support of Ghost and AW,

    You do appear a be a good player and yet I suppose most would if they just uploaded Montages.

    What's your Blops 2 KD anyway Mr Amazing Player?. I know KD isn't everything but its still counts for something.


    Well since your trying to go personal now and trying to attack me via my YT channel. Ill explain


    Ghosts I didnt play much of because I was forced to sell the game to pay for bills in life.

    Aw has but one montage because I have not had INTERNET reliable to play enough to get gameplay since January. Only time I play is at my friends house now.


    The gameplay is mostly from Black ops 2 because thats when I was recording alot. All of my montage games can be found in FULL on my YT channel. I dont just upload montages. Again another instance of ya jumping the gun and talking out your ass. And my K/D in whatever game is irrelevant because Ill still be the best player in the lobby


    Since my YT channel was brought Up, this is BO 2 public games. And this is AW

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    Lucent76 wrote:


    False is everything you write Shillsy.

    As for me I just went 30 to 2 in nuketown FFA with the Scorpion Evo. Long barrel laser and fast mag. Ran out of ammo a few times and even had to chase down an qs tryhard and knife him as he back pedaled and blazed about 2 or 3 shots at me. I picked up a five seven that bailed me out a few times too and got a senty gun and Agr rolling at the same time. Reminds me Im gonna go to theatre mode and save that one for prosperity. Have fun now ShillaGorrila.

    bots dont count

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    He doesn't care about your kd or your youtube. He's just trying to hide the fact that he was called out by changing the subject.


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