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    Unlike you Shillsy I actually do this thing called playing the game. Now since Doornobic was bragging so much I was overjoyed to find his youtube and compare his skill to my own. Something you wouldn't understand.

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    They do too.

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    Well speaking from experience of usually having the best stats per match in Blops 2 FFA I am interested in your KD Doorknobic. Whats the matter you got something to hide?.

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    There are TWO weapons in AW that you get instant access to for money.

    the ohm and the AE4. Neither of these two weapons are even in the top three of their respective weapon classes.

    Every other weapon in the game can be received via supply drop or free advanced supply drop, or from simply playing the game. In order for your ptw argument to be even remotely true, either the ohm, or the AE4 would have to be better than the rest of the weapons in AW.

    It's funny that you say AW is ptw, yet you don't say bo2 is ptw,  and that is the cod that introduced paying for weapons.

    Your argument has been dismantled.  Please feel free to continue to try and change the subject and/or try to insult.

    Stay classy.

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    JLouts realizing I play a game that's rigged one moment and makes my skills unreliable the next is so unsatisfying. Lag comp gives the worst players a boost and keeps the good ones tethered to the ocean floor.

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    Xbox One just announce they will be backwards compatible this fall.  I just bought 3 360 games "Used" for when this rolls in.

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    LLag compensation is the only true evil, and by that we can assume AW is a pit from hell

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  • 06/27/15--23:48: Re: Name the movie gif
  • 3 Amigos.

    at work can't gif

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    100% false.

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  • 06/28/15--18:57: Die Rise EE For maxis side
  • Send Friend request or message if interested must have a mic and be decent

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  • 06/28/15--19:00: Re: Multiplayer
  • Use the  search button. There are endless discussions/complaints regarding it

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  • 06/28/15--19:01: Re: Need help
  • nope only reset your stats when you prestige

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    Best huh....

    I have no constructive comment.

    This does not preclude me from HAVING a comment,

    Just don't have a constructive comment.

    (evil grin)



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  • 06/28/15--19:07: Re: [XBOX1] Need a clan
  • bump

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    Regardless of how strong your alliance is I'm just surprised they let you represent them to the public.


    How exactly do you "set up a war" in a game where matching is random?


    I have no doubt your alliance would beat mine (big whoop) that's part of what we are talking about. stronger alliances keep getting matched against much weaker ones. That artificially inflates the winners star stats. If your on the leaderboard, particularly where you are, you should beat my alliance. That is by no means a measure of your strength. It would just prove your stronger than us and I don't think that's a secret.


    And you are correct. No one can cheat there way onto the leaderboard. Everyone knows that. What I'm saying is, earning star by beating much weaker alliances doesn't mean anything. The matchmaking that continually matches top alliances against weak alliances voids the leaderboard of any meaning. If  An alliance is #1 on the leaderboard that by no means proves they are the best alliance. They might have gotten matched against alliances that aren't even in the top 1000. They may have earned the most stars but aren't the best alliance.


    The matching and the leaderboards are flawed to the point that there is no meaning in them. You don't care because the flaw benefits you and pads your stats.


    "Sad" is that you play way more than i do and I had to explain all of this.

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    Well lets be fair. If i'm going to take credit for the kills I get...... I'm going to have to credit myself for the deaths. So... I blame myself.

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  • 06/28/15--20:06: Re: [XBOX1] Need a clan
  • is there anyone here that's looking to join a clan and possibly be co-owner or a leader?

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    My gametag on ps3 is itolastra83 and i have a positive kd and a mic

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    It sucks that a brand like Call of Duty which has huge promotional contracts and sponsorship as well as MLG contracts gets slapped on a mobile game that doesn't get the attention it's fan base wants it given.

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    I'm looking for an elite BO2 clan.

    My PSN is iiBeedon, and I play on PS3, not PS4, but may upgrade in the future.

    I don't mind if I need to make a new account, but I would prefer to keep my original one.

    My Time Zone is Eastern and I live in Canada.

    I'm an average player, my KD is over 1.40, and I devote 1-2 hours a day to Black Ops 2 ON AVERAGE!!!

    If you are looking for someone, feel free to send me a message.


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