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    Your 1.69 kd means nothing when you have a .50 w/l ratio.

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    Dang...are those all glitch spots?

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    Ok can you please help me with this. i joined a clan with 7 other people in it. we did clan wars, and multiplayer game modes. we are ALL in the clan for sure i checked in the barracks. but we have earned a SINGLE amount of CXP!!!!! why arnt we earning our xp, i know were doing all the things that you posted... none of us have the cod app, could that be a factor? if you could PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ RESPOND! it would be a great help for us!

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    I'm also curious.


    Do premium DLC camo people get the XP buff regardless?


    If not that means you loose out because you paid extra for a premium DLC camo and wish to wear it.


    If they don't then does paying for premium DLC just aid your chances of getting the XP buff while still being able to look the way you paid to?

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  • 06/25/15--22:34: Re: help
  • im on xbox one, i deleted and brought my profile back, uninstalled amd installed the game, the season pass, and manually installed. Still cannot access new zombie content. Even trouble shot with Microsoft over the phone. Nothing.

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    Ghosts is a very solid COD IMO so at least you're not alone in your opinion. I still play it for hours and if BO3 is anything like AW, which I don't think it will be, I'll be playing Ghosts for another year as well.

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  • 06/25/15--22:43: Re: help
  • Did you manually install each of the 3 DLC packs though?




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    Overall the game play looks more like COD - modern military fps with boots on the ground. I'm a little concerned with how the time machine is going to play out in MP, but the other elements look good. 3arch studios have developed several solid COD titles and I think this one will be right up there with the others.

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  • 06/25/15--22:51: Re: PROBATION?
  • I hope so. The trolling in HC mode can be quite frustrating - especially when playing S&D/S&R. At a minimum, if someone gets kicked they shouldn't be allowed back into the same game to continue trolling again. This is one of many areas where SHG failed.

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    Xiled Syndicate Gaming is currently recruiting


    XSG is a new gaming community that is still in the building process but so far the website is up and officially running, looking for some dedicated people who would like to take on some leadership positions within the community. So if you think what it takes to help run a new community and want to give it a shot then this is your chance.


    The community was founded on the values of Having Fun, Less Drama, and surely will be ran by the correct leaders! Their is no one person that has all the power everyone has a say so within the community.



    ^Please take the time to review the honor code for the community within XSG, we have 3 divisions that fit the age ranges between 13 years of age and older.


    • Xiled Syndicate Clans (XSC) Ages 18 years of age or older
    • The Syndicate (SYN) Ages 15 years of age or older
    • Sons of Gaming (SOG) Ages 13 years of age or older

    ^These are the 3 divisions we have within the Xiled Syndicate Gaming Community, The age limits are set for a reason for each divisions. Anyone found recruiting members not of the correct age limit for their respective divisions they will be dealt with accordingly.


    Leadership Positions: Within Xiled Syndicate Gaming we have leadership positions open for anyone who wants to try for the position, they will be given a 2 week trial period with the role and will be evaluated for the position. Members trying out leadership role will be granted (Moderator) abilities on the community wesbite http://www.xsglive.com


    • Section Leader (XS): Over sees 4 to 5 clans within their respective divisions, they are under observation by the Division Leader within their respective divisions. Members will have a 2 week trial period to show their leadership skills as a Section Leader.
    • Division Leader (XD): Oversees the operations within their respective divisions, they will be under observation by the Community Leaders and the Council of Leaders as well. Members will demonstrate his/her leadership skills and problem solving skills with tasks and events that pop up on a day to day basis.

    ^These will be the only 2 leadership positions members will be able to try out for to start off the community, both positions will allow members to obtain the (Moderator) ability on their accounts, They will have to navigate the moderation panel in order to sticky posts, delete posits (soft / hard delete) and a few other things a moderator should know how to do on a vBulletin forum.



    We are currently recruiting for the new community, we just officially launched out website (http://www.xsglive.com) If you are looking for a gaming community / clan to join then come check out Xiled Syndicate Gaming today! If you want more information please hit me up on KIK: XSC_MIDNIGHT_XI or on XBOX: XSC MIDNIGHT XI

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  • 06/26/15--20:16: Looking for Xbox 1 clan
  • im looking for an Xbox one clan that mostly if not all the time, plays TDM and goes for the wins.


    MEssage me on Xbox.

    GAmertag: goldensn88

    k/d ratio: 1.38

    w/l ratio: 1.15

    Hours played: 194.85

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    I heard of the free upgrade and But its over, and to be honest I don't think its fair. Of course I know its a marketing thing so that they get more money by making customers pay twice again but I would like to know if I can still get a free upgrade or if I can transfer my dlc to the xbox one.

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  • 06/26/15--20:31: [PS3] [USA] Join PUMP today!
  • What's up guys me and my friend just recently created this clan so if your looking for a clan that plays more hardcore gamemode then this is the one just send me a message on ps3

      Please be atleast have a mic and be more on the mature side


    and just say "clan" in the subject

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    what is the activision phone number this forum does nothing. i purchased the havoc dlc pack for call of duty advanced warfare. zombies works fine. the maps work fine. but i did not get the AE4 gun. this is a rip off and a complete waist of my time. i spent hard earned money to purchase this pack and i am not satisfied.

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    I don't have either if those issues. If I remember right you play using wifi, right?


    Also just fyi Sony network has been having some issues since last night.

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  • 06/26/15--20:43: Re: DLC Broke my game.
  • Marked as corect.


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    Hey guys its Social coming to you to account that AccU gaming is recruiting once again!

    We have roughly 20 members and we're trying to get even bigger with Bo3 coming out!
    We have two divisions COMPETITIVE and SNIPING

    For the SNIPING DIVISION you must 1v1 one of our members and have the following

    • A mic
    • Preferably clips but if not thats okay
    • Kik
    • Must be able to get feeds and/or trickshot

    For the COMPETITIVE DIVISION you must play league to tryout and have the following:

    • A mic
    • Must know callouts for league
    • Must have a positive KD
    • Must be mature


    If you have any questions or would like to join the clan please contact me on kik @ bensocial96 or on psn @ AccU_Social


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  • 06/26/15--20:46: Re: 41 kill streak
  • Screen shot please.

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    join now to be in our bo3 clan!

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    I am interested in joining your clan. However, I am located in South East Asia. Sadly there isnt much clans over here and it seems like people over here arent playing Black Ops 2 anymore. I'm quite good at the game and I have a working Microphone.


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