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    This should have been resolved per SH Games latest Tweet:




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    This should be resolved now based on the latest tweet from SH Games:




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    Are you guys euro or US based?

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  • 06/16/15--15:27: Re: 6 attachments...?
  • Pick 10 is going to be rough if you have 6 attachments

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    Oke thanks.


    In that case i am not interested.


    Good luck recruiting.


    Game on.

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    Use the formula cap to work that out, 24(cap)+6 for every player present.

    1player 24

    2players 30

    3playesr 36

    4 players 42


    On easy they are just slower from what i remember, same amount and health.

    There was a calculator somewhere on CODZ forum.

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  • 06/16/15--14:26: Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD
  • Ok if you did in fact mean to end up here then here's what I have to say.


    1) You are plainly an idiot.


    2) You, and others like you, are responsible for completely ruining the once great experience of playing this game.


    3) You are a very bad player, trust me, you don't want me to take up your offer. Once you are out of tubes it's like watching a fish out of water. And that's harsh on the fish. All it takes is a silencer and your tubes are useless anyway.


    4) I am not at all afraid to play on my own. I still generally beat your party of tubers all by myself.


    5) You have a hacked account. Sick...


    6) By "you guys" I assume you mean us crew of red-named players - in that case, you are completely wrong, none of us have ever, nor will ever hack or cheat in any way whatsoever. The only scum worse than a tuber like you is a hacker. We are some of the longest-playing and best players on the game, and laugh at such accusations.


    7) The grenade launcher is not a good weapon. It is a cheap kill and this is why it's labelled as the "noobtube". Because it's for noobs, new players who can't aim well with proper guns. Using it as an experienced player serves only to make people dislike you very much. Trust me again, I run a great deal of the 'good' MWR Community, and 99% of players woul say they hate the grenade launcher. It also ruins the game, as I said before - experienced players such as you and micko, UMGoBlue, and all the others who use the tube, are supposed to be setting an example for new players. They see you, high-ranked players, using only the grenade launcher, and they become a tuber themselves. Because of you the community of this game has turned into a cesspool.


    8) I'm one of the nicest people you'll never have the pleasure of meeting, and I tried very hard to keep this clean. I'll leave it up to Jackasmo to deliver a more explicit response.

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    I Have to agree, it's kinda a slap to the face.  But I can now shoot lighting from my hands, here take my money 

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    Well that formula doesn't even agree with the chart for solo.  I guess I need to experiment first and find if the formula is right or the chart is right....

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    I'm interested in joining your clan.

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    Ummm...sounds good....!?!  I only have a PS4 this gen, so can not comment.  Halo 5 interests me though.

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    I really liked the AI in Ghosts, especially because I could customize my teammates and tell them what weapons and killstreaks to use.


    For some reason though they would butcher the enemy AI, even though they were at the same difficulty level.


    Black Ops 2 had great MP AI as well, so I'm confident Treyarch's bots will be smart and fun to fight against.

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    Looking for a clan as well. my psn gamer id is gunny 338. i do use a mic in bf4, but seldom use it in cod

    if there's too much chatter. lolol


    if mic in usage ,, tactical coordination is all u will hear from me.


    add me, and send invite please.

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    Because you will never find it...  i created it in tranzit a long time ago without silly ubertube.

    Just a question here but do you talk to yourself IRL? your posts are disturbingly delusional, do you think maybe, just maybe, you spend waaaayyyy too much time here and it is doing you harm?

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    Hey, schmidyzs12!


    I'm sorry you're having troubles with your beta access code.  Are you receiving an error when attempting to redeem the code?




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    TThe crazy place is not agartha.

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    The shotgun rank can be done in one game, in one night, what is so hard for you to understand?

    You methods are weak and laughable, just like insulting delusional dribble you post.

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