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    About us

    we are a competitive active and highly-skilled loyal diverse gamers community that prides ourselves in being one of the most dominant & respectful clans on the psn we are really dedicated to teamwork, winning and communication we also have a social media community on facebook' twitter' twitch' youtube.If you are looking for an extremely active community who are actively involved in Clan Wars, Game Battles pub-stomping, and who are a really well organized clan where you can play with teams of competitive objective gamers that want to win and enjoy gaming then look no further.


    A Cool Little Manticore Clip On Domination



    UK gamer, Age 15+ 1.2KD, 1.2 Win/loss, Active Daily, Mic, Callouts, Active For Wars / GameBattles



    Clan contests, Pub-stomping, Gamebattle teams, Clan Wars Unlocks, Lieutenant opportunities,

    We will also help with custom Logo's, Youtube Banner's, Avatars, if we feel you are a loyal member



    Gioteck's Links:https://twitter.com/Gioteck  Custom controllersUK https://twitter.com/ControllersUK


    Follow us


    SECTION 18™ (@SECTION_18) | Twitter




    If your intrested in becoming part of our community just contact us




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    Hello, hpw182!


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  • 06/17/15--15:49: Re: im kind of worried...
  • You mean you just realized you were wrong and dont want to lose face? That's fine azza, keep acting like an aggressive idiot on here and when people point out your wrong just call them noobs.


    And just to point this out, no one who started playing in november is a noob. I started playing in November.

    Repeatedly calling experienced players noobs just to try and put them down makes you sound like a child. I don't know how old you are but you usually don't display much maturity. Maturity is more important to most people than how long someone has played a game.


    Please stop being so hostile on the forums, for no other reason than people prove you wrong or you don't agree with them. Commode door bullies people like that. Are you proud to act like him?

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  • 06/17/15--15:19: Re: The Cross Bow
  • I loved the crossbow in BO & BO2.  Biggest gripe with it in AW is that it doesn't unlock until level 48.  So unless you use a permanent unlock on it, you don't get much opportunity to use it.  It was unlocked much earlier in the previous games.

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  • 06/17/15--15:18: Re: Players not Found!

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  • 06/17/15--15:49: Re: People to play with
  • whats going on man we mainly play hc modes. mostly hctdm but lately weve been playing search and destroy let me know if your interested in playing gt crazedreaper522

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    Ok, do it, show me.  However, I only want to get ONE kill, no more than one kill and no LESS than one kill.  Then give me the time and date so I can watch you do it.

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  • 06/17/15--15:51: Re: Anyone wanna play?
  • hey can never have too many people to play with. we mostly play hc modes mostly tdm but we have been playing search a lot lately gt crazedreaper522

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  • 06/17/15--15:54: Re: im kind of worried...
  • Azza=Asss, sorry azza

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    Ich habe so eben ein neues board bei Amazon gekauft und meine Wii erkennt diese nicht. Ich habe das mit den Batterien versucht abre es klapt nicht. Hat es bien Dir geklapt?

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    agreed...been watching gameplays for awhile now and 90% of the gun fights are ground based..boosting is just for traversing the map..hardly useful during a gun fight

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    heres an idea...DONT GET KILLED BY HIS SPECIAL...lol

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  • 06/18/15--14:07: Re: PSN to get DLC First
  • Play on PS4 so this is only a postive for me. Was starting to get tired of waiting every year.

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  • 06/18/15--13:41: Re: First impression
  • Rudeness come in all form when it comes to CoD. Either in game or when you reach out to the forums for some help. Best advice is to mute the offenders like many have already mentioned. There are some great threads here that will help you improve your gaming skill, check them out. Once you get past the initial learning curve the game becomes much more enjoyable.


    @Mako.....wtf does your spm or avg score have anything to do with this thread?

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    looking for members to do the shang ri la / origins / mob of the dead / die rise / tranzit / buried easter eggs xbox 360


    gamer tag : Vacuumsoup

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    My complaints with this game are weapon balance, glitches, Detroit garage lag, weapon variants on ranked play, and SHG introducing ASD and purple guns and all these ASD exclusive clown outfits and not fixing their game. I am less concerned with SBMM( although I don't support it it's not a major issue), and lag comp. I do not complain about the game because of bad performance. Clan wars for my clan is pretty much a competition between my other clan members to see who can beat me for top of the leaderboard( happens probably only twice a clan war). I just wish SHG would address some issues before they added all this "cool" new mDLC

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    Nope a fan boy is someone who fails to acknowledge issues with game despite them being clearly there

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  • 06/18/15--16:08: Re: #1 scorer in the World
  • See how its went from 'You played too much its the time you put in the game" to "You don't play enough if you put in more time..." LOL guys you can not have it both ways. I ranked up higher than most and can outscore almost all in AW.

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  • 06/18/15--16:11: Re: #1 scorer in the World
  • Dropped a HUGE bomb on you didn't I Krunt24! You guys should start to show a lil respect to one of the Best Gamers of ALL TIME, any game any platform!

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