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    whenever I try to use my new earth trap so that I can be Golden Queen it gives me the error that there is a toy error on the traptanium portal and then will not let me continue the game until I take the trap out of the portal and therefore I'm not able to play as golden queen. Am I doing something wrong?

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  • 06/15/15--14:47: Re: Abandoned Game?
  • One person I hate in this world and his name is comedor.

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    I have been trying to live stream on Call of Duty Black ops II I have linked the account to my youtube  and set up authorization on youtube I am on multi-player/league Play. Says to visit webpage for status update visit the page it says everything is working? What am I doing wrong?

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  • 06/15/15--13:56: Re: Im confused
  • Well I have gone 2 prestiges on my 3rd now without getting a elite weapon period I get elite supply drops. I havent got any good exos or new outfits either. So I am not sure how random it is. I have been looking for a royalty weapon and nothing. I have got the same crap over and over. I get the XMG all the time and the Atlas guns and one of the ski masks.

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  • 06/15/15--13:55: Re: 6 attachments...?
  • I like the idea of six attachments on weapons. When I play usually use one primary weapon with scavenger on. I don't use a secondary weapon, this will help me a great deal when focusing on the class I will create.

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    you can join ours

    we have 12 members

    name of clan: Russian kings

    i am very active and i am on everyday so i look forward to seeing you

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    add me jah410414

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    He must have good accuracy if it doesnt have recoil unless he's burst firing the weapon

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    I agree with both of your points, but you missed mine.


    First, the lock-up and asset issue if from lack of QC.  Period.


    Second, my point on lag is that the consoles are MUCH faster.   Our individual connections from the server are much faster and with a lower latency (ping).  With both of these true and indisputable why did the old games run better and with less 'lag'? 


    The answer seems to be servers can't handle the load or the communication has grown inefficient.  We did more with less before, so why is it falling down now?  We paid for Xbox Live and the game - we did our part of the contract.


    Now please do yours...



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    Bump... I know there are some "real" experts at getting to higher rounds that would know the numbers of zombies for each round.

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    People like you are the reason people like me need medication.

    I am offering help, what exactly are you doing here? are you going to millest me?

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    I understand the Korean spam concerns. I've actually made posts on the support forum to try and inform somebody when it got completely out of hand taking up 25+ pages on each forum.


    Having looked at the linked FAQ entry, to say it's vague is an understatement.  I don't always see something on the forums that I feel I must comment on but if I knew a maximum time between posts before moderation kicks in I could find something to just say "nice post" or something to.


    Even my free Android CPU monitoring app gives me the ability to whitelist an application/process so it stops alerting me when critical processes that I can't stop anyway use CPU. It seems reasonable that once an account is known not be a spammer this might be possible.


    At the very least, once a post is approved it should show up. I work nights so most of my awake time is then. It's hard enough to know when a post will get moderated; to have to post again to make sure things get posted seems a bit much.


    This isn't a "woe is me" sort of thing, just a statement of what I think are reasonable expectations and a request for some simple specific info that I can use to avoid the problem on my end. I just tend to speak directly and that can sometimes be taken the wrong way. Sometimes frustration makes me add a few things but I can usually contain it.


    Thanks for responding and trying to help.

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    Hey man our clan sounds exactly like what you want. We're a serious clan with an easy to use website and forums. We play competitively in Ranked and in Clan Wars/Raids. As long as your KD is above a 1 and you have a good quality mic, feel free to head over to mostreckless.enjin.com to join us. Hope to see you

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    Did your search button brake?

    Health and Number of Zombies for Round: Solo - ... | Community


    supplied to you by your friendly neighborhood expert.

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  • 06/16/15--15:22: Re: cod account
  • There was an issue this morning but it has since been resolved:




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    Thanks that was helpful and appreciated.

    However, that is ONLY solo.  I need to know the zombies numbers for 2 players, 3 players and 4 players as well.  


    Also, when the game is set to easy, does it give you the same number of zombies, they just are slower, and or weaker?

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    Ok, I apologize. Helpful posts are good.  I don't want to fall into the same troll posting pattern as others.

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  • 06/16/15--15:24: Re: missing clan rewards
  • another moderator you could message is OGHuxtable If this is related to the Copenhagen rewards, they are still being distributed. 72 hours is sometimes the time it takes for all rewards to be distributed.

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