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    Imagine if you could steal bits of other guys' outfits.  So if you're missing a pair of marine grenadier pants, then you shoot a guy that has marine grenadier pants and you take them.


    You don't just get them automatically, though.  You have to go to the body within a set respawn-delay time, bring up a list of what he has and actually harvest one.  So there would be a time cost like picking up a ballistic vest. 


    Maybe make it only a single gamemode, and only workable on guys on whom you personally got the kill with a weapon.  The victim has to lose the item otherwise it becomes a license to print items. 


    But the only bad thing is that you might get a guy and 5 others from his friends' list making a game, organising what each other should wear, and allowing everyone to shoot each other so that everyone gets what they want. 


    Man, we'd probably have some really cool game modes if not for stuff like this.  Every game has to be booster-proof because the propensity to abuse is so high .

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    Yep the active and available slot remained blank throughout even though people were playing and wins counted so can't confirm one way or the other.

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  • 06/14/15--04:24: Re: Im confused
  • So instead of informing the OP that it is random you offer up advise which could possibly get them reset or even banned ?


    people can get reported for that. Not to mention the possibility of the consequences for it.

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  • 06/14/15--04:36: Re: Unable to Join
  • We haven't had it happen near the percentage that you seem to have, and it seems to happen with a few titles , in the other games it shows you the other peoples connection status and even with everyone being good it still seems to happen every so often.

    With AW I've had it randomly mute people when using the in game party invite, also had it to where cant hear people for one match but can for the next..  They had the party stuff figures out for the 360 and really seemed to drop the ball for the one.

    Ill be glad if they ever get this on par to where it should be. If everyone's connection is good for your group then I don't really have anything to offer except that I'm one of the people waiting with you for a smooth and fluid party system .

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  • 06/14/15--05:49: Re: Abandoned Game?
  • Why off topic? Actifucks don't listen to players and their ideas, while Comedog says they listen to him all the time.  So have problem with game speak to him lmao

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  • 06/14/15--06:04: Re: Skill points
  • AAnd they nerf offence in case you did not notice. Maxed out good cc10 base design impossible to 3 star without 5-7k skill points if all bombs and support troops loaded.

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     photo TwitterLogo2_zps9ba2c107.png

    About us

    we are a competitive active and highly-skilled loyal diverse gamers community that prides ourselves in being one of the most dominant & respectful clans on the psn we are really dedicated to teamwork, winning and communication we also have a social media community on facebook' twitter' twitch' youtube.If you are looking for an extremely active community who are actively involved in Clan Wars, Game Battles pub-stomping, and who are a really well organized clan where you can play with teams of competitive objective gamers that want to win and enjoy gaming then look no further.


    A Cool Little Manticore Clip On Domination



    UK gamer, Age 15+ 1.2KD, 1.2 Win/loss, Active Daily, Mic, Callouts, Active For Wars / GameBattles



    Clan contests, Pub-stomping, Gamebattle teams, Clan Wars Unlocks, Lieutenant opportunities,

    We will also help with custom Logo's, Youtube Banner's, Avatars, if we feel you are a loyal member



    Gioteck's Links:https://twitter.com/Gioteck  Custom controllersUK https://twitter.com/ControllersUK


    Follow us


    SECTION 18™ (@SECTION_18) | Twitter




    If your intrested in becoming part of our community just contact us




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  • 06/14/15--06:28: Re: EMBLEMS REMOVED!!
  • Here's a tip:  If your emblems were banned for being offensive, then you should stop making offensive emblems.  Reports don't do anything unless what they are reporting is violating the code of conduct.  If you say you had no offensive emblems, yet your emblems were banned for being offensive, something tells me you should stop lying in order to play innocent.



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    Well the PVP issue is still with us, ONE thing  I have found is that the ATTACK WILL crash every time if it do not have a hold back troop in my WINDOWS platform main game, BUT does NOT when using my test game that is on a android tablet, STRANGE.

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  • 06/15/15--13:57: Re: Forum Dead = Game Dead
  • LOL, keeps the forum alive.

    I still don't believe hat this guy is serious; he has to be yanking everyone's chain

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  • 06/15/15--13:33: Re: Forum Dead = Game Dead
  • You're just a bundle of joy in everyones life aren't you??


    My point was that you come in here acting like you don't need any tips/advice on things, like you already got everything figured out. Then we ask you where your scores are at to prove it since YOU are the one who acts and claims they are better than someone else...with no proof...Then you say that you don't like to run score game which if you read between the lines, that technically means you don't like the game, going for score solo/coop is the highest level of competition in Extinction you could possibly get. And truth be told, you should already be at that level....none of this I used the riot shield only and escaped or I used the Kestat only, traps only etc etc etc. So you see, I don't need to "prove" to you where you ever said that, that's childish, your opinion on score games largely reflect your opinion on this game. If score wouldn't have been a thing on Extinction, I would've quit at 100 escapes, as I am sure everyone else would too or did do. Thats how I come to the conclusion that you really don't like this game (hate is a strong word)...how could you not like score games if you like Extinction?

    Sure there are hundred other ways to play the game, but as I have mentioned before, a player with 1,000 escapes won't necessarily be able to complete a map with 8+ relics going for score, BUT the guy with the highest 8+ relic score would obviously be able to complete the map millions of times if they really wished to spend that much time...


    So when you come in here talking about you have good stats and can carry the noobiest teams, I can't help but wonder WHY you don't like running score games, if you are THAT good you should be able to excel in that aspect easily. But you do the exact opposite, you talk about Gods? Gods are full of themselves who rarely show their face and/or won't let anybody else know/study their ways, if you have a question "regarding score games" I would be glad to answer it the best I could, but your full of yourself, always trolling...replying to year old threads with the most irrelevant of replies.


    And before you start talking about there are biillions of players who don't care, and/or thousands of players who play Extinction that don't care about scores...that is fine and great and all, but the same reason why they don't care about scores....


    ....is the same reason why you don't see them on the Extinction forums, you should follow their lead.

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    This is a hilarious challenge video...first 15 mins.

    "Black Ops 2 Zombies" ★ USE IT AND LOSE IT Challenge on Origins - YouTube

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    And this is why you can never get past 50. swoosh.


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    Clan Recruitment


    We are looking for new members to join our clan and help us in Clan Wars also, we are just a load of friends who enjoy playing together.

    The clan is on Xbox 360

    Please state if your interested as to what you do ..ie.. RUNNER/GUNNER, CAMPER, SNIPER, HEAVY WEAPONS. That way it helps us to work out strategies for matches to work as a team so do the best we can to win.



    Clan Requirements=

    1= 18 or over

    2= Must speak English/American

    3= No Hacking or Modding

    4= Must be available every other week for Clan Wars and must come on over Clan War Weekends to help out.


    If your interested please feel free to message us on here or message us on xbox 360 my gamertag is DragonSoul86z, also the main person to message regarding joining the clan is DragonHeart78z as he is the leader of the clan.



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    Plain and to the Point.. We are KhaotiK Gaming... (KhtK) We have become a max level clan in every game since MW3 (when Elite Clans started)..


    We are currently a level 25 PS4 Clan that has gotten sick of the stress of clan wars (we have collected all the gear possible and been ranked in the top 20 in Lightweight since the beginning)..

    But now we plan to take the summer off to recruit new members for Black Ops 3 and in the meantime take part with clan raids and ranked play.. To gain the gear available in those game modes..


    So here is the deal..

    Do you want a chance to play with an established clan and join our family?

    Do you plan to purchase BO3 and take part in the Beta?

    Do you just want people to play with so you can get out of "rooms full of randoms"?


    Then Apply Today... And possibly secure a spot in our clan for the next game on the horizon




    ** Not affiliated with the clan Team Khaotik (xTKx)

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  • 06/15/15--14:41: Re: Skill points
  • Always some person who think vets hate noobs. We dont hate noobs, well the ones who dont ask stupid questions or try to sway the game in there favor. Like it was said up above move to a higher cc then maybe you can talk. You noobs arent using the same tatctis as us players who have been here since day one. Game has changed, here is a tissue for your issues.

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  • 06/15/15--14:43: Re: Abandoned Game?

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