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    Yeah spawn room is very tight and very little room for error, turning the trap on and jumping around the boxes on the outskirts.

    The fastest work around so far is to run through the tunnel to atlas command and hit the spawn room electric trap on the way out to value voltage making your way to the pit taking a drop down shortcut in the tunnel, also when the big boy shows up in this situation i found that it is easier to run to burger town and hit the missile launch there to take him out fast, then using a shoot to get back to the pit, that electric trap doesn't seem to budge him. Decontamination room is very hard to camp with a team, they all swarm spawn there, it is easier to split up. Thanx

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  • 05/05/15--13:34: Re: Alliance: Dubai War
  • A Day in the life...

    This is going to be a brief on how I PVP and what I do in what order and what I am expecting and of course I hope explaining why too.

    My current standard load out when I start is - 4 Tanks, 45 Juggies, 10 Asstroops ( and usually 6 DF's asked for in my comm. center).

    During the course of me attacking and reloading I cut the re-attack down to a minimum of - 2 Tanks, 30 Juggies and 10 asstroops. Meaning after an attack while I am rebuilding what I used and as soon as I hit that minimum reload I head back out ( unless I get talking in chat and well ya'll know how THAT goes) So in short I am usually attacking with a minimum force of - 2 tanks, 30 jugs and 10 asstroops.


    Notice about Heros. - I keep 3 heroes on hand at all times. ( until I am set and log off for the night or will be doing so soon) Those 3 are Wally, Soap and Harper. All others heros are used if I get bored ( watching Ilona jump walls is always entertaining) or if someone needs/wants one. I will even cut down to 2 and hand out soap ( my best n highest upgraded one) upon request or if someone killed all theirs and needs help.

    My reasons for keeping those 3 are thus:

    Wally - Drone missile (duh!) this comes in handy for ME when I run across bases left in survival mode, I screw up and miss seeing a laser or I just want to indulge in a bit of hammering for loot.

    Soap - He has the 24 sec. care pkg that has truly done 90% of all the work to get me where I am today. Combined with him being the 2nd best gunner makes him my "go to" guy when things start to fall apart in an attack.

    Harper - He is my #1 gun damage guy on the ground. He also has the reserve care pkg I can use if I get into REAL trouble.


    Reinforcements - I LIKE Df's for several reasons. #1 is mobility. They fly over all terrain features, are the fastest unit (except heros), have the best damage firepower vs hit points and can be used in a back attack against surprise stuff coming out of someones comm center ( that I routinely forget about.)



    PvPing and how I hunt.

    The first things I look at when a base opens up is wall color. The 2nd thing is config. Wall color tells me right off is the base can be hit the config tells me if I can 3 star it.. ( understand right here EVERY base I look at I am looking to 3 star always. Unless i get REALLY desperate for resources then I will just hunt loot)

    Most bases come in the following categories.

    Survival base - Everything packed together nice and neat and just BEGGING for a drone strike.

    Box - Sorta spread out but interlocking fields of fire. Very mutual supportive in defense and the most common style.

    Rectangle - Long box but narrow. similar defenses to a Box

    Blanket - Covering every last bit of ground that can be covered to force a bridgehead deployment along the edges.

    Murder hole - Similar to the above configurations but with a hole to launch troops from inside the defenses that the builder "forgot" and can be exploited... Usually by 4 tanks and 30 juggies all at once. It really is supposed to be a trap but rarely works.

    W.T.F - this is the kind of base where things are scattered everywhere without any pattern and there is no logic to it. ( I usually penny packet out 3-4 jugs and hit each defense post all at once then play clean up later)


    As I said above those are the first things I look for when I come across a new base. That's when I decide if I can take it all.

    If I say I can believe me I do.

    Next thing is to find and count Arty and lasers . Depending on the amount and where they are will let me choose if I REALLY want to take it. If I decide I do,then I look for a place to hit from (and hide wally for a min. while he drones. This is against lasers always. Note: When Droning I try to encompass as many defensive targets inside the blast radius as possible. buildings I can kill later)

    I will drop a pair of tanks in a direct (target) line of site of arty ( or just one if there is more than one arty piece) to be targeted by them and any other nearby defenses. ( if they survive fine if not fine)

    Next I decide how many prong attack I will deliver. Each prong is equal to 5 juggies. Meaning I could drop 1 prong after a separate tower and one to follow each of the tanks and say 2 prongs combined to punch a whole from behind and take targets of opportunity.

    Now once that all is in motion I deploy both or remaining hero and target the triggered hero post from my attacks while also getting Wally from wherever I stuffed him to do it tooI usually use Harper for this as he has the biggest and most damaging gun.

    This takes about 15-20 seconds from first troop drop to hero deployment.

    Now its time to see asses.

    Assuming everyone is doing and attacking the way I planned, I will decide to deploy asstroops. Many times I don't as the juggies handle things nicely but my normal deployment is to have them follow my largest hole/prong and start clean up I always keep some troops in reserve for say... hidden S.A.M. sites that draw off juggies or a prong that took too much damage and needs reinforcements. ETC....

    Once defenses are down I check the clock. \My optimum and preferred is to have 50% damage to a base with 1.30 left on the clock ( I LIKE 2 min. or better and try for that but....).

    This is my "deep breath" time where I can drop individual troops to help or just sit back and watch it clear for 3.


    Comm Centers.. I didn't mention them in the standard attack for a reason. They are a coin toss. Either they are full or empty. If full it depends on with what on how I adapt. Usually I will deploy the DF's and any other reserve troops I have NOT deployed ( the above deployment is against a typical cc7 base like mine but I ALWAYS have some stuff in reserve.) This is a variable that is never standard on any base and has to be prepped for and watched till I know its either deploying or empty.


    Once I get my 3 stars I head back IMMEDIATELY rebuild all troops used back to basic load out before anything else. This avoids the pitfalls of heading back out with no troops as well as decreases turnaround time. Once those are cooking I will check alliance chat to see if any new info is there, people need something n I can help or just chat a bit till force levels are back to minimum then....


    Off again to blow-**** up.


    Daphne Wilde

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    Hit me up and let's chat!

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    I know, I can't get into a game where I don't freeze. My game just crashes and that is all, I don't really understand why it happens although I was using the M1 Irons all those matches

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  • 05/05/15--16:20: Re: the way it is now
  • Yep, I've experienced that too.  I thought that was just me though.

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    Come and check us out. We are good group of players and we have fun. Give us a try and see for yourself.

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  • 05/05/15--16:21: Re: the way it is now
  • It's kinda sad.  Quality suffers when stuff happens so fast.

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  • 05/06/15--16:03: Come join XB1 clan !!!

    You Dash Alot [YDA]




    1. Clan Level 24
    3. 20 Members




    Good Working Mic (Need callouts)


    15+ Years Old

          1.20+ KD


    At least a .90 W/L Ratio


    Must be an active player


    If anyone is interested of being apart of a community that is determined for being the best clan out there and with players that are skilled and up to any challenge then 'You Dash Alot' is the clan for you! Don't hesitate to ask questions.


    Message the following player in order to tryout


    mikethebest03 (Clan Founder)


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  • 05/06/15--16:04: Re: windows and 1.6
  • At this time I believe I have FOUR builders just hanging out doing NOTHING, my builders building jobs was timed for to end with the CC upgrade completion,  NOW my builders are  just leaning on there shovels like GOOD union members or DOT workers, or good UNION DOT workers. It drives me crazy to watch workers stand a around doing nothing and to add insult to injury, I paid for these builders. Can I get Activision pay for the lost builder builds, lost time cost money ?

    The longer the 1-6 and windows issue last, the more post like these two can be posted.


    FTF is on a roll.

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    Aequitas Gaming

    We are a new clan on the horizon.I've developed an awesome laid back "brotherhood" type of environment. We look to find new members to join us on Advanced Warfare. Though we do support other titles, and will be supporting Black Ops III on its release. We are a very laid back community & we also support a reward system. This mainly pertains to the members that participate in Clan Wars. The Most Valued Players of the Wars will be rewarded, and this is mainly due to brotherly competition. Not only the rewards, but a lot of other neat stuff is being set-up. Aside from clan mates, we are currently looking for GFX designers as well, in which they will also be in the clan also, because we have plans to do big things for our community.


    How To:

    - Send a message on XBL to me, Grimm v3, or even Captain Abree.



    - A working mic

    - Be atleast 15 yrs old

    - Be able to communicate

    - Team player


    * I am not building a clan that you need certain stats just to even apply. I'm building a clan where members can become better players by playing with there clan mates*


    *All im asking is that you play the objective and communicate well, you and this clan will grow big. Looking forward to meeting new members.*


    -Loyalty is Everything, We Are Who We Are-



    Twitter: Aequitas_Gaming

    Instagram: Aequitas_Gaming

    Website: Aequitasgaming.weebly.com



    Grimm v3

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    wl logo Banner.jpg

    Wave Length



    we are now recruiting new members!


    -Must be very active

    -Must be at Least 15 Years of Age  (Due To Maturity)

    -Must be TOLERANT of other Players

    -Must Play With Other Members Whenever Possible



    - You must send an Email to: wavelengthcod@gmail.com

    giving any information your willing to share

    - You can also contact us through our Facebook:

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wave-Length/600203150115698?ref=aymt_homepage_pan el


    - You can check us out at our instagram Page: wavelength_cod




    Link to Gamers Option:

    Gamers Option - Modded Controllers - Xbox 360 - PS3

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  • 05/06/15--16:16: Re: windows and 1.6
  • Please see this thread for updates:


    Update 1.6 - Windows Players Important Message

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    So you say it is a double entendre. Youre explanation for Downs=Deaths is kinda weak. Downs=Deaths because you only die once in a coop game? Thats exactly the difference. Yeah you have to kill more zombies on higher rounds, but if you stick to the idea of rounds/downs they have to make it so higher rounds are valued more otherwise you could just play to round 10 over and over. And even if it is deaths, how do you get from rounds to kills?

    But maybe its obvious and im kinda stuck here.. Thats the thing with double entendres though, isnt it? So basically I cant really understand your line of thought and a better explanation for the 14y/o that overestimated his own IQ would be much apreciated (you sounded pretty pissed there)

    Alright so the RelaxingEnd Thing, if you say it doesnt work the second he gets a kill or a death youre wrong because he got 3 deaths and still got shotties with 0 kills.

    All in all its just that for me a round/down system would make more sense and i have seen no proof for your method. Thats why I will need to try it out. Ill do it in a couple of weeks when i will be able to play again and see if its works.

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  • 05/06/15--15:54: Re: F/A Needing clan
  • hey man, first off Congrats on your promotion! Secondly, I run a mature clan with many older members in it, and we play for competition when we have to, but mainly we play as a group to have a good time! If you would like to join, message me via Xbox One.


    GamerTag: APeX Odin

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  • 05/06/15--15:53: Re: Windows 1.6 release
  • Agreed.  They ought to at least make everybody have a shield until the update is rolled out.  I haven't seen this work right yet. 

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    if they for once don't change the controls completly im on board
    from wii to blops2 was horror from blops2 to ghost was nice.Ghost Wiimote Controls are good.lops3


    If we get Blops3 i will play it if teh controls are nothing like Blops2.
    But i would prefer a Blops1 HD release


    anyways, connected my NNiD

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    This is exactly why they are locking the beta behind pre-orders - even if you are putting $5 towards the game, you are more likely to complete that purchase of the game compared to if you put no money to that game.


    The irony here is that we've been crying out for CoD betas for years now, and now that they've finally delivered one they are going to likely regret it - for a small amount of money, most people will be able to "test out" the game prior to making a decision on whether they want to purchase it or not. And we know that the beta is going to receive an inevitable bashing because the hate train against CoD right now.


    What do I need from the beta? Not much - just enough to sample the game. It's CoD, not a brand new IP. We are all familiar with it. We don't need the beta to be several maps and several modes and tons of weapons, to make a decision on whether this is something that we want or not. In fact, my guess is that I'll only need a few hours on the beta (8-10 hours) to figure out whether this game is for me or not.


    A $5 sample for a game that I'm very skeptical about, is very consumer-friendly.

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  • 05/06/15--16:25: Re: Momentum Updates
  • Points for captures should work like this.. They should be made up of four 'bonuses'. A 'first on' bonus- which you get for being the first one to start the capture (and you get even if you die as long as the flag was continuously captured- score 25pts). A 'half-way' bonus- which you get for being on the flag for at least 50% of the capture (even if you die- score 100pts). A 'last man on' bonus- which you get for being on the flag at the time of capture (even if it was only a second- score 50pts). And a 'full capture' bonus- which you get only if you achieve all other bonuses (score 25pts, total score 200pts). Obviously dying will not result in score-streak points only match xp.

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