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    This is for easier recruitment, not for bad players to be able to join.

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    It might be getting smacked by the hate train, but the haters still buy It. And play it, and hate on it, and play, and hate some more, and play some more.

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    It seems that every time I check the leader boards, I go to top position only to find that someone has four billion kills and only played for one minute? Seriously? Hackers are right under your noses! I would appreciate it if I could play AW without having my fun destroyed by some guy running around in god mode using auto-aim bots. I honestly hate people who cheat their way to the top. I mean no disrespect towards Activision or Sledge Hammer, but something needs to be done.

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    We've had the campaign reveal... but let's be honest... most of us here care about MP more.




    ... I hope we finally get some moarhardcore gameplay.


    What do you hope to see?

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    I really have no idea what good could come from the beta besides saving themselves the cost and time preparing for the first update. Which is a good thing. I just think this could be a risky scenario with critical attitude of this community..... like you touched on.


    I'm still baffled why a beta....... why now after 6 games without one?  It makes me think Treyarch is bringing something "new" and different to the series that we don't know about. Or maybe erasing the question of "why isn't there a beta?" like threads we read sometimes.   Or possibly making all the BO2 lovers have to upgrade consoles before Nov. to try the beta.


    Either way..... It shows confidence in their product and it will make their pre-order statistic sky-rocket. I guess I'm a pessimist and think it will hurt overall sales although I'ld love to see it increase the population by getting great reviews.


    Personally.... I have reservations from taking part. Like gramthenOOb stated in another thread..... I don't like playing an unfinished product with bugs. I prefer the finished product and being surprised in Nov. like every year.  Not quite sure I'll be able to resist.

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    To be completely honest, I just posted something in the Support Forum about this. I understand what you are all feeling about this. I dislike all cheaters/hackers. I just don't see the fun in being shot by a guy running around in God Mode and using an Aim Bot. It takes all the fun away.

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    Just sent an app, PSN is Nuuntiuuk

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    I think it's a combination of the futuristic "BS" combined with the fact that CoD just isn't evolving or innovating in a real meaningful way, that is making the franchise feel EXTREMELY stale right now.


    What bothers me is that we have 3 studios - Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer. And they are all making pretty much the exact same game - a military shooter set in the near-ish future.


    Why not break that up a bit? Let one studio do a modern shooter, another do a futuristic / sci-fi shooter, and maybe have another do an alternate past shooter? So that we get completely different experiences year after year?


    Right now, three developers are essentially making the same game, with slight feature changes here and there - just enough to definitively say they are different games, but not enough change to really change the overall experience.


    It's time CoD ripped up the known, tried, and tested formula, and be brave and try something really off the cuff.

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    you guys got a youtube

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    They're currently investigating an issue in regards to the game freezing or crashing, no one knows an ETA on when this will be fixed though, not exactly what you want to hear, but that's all I know.

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    It is an option we will consider - remember this is the first version and we are looking for feedback on improving it and making it better.


    That being said - we suspect it will be very hard to initiate wars if we default to red. You have an option to kick inactive members if you want right now before the war stars.

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  • 05/07/15--16:18: Re: "advanced gear"
  • Thanks for the feedback and please keep the discussion going.


    1. "Advanced Gear" is completely optional and gives an extra defense boost to players/alliances who choose to get it. The % increase is capped at 10% individually and 15% for the Alliance (to a total of 25%). We feel that this gives enough of an incentive to get the advanced gear but does not give an unfair advantage to an alliance that chooses to get it (vs. ones that don't have it).
    2. As we said before, this is the first iteration/version of "Alliance Wars". We will use all your feedback/comments and data to improve it for future iterations. We do hope you like it so far (despite some misgivings here and there ) and please let us know what you feel works or doesn't work!

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    What was wrong with asking a simple question? If I was "bullying", you'd know. I was asking in hopes of understanding exactly what he was trying to say.

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  • 05/07/15--16:21: Re: the way it is now
  • Is that why you don't play with us anymore? Lolz

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    "My god People just play the game."


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    Ilona's aura was NOT nerfed. The only thing that changed is the animation (visuals) which made her aura look like the units were attacking way faster.


    All we did was fix the animation to reflect the actual attack rate increase. The underlying numbers have not changed.

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    FiftyDETH wrote:


    People are SOOO concerned about their K/D its comedy to me.  Even in my clan, I tell my clan members and new recruits that I don't care how low their K/D is.  It is all about OBJ and strategy during clan wars.  If you are not picking up tags, or capturing flags, or NOT playing OBJ but you have a High K/D, we don't have room for people like that in our clan. if you go 5/40 and capture 20 flags that's fine to me.  If you go 40/5 and have no caps and no def in DOM that is NOT ok. That's a little extreme of a comparison, but in a nutshell that is how I keep our clan winning on a consistent basis.  We have a 1.4 K/D as a clan, but our W/L is more about 1.8.  That is the difference.


    This is why my game mode of choice is (was) Ground War. It's a mix of objective game play and K/D game play. So, you can excel at both levels at the same time in any one gaming session if you stick it out long enough (at least three games since it's KC, DOM and TDM).

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    I'm wondering if I have to go offline in order to be open for attack by opposition in Alliance Wars mode. I have been on most of today as commander of my team, monitoring and providing support. I was offline at one point only to reconnect and apparently averted an attack which was underway but I'm clueless as to the origin of the incursion, whether War generated or standard PvP attack.

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    Its hacks like you that making gaming unpleasantly unbearable! Modes! Real to get 16! You suck! They should hammer ban you and all your gamertags for good!

    - a real COD GOD, IRONEAGLE777 #23 in the world days played and 265 in career!

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    If you actually scrolled all the way down here, don't forget to post your PS nick here as well as messaging me if you're applying.

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