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    Just for the record, I'd like to state that most of the forum regulars have said for YEARS that dedicated servers would make things worse for some players.

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    Hey Mike.. Thanx for your response.. I don't think anybody on here says that they are the authority on anything let alone COD.. The whole idea of this forum is to hash out the different ideas and concepts of all things COD. I would like to think that we as a forum community have a leg up on the rabble that you are speaking of, in that the herd mentality, that pervades the youtubers and others of that nature, does nothing but rant and rave without any actual proof of anything but anecdotes and questionable exploited video..


    I don't agree but...

    Let's assume your premise is dead on and the SBMM is strong enough to effect an exploited or unexploited game. Stronger in fact than any previous COD. That's why you are able to watch what you think is more video proof of an overwhelming SBMM. That's why a disgruntled disenfranchised group of players feel their "noobs" have been removed and their gameplay has suffered or become boring and unplayable.

    Wait... Now what?

    Oh okay..

    1) COD sucks cause I can't glorify myself with the destruction of others in a virtual reality...

    2) COD sucks cause my connection sucks cause I always have to be matched up with others of my skill level...

    COD sucks cause they took my pacifier away...

    Of the two reality's of your premise the connection one (#2) has been dis-proven over and over again with conclusive evidence. And the other (#1) is just plain silly and nobody would actually say that out-loud would they?


    Mike: Your not good at AW. You have about the same K/D 1.2 as me .98. Average.  Orl has an impressive 2.79.. In your world SBMM is so strong you never get weaker opponents.. You only get me, and I can do well against you half the time. But what about Orl's reality? He should never be matched with me should he? Not in your world. But how would Orl maintain that 2.79 if he never got matched up with me? Never mind answering...the logic fails me... As it should you.


    I'm sure lots of people appear to Orl as noobs but are actually like you and me. In your reality you can't build a K/D on weaker people with SBMM being so strong and overwhelming all other MM aspects..


    In my reality I make my K/D better by occasionally doing good against guys like Orl which should never happen in your world cause I should never see him.


    The real reality... Orl builds his K/D on guys like you and me.. period...


    This is what your thousands are hating on? A false premise that has grown to gargantuan proportions feeding on the "it's not me, it's the game" mentality? Just work the logic through...


    BTW Mike... Careful on stating things like time playing and time typing. I've got more hours in combat (AW) than you and Orl combined and my CTR score is higher than both of you combined as well. I happen to do both type and game... My guess is there may be others as well on the forum and some of them may actually be put off by your comments. Not me though.


    Again thanx for your input Mike. It's appreciated...

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    I'll go get the aloe vera.

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  • 05/04/15--16:24: Re: Getting access to Beta
  • Seriously?  Did you read ANY of the replies thus far?

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    Mikenasty_1 wrote:


    This forum "mob" is a joke. It is so easy to see how transparent the few people are. You are right, most of them are not even close to being good at the game, but like I mentioned to gotsomestars earlier, they have more success on the forums than in game.


    Curious... is the "forum mob" the same as the "shill squad"?


    Appreciate the insight.

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  • 05/04/15--16:30: the way it is now
  • Just wondering if there are plans to make this forum functional. 

    Seems like a mod or someone would notice how messed up everything is. Kinda seems like you guys are trying to push people away.

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  • 05/04/15--16:37: Re: the way it is now
  • Here's to hoping the forum and the game are polar opposites.

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    Uh... Alrighty then.

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  • 05/05/15--15:53: Re: the way it is now
  • Screenshot_2015-05-05-18-51-53.png

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    749? Geez guy you heard what I said about players below 10K right? It feels good to be ranked that low in such a BIG HIT like AW doesn't it? You'll have guys here trying to attack you now since they know you go BEAST a lot. Hey congrats and thats coming from #6 in thew world in all of AW on PS4.

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    I won't be buying any DLC until I find out how HC players will get treated. If they get put into rotation straight away I'll be fine but if not I won't bother. If I remember in BO2 the maps were put into HC rotation pretty quickly. I think people moaned about them not being there and Treyarch fixed it.

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    Base AMR9: 320u 3hk range (8m)

    + advanced rifling: 400u (10m)


    AMR9 Pro Pipe: 320u (8m)

    + advanced rifling: 400u (10m) (should be far longer seeing as it only fires at 600rpm per burst)


    AMR9 Outlaw: 368u (9m)

    + advanced rifling: 460u (12m)



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    I have barely played the latest maps. I'm not really about waiting for a HC search game (if I can get into a new dlc lobby to begin with) only to be thrown into a match of Dom that's half over. Very disappointed this time around.

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    Umm sorry to bother you but I have registered for your clans forum, I would like the opportunity to benefit the clan in any way I can!

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  • 05/05/15--14:01: Re: LAG TODAY IS HORRIBLE
  • To me the game has gotten worse every time they release a patch or update.  I have never glitched before, but today on a few maps I was glitching baaaaad.  So choppy I couldn't do anything.  I've never seen that before.  I have a Netduma R1 and even that doesn't help.  The dedi's are terrible And lag comp is over the top.  Not every game but it's close.  I still get pissed but it's basically something you have to know is gonna happen when you play.  at least it's been good for you up to this point.  It's been unplayable for about 3 months now for me.  I just choose to deal with it and will leave games when the hit detection is ass.

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    I got kicked off line at 230 am MT to download this update. Now I can't even creat a class. When I play everyone has a new pistol I can't even. Check to see if I have it too, but I can pick it up during a match.

    Please fix asap. I'd like to use this New pistol.

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    im back up to a good 90fps after the latest patch


    great news


    how is performance for everyone else??

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