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  • 04/30/15--14:01: Emlbem Editor banned
  • I need help!

    my emblem editor is perma-banned and i don't know why... ( i tried it About 3 months to do an Emblem)

    what can i do to Unlock my Emblem editor?

    btw i am level 43 ... Thanks for Help.

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  • 04/30/15--14:01: Re: Rename the game
  • Or call the game, 'I am not good with the BAL, ASM1 or HBRA3 so I am going to post a whiny thread because I keep getting Merc'd'


    Cry me a river...

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    I would still play against them. I think Halo had something like that too and I was more of a follower back then than a leader. Back then, my brother and nephews would decide whether or not to play people based upon their stats and I went along with their decisions.


    Today, though, different ball game. A lot of gamers out there, all you have to do to score a win is deny them an overwhelming victory. They aren't happy with a victory, they want to humiliate. deny them that and they quit and I score an easy win.

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  • 04/30/15--14:03: Re: I Camped. Heavy.
  • FiftyDETH wrote:


    My guess is that it was on Comeback on the Blue Roof top over looking the glass building and the tin roof. Open Exposed and has a good vantage to both sides of the map. Easy to stay camped in between the AC units.


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  • 04/30/15--14:00: Re: EM1 Problem
  • Yeah, it only happens with the EM1, all other weapons do not have that issue.

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    Thanks for the link!

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    Well I am disappointed in you, I thought that you were a seasoned pro at extinction, but you have never heard that before tut tut. I have been doing it in POC for months LOL

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  • 04/30/15--13:06: Re: Beta region access
  • Canada should be a option soon. There are a couple of issues with the Beta page at the minute, Canada not being on the list is one and will be fixed. Just hold on to your code for now.

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    Probably not off the plate, but if enough people report you for an offensive emblem, then you will be


    I don't foresee that happening, but there are entire friend blocks of trolls who go around doing just that to spite people.. so lol

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  • 05/01/15--12:23: Re: lag
  • considered responding, but you're just not worth it.  Go ahead, have the last word.

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    There is sbmm. There always has been always will be. And there will always be reverse boosters......

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    BrainDead6666 wrote:

    What makes the mouse and keyboard easier? Is it just the familiarity? You don't have to learn a new controller?


    The Mouse has far more accuracy than an analog controller stick. It is more precise, and you don't have to move it as much to make small(er) adjustments for long range shots. You can also spin 360 degrees much faster with a mouse depending on settings (in-game and mouse dpi).


    The keyboards big advantage is you have more buttons at your control to assign different functions to. That sounds counter-intuitive if you are used to a controller, but what it means is for games like ARMA, developers can include more features that mimic real life instead of limited ones a lot of console (arcade) shooters are bound by due to the limited amount of face buttons, triggers and D-Pads on a standard controller.


    The most unfair advantage of a KB&M combo is many can be programmed with macros -- special scripts that perform two, or three actions with one button press -- So, you can drop shot and shoot with just a single button press without having to take your hand off (what would be) the analog stick for aiming. The second-tier cheaters called "script kiddies" make macro scripts to give them less recoil, rapid fire on semi-auto weapons, etc (First-tier cheaters use paid hacks that hook into the game (on PC) and have auto-aim, ESP and other things that give them an unfair advantage).

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    gramthenOOb You're joking right? CoD(especially AW) is mindnumbingly easy, and that's taking into account the half luck half reflex based MP.

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    People will play how they feel like, and vets will always stick to what worked "before" for them, what made them lords over the peasantry back in the MW/MW2/WaW days, and to a lot of extent BO1 range also. The saying is completely true, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, they're too stubbornly ingrained in their old ways that they'd rather just get stomped over and over and complain about lag (though this tends to be an honest assessment in recent titles) and campers and tubers instead of just trying to get better and adapt to the times. Until those people simply quit playing altogether, which is about half the community in a particular CoD title, you will always feel this from it.. the same goes for Battlefield players now, and Halo players, and all that... they have their own "vets", and they have their own folk ingrained in playstyles that worked viciously well years ago, but since then there are things that not only counter those playstyles, but make them almost totally obsolete and non-viable except in rare instances.


    I myself have taken to more tactical movements and positioning instead of my "old ways" of rushing.. I find in AW, proper positioning actually fully counters rushing boosters flying across the map.. just as rushing and flying around fully counters camping in corners and small regions because it throws the spawnpoints completely out of control and a friendly is just as likely to spawn in the space directly behind you as is an enemy ready to blow your skull into fragments.. that in itself was actually a workable strategy for controlling the corner campers in AW.. soon as a team starts doing it, your team starts flying all over the place like mad.. once you kill a few, boom, the camping game isn't so fun...


    The idea is to figure out what works in a particular CoD title, then be brave enough to figure out exactly how to counter it... and if you're feeling really courageous, take steps to counter the counter..


    That's where 70% of the community goes wrong.. they know what worked in MW2, or BO1.. even BO2 in some cases.. and they can't figure out why it won't work, at least for long, in this game.. or why rushing around on Ghosts (except on the small clustered maps) was a very bad idea.. I have friends like that, they just simply don't understand.. or they simply refuse to accept it.. and then they start asking why I'm suddenly camping.. or why I'm suddenly running skirmish tactics, or rushing straight at them.. and in the end, after we lose of course, they're like "Wow, how do we lose when you went 35 and 6?"...-_- because you stood there and got shot in the face over and over and over and complained about some form of lag that clearly I never once encountered.. >.> yes, my friend, it was the "lag" lol

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    Its easy to do, all you have to do is to kill a scout, a hunter, a scorpion and a rhino with one knife shot only in the 1st area of POC. Then as you get past the 1st barrier hive the mammoths will then spawn throughout the rest of the map. Then all you have to do is kill a mammoth on all of the remaining hives and bingo you get the easter egg LMAO

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    Looks liked the moderating issue has been fixed, at last

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    You must be new to the Cod cycle.


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    Same here, its was the discovery of extinction that salvaged ghosts for me. And by the looks of BO3 I will still be playing it for the foreseeable future, well until extinction 2 is released

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