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    I bought the game for the extra co-op mode provided(extinction). Pretty much all ive played on it. Its a great game mode, tons of loadout options and relies on a team effort. My favourite part, high scores are set in an hour and a half. Not a 36hour zombie game..


    Not a fan of multiplayer cod, if you want multiplayer fps CStrike is the way to go.

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    Mine too total joke

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    What's ironic is how the people who say the series is getting stale are the same people who don't want it to change.  In fact, people want the series to go back to the COD4 roots ie three perks, stopping power, three streaks only, you name it.  It's quite sad.



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    I'm not new to the COD cycle FYI Mr.Smart ****, your comment before sounded like u thought there was SBMM this year...

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    Izjar11 wrote:



    I have set course in completing as many challenges as possible (because they grant so much XP) but also because in completing them you learn so much about weapons, wildcards, exos, launchers etc.



    I use the challenges for the XP as well. It is one of my tactics for prestige level up. I've picked up an extra 10,000 XP from getting a couple of challenges done at the same time, as well as really learning to us some feature, ability, or gun that I might not have ever given a proper try.

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    I only used to play COD multiplayer, but ghosts ruined that for me and AW was so laggy I binned that ages ago, extinction was the only saviour, thankfully. Don't think I will be buying another COD game unless it included extinction, or even better, they release extinction 2 as a stand alone game

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    Your video link does not work. The matchmaking is going to be just like it has for the last several years.

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    Those people make me weep for the future of this franchise sometimes...


    All those people are doing is expressing the last time they were genuinely "good" at a CoD title.. they've refused to adapt to the natural evolution of the franchise... and just like the real world, if you fail to evolve and adapt, you go extinct


    Those vets are doomed to extinction, but until then.. target practice... lol

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  • 05/01/15--14:13: Self Conceit - BO3 & MM
  • COD enthusiasts,


    so many rumors are floating around about BOIII one of the ones (that caught fire this year) was the dreaded Matchmaking dilemma of SBMM


    Those four letters combined seemed to scare the kiddiesbaby animated GIF . really bad! Like really bad though.


    Fine, SBMM is scary, it is ugly, it is the one last excuse needed to justify playing horribly, sorry -- I mean playing half A-s--d.


    With BO3 coming to us, the fear is real. People are claiming SBMM will not be part of the game due to some youtube dude named Tmartn whom "speaks" with the developers "directly" ,<--- notice all the I added?


    Assuming this "true" do you really believe that the removal of it would benefit / hurt the game?


    Personally: I do not care, if its not present I will play and whoop dat a----, if its in the game I still whoop dat a---s.


    Your view?

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    Critchfest wrote:


    Lots of AW experts will say the IMR is the best burst fire weapon and for a long time I believed it too.  I ran the Impact and the Thunder Tusk religiously for a long time,  but damn those weapons feel clunky.


    One of the forum members did a statistical comparison, and the IMR is the best AR in the entire game, burst-fire, or otherwise.


    It has the most stopping power even if it sacrifices rate of fire (slower than the Hole Puncher). I agree with this analysis because while the IMR appears clunky because of it's boxy design, it dishes out stopping power at almost any range. So, one burst is all it takes to the chest to drop targets whereas with the ARX and others, unless it is a head shot, you're going to need two bursts instead of one... And that's if they are up close.

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    this will be the third Cod for next gen. So "a year" is false.

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    Actually he's the majority. There are fewer lag complaints this year than any cod that I can remember.  And of those complaints it usually the same few people. Which would indicate that it IS in fact their end.

    Not saying that's the case for "you", just putting the facts out there.

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    Another four times since my last post.instead of sitting with your heads up your arses. Try fixing the game. Worst cod game experience ever..

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    Gotcha. I was just pointing out this franchise is going to go through the wringer no matter where the devs go nowadays...... past, present, or future. Whether it's the vocal majority.... or vocal minority. And vice versa........ there are going to be players that love the game when we go back to WW2 or stay on this trek into the wild blue yonder.

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    My view is if player A is great with a controller meets player B who is great with a kb/mouse setup on something like a Xim4, ie both  equally skilled in their chosen setup method,  then I  believe the mouse player would be the victor.  It might be a close contest but the mouse can be set up to provide separate sensitivities for both hip aiming and ads aiming so it's finely tuned to that players needs and abilities. Just go read the xim forums to find out. You just can't be that precise with your thumb on an analogue stick.


    I think it gives the mouser an edge.  AW on console is not intended for kb+m use..  There are a lot of mouse players about using xim4 or other hardware. These players  are easy to spot if you know what to look for and they always do very,  very well in the games I play.


    Now if AW for console did allow and support mouse play I'd consider a switch because then it's not breaking the rules and the support for such control devices would need coding into the game which is certainly possible now.   I take on board about MS going this route and that's fine,  it's about staying within a set of defined rules and not playing outside of them as is occurring now.

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    On paper though?  The Impact can 1 burst at any range from what I've read as it brings it's min damage up to 25 per bullet.


    The thing is in a game where players are exo jumping all over the place like jumping jacks not all the 4 shot rounds will hit and there is a fixed delay between bursts. The Thunder Tusk addresses this with its laser like accuracy but can still miss some shots,  requiring two bursts.


    The Hole Puncher just feels so much more fluid,  in movement,  handling,  ads'ing. Etc.  I would switch at the drop of a hat if the IMR was better ingame,  believe me.  I don't feel it is.  The damage stat on the IMR is also  misleading.  I get what you're saying,  but the Hole Puncher feels better in every way for me. 

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    Don't worry, I got your sense of humor but you didn't get mine.

    My answer to you was not meant to be sarcastic.


    And let me make clear me feeling about the BO series. I love them. The first multiplayer game I played was BO1 and that got me hooked. The only thing that I regreat is that I was a noob then and I didn't do well but still I loved the game. I couldn't wait to get home from work and start playing.

    I equally loved BO2.

    After AW flying bunnies I have my hopes up to Treyarch to bring the game back to its old glory days.


    What I was trying to convey in my answer was that if someone disagrees has a right to express it without any harassment from anybody even if he has a different opinion from me.


    And a last word. If you go somewhere with your family for dinner and you don't like the food you will never go back there to eat again.

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  • 05/01/15--15:34: Finally.....
  • .....picked up a rated assault rifle today, i've been using the default version constantly for last 1000 odd kills and my kpi's arent' slouching so naturally i was pleasantly surprised  to finally (and possibly randomly) land a hole puncher and not be underwhelmed with the results


    its fair to say i was like;


    i know kung fu -

    thankfully , no abusive messages ...yet


    the next 1000 kills with this this are gonna be worth the ticket for sure

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    Here are a few new game mode ideas, in addition to some ideas to re-invent/fix currently existing modes.  What are you ideas?


    Golden Guns (Tentative Title) - A FFA mode that is similar to Halo's "Oddball" mode.  At the start of the game, a random golden weapon will spawn and will be easily visible via floating in the air (just like COD4's classic mode).  The player who grabs the weapon will be given points throughout they time they hold it.  Earning kills with this weapon will generate even more points.


    After the weapon has been touched, it will disappear after 30-40 seconds and will magically appear in another player's hand (preferably to those with the lower scores).  If the player carrying the golden weapon falls out of bounds, it will respawn in a neutral location for others to grab.


    Carnage - A re-work of TDM.  Carnage is all about earning higher score multipliers with quick and consecutive kills.  Basically, the faster you kill, the more points that are gained towards your scorestreaks and winning the match.  In addition, headshots and killing sprees will also reward better point gains.  When a player has increased their multiplier, the only way it will degrade is if the player is unable to generate more kills (meaning death will not reset the multiplier).


    Multi-Team Matches - I would want to see this return, but instead of it being its own playlist, I believe the chances of having 3-4 teams at once should depend on the lobby.  For example, if parties of 3 or less are in the lobby, there is a chance to vote for a 4 team game (if it pops up).  The following modes are able to have multiple teams

    • Carnage (TDM)
    • Hardpoint
    • Kill Confirmed
    • Domination (will have 5 flags total ie A, B, C, D, and E)
    • CTF


    Free For All - Instead of Free For All only consisting of Deathmatch, why not other modes?

    • Carnage (Deathmatch)
    • Golden Guns
    • Hardpoint
    • Kill Confirmed (altered only in FFA;  Every tag is worth 1 point, even if they were dropped by opponents you didn't kill)
    • Sticks and Stones
    • Gun Game


    Hardpoint - This isn't really a major change in how the game mode works.  Instead, it's a re-work of the rules and scoring that make it close to Drop Zone.  For example:

    • Hardpoint locations are randomized;  Will become active after 5 seconds to avoid lucky guesses.
    • Securing a newly spawned neutral HP will not grant any points.
    • Remaining on a friendly controlled HP will reward X points every X seconds.



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