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  • 04/24/15--11:02: Re: LAG ONLINE
  • I done it,and I played like 20-25 matches and I have an answer,it was my router..now i get no lag,i factory reseted it...and I port forwarded the ports and something is very strange with the map Sideshow from Havoc DLC. Because it was lagging like hell,so I unistalled the game from my PS4 and I installed it again and now it works good.

    Thank you for your help. I hope it will stay this way or I'll get a new router..

    P.S.If you are from Europe,and want to play some Ranked Play add me ,my PSN is tooproforugamer ,i would be able to play from Sunday .Many thanks

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    We can do a 1v1 if you want to, then we'll see

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  • 04/24/15--08:59: Re: Moderation Suggestion
  • I agree. I've been away awhile, and  now am just noticing this new system.


    I don't even feel like posting now.

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  • 04/23/15--20:05: Re: Alliance Wars Sneak Peek
  • It would be nice to see the notification area ["Your ally PricesBeard..."] turned into a "war chat" with two tabs, one for talking with allies in a spot that wont be overwritten by regular support notifications and chatter. The other tab would let you talk to the opposing team.


    The war notifications could be flowed into the war chat.

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  • 04/23/15--19:37: Re: Alliance Wars Sneak Peek
  • Wow, that is awesome!

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  • 04/23/15--18:31: Re: Alliance Wars Sneak Peek
  • Testing!!! I like this word. Thank you beuwolf78 and CODH team!


    Now we can see more information:

    1. There are some interesting new avatars.

    2. The NUMBER MARK on the avatar might be the CC level.

    3. Does the position of the player represent the real location? Maybe not.

    4. The screenshot is from a player in Advanced Warfare alliance. But Black Ops have 15% bonus damage and HP (It's Kickstarter's bonus, right?).

    5. The player has already used one of his two chances to attack. And one of his ally's name is PriceBeard. And since only 3 star are scored in both alliance. And Kickstarter has been 3 starred by demarek. THE PLAYER MUST HAS A GAME NAME CALLED: demarek. Why it sounds so familiar?

    6. The Win Bonus for demarek (top right) is the same as Kickstarter's victory reward (middle bottom). So does it mean that all the rewards (2 battles and alliance win) will be collectible in the reward (3rd) day?

    7. It's a 20 vs 20 battles. And the total possible star number is 20*3=60. And total battles for one alliance is 20*2=40.

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    Glad to hear everything worked out.


    Good Luck and Game On!

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    Call of duty black ops 3 will be bringing new, amazing features that has never been put into a call of duty game. Lots have been wondering about multiplayer this includes maps centering around hidden coordinates put into the first call of duty teaser. This includes: Cairo, Egypt and Zürich, Switzerland. The exo suits will be in the next black ops, but don't worry though because this is a less advanced exo suit where you can not double jump. Although you can still boost forward. There will be an exilerating feature named wall running. This will be something I am looking forward to because I have never seen something like this put into call of duty. Most likely there will be a knife instead of 'punching'. Sledgehammer tried to fix the quick scoping in advanced warfare Trey arch knows this is one of the things that pulled a lot of gamers into the game. Now let's go to the campaign I know this Might be the more boring part to you all but I assure you I will keep you all updated with multiplayer the more I find out. So in campaign You are male, black, and hinted almost everywhere you are the unmarked man. This is where the public is revolting against the government in which they are creating technology that they claim are doing more bad than good. The way you are going to defeat this is with a surgery where the government puts implants into your brain to make you stronger faster and smarter.  There's 2 ways you can go you either defeat the terrorists who are using lethal force to defeat you, but later the government chooses to destroy the implant program and anyone relating to it

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    Their is only 6 people in your clan above the 1.3kd requirement! so why has this been implemented? 

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    This is not an answer but I also have not been able to connect to a game for about a week.


    According to this page: Call of DutyⓇ: Advanced Warfare | Game Status Xbox 360 has been at 'Defcon 2' whatever that means, while everything else is at Defcon 5

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    A. Tommorow

    B In the new few days

    C Please write your answer in the comment if you vote for C

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    Welcome to the Sharkformers,

    We are recruiting players who want to be in Platinum division and soon in Diamond! We work hard as a team and also have a competitive MLG team. Send me a message PSN: WrekdTurtle if you are interested. These are the following rules to apply.

    1. Must have a working headset

    2. Must have at least a 1.0 K/D

    3. Must be on frequently

    4. Be loyal to the clan

    5. Stay positive

    6. Respect all clan members

    7. HAVE FUN!!!!

    Contact mewith any questions! Thank you guys and play smart!

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    yo mate add me on psn Killa_Man_Shank1 and we will get u in ASAP

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  • 04/25/15--09:40: Re: Recruiting For PS4 Clan!
  • BUMP

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    Level doesnt matter, just as long as its not a clan of kids !  objective minded gamer. send friend request and messege to ANGRYxxLION   psn ps3.

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  • 04/25/15--10:42: Hi
  • I would like to join a good clan, my KD is 1.54...

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  • 04/25/15--10:51: need a ps3 clan
  • I am a experienced cod player but haven't played ranked that much looking for a clan and a ranked team to play ranked play if interested my gamer tag is birdtire_3

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    My Skylanders character "Snap Shoot" doesn't work anymore... It worked perfectly in the last session. As I started the game again today, I got a massage, that I should take "Snap Shoot" down from the portal and call the support. So what can I do?


    Mein Skylandercharakter "Snap Shoot" funktioniert plötzlich nicht mehr. In der letzten Session lief alles noch reibungslos und das Spiel wurde ordnungsgemäß gespeichert... Jetzt beim Neustart kommt die Meldung, dass ich das "Spielzeug vom Portal" entfernen und den Kundenservice kontaktieren soll. Was kann ich tun, um den Skylander wieder zum Laufen zu bringen?

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