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  • 04/25/15--10:58: Rank Play?
  • anyone want to make a 4man rank play team? must be in gold division or higher. my GT is StormierAdam

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    Agu said: "When someone does some research on SBMM and says it's heavy, somebody else does some research and ends up with opposite results. Same stuff other way around."


    I haven't seen any research saying SBMM is heavy. If you have seen it can you please show me?


    Agu said:"My point was that I think tells something about how unpredictable and chaotic the game is."

    I agree. That's why its a fun game and not a "flat" experience to me.


    Agu said: ". Weapon balance being pretty poor, not between different weapons that much (hello MK14 tho), but between different classes. Shotguns are pointless. Sniper rifles are pointless. Half of the heavy weapons are pointless. Sure, you can do well with any weapon if you're good enough, but most people don't take that route."

    That's your opinion and you are very entitled to it, however, I wasn't aware there should even be a "balance" between separate classes of weapons... Don't they all have a place and time for use? Because people state that they find they are unable to use other weapons as well as the "easy" you are saying the balance is wrong in the game? Why would you want to "dumb" down the difference between the guns? When I started the game in Nov. I thought the S12 Shotgun was absolutely the worst gun, in any COD, I had ever touched. Now it's one of my go-to's as is the MK14. The S12 Galant with ext barrel, ext mag, and foregrip is really fun to ruin people with. lol.. I haven't cracked the Tac-19 yet but I will. My point is: that you saying that the weapon balance in the game is somehow the reason for people not being effective with other weapons is somewhat silly.


    Agu said: "And the actual shooting: aim assist is strong as hell and locks into players through walls. Even for an "untrained" eye, it's really easy to spot players unlike it was in Ghosts for example."


    That's an interesting statement. What kind of proof do you/we have of that?


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    clan wars diamond division starts may 1st 2015 join today ADVANCED WARFARE

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  • 04/25/15--10:49: Re: BLACK OPS 3
  • I Think that the beta that have been leaked is gonna be a awesome thing to pre-order so if i din't like the beta i can just cancel my pre-order.

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    They moderated my response which in hindsight may have been abit of a rant.. But please can we keep this thread to Aw and COD in general.


    You should stick to your SBMM postings.... The conversation on social stratification of "tribalistic small ethnic" groups is downright antagonistic and baseless and it goes far deeper than I care to engage especially in a video game forum..

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  • 04/25/15--10:42: Re: Black Ops 3 Grief
  • Is grief i i can remember is 4vs4 team? Hopefully it will be back!

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    You can join our clan. We are still looking for some more players, we are a fun clan with 14 members atm playing in platinum division. All we ask is be active during clan wars and have a mic would be better too but it's not that big of a deal if you don't have one. Add brascolan on ps3. I'm looking forward to your response.

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    I Can not conecter me to the online service MW3 Servers !?!?

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    Lol!! Still trying to get him to stop beating that poor deceased horse.  Fun times. Fun times.

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  • 04/26/15--11:59: Re: BO3 Mechanics and Maps
  • According to Tmartn the thrust jump is NOT the same as the boost jump.

    This is what he says:

    -Slower movement speed than AW, especially in the air.

    -Air dashing and wall running are not ideal for combat. Mostly used strictly for traversal.

    -Water combat is "seamless".

    -Much more ground based than AW.

    -Wall running is stricter and less abundant than Titanfall. You won't be bouncing from wall to wall with little loss of momentum like in Titanfall.


    According to TmarTn's impression video, "The thrust jump is more to get around obstacles or to get onto a second story floor. It's not meant to evade gunfire. Most of gunfights that happen in Black Ops 3, happen on the ground. It's not anything like the Exo-Jump was."

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    I have already linked my accounts but for som

    e reason it tells me to still link my account help...Falconr6?

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  • 04/26/15--11:57: Re: I claim....
  •    No no, no founder here. I did that founder status once and two years later they shut it down. But why don't you found one.

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  • 04/26/15--12:30: Re: BLACK OPS 3
  • Quite surprised, was originally declined unless I edited it, which I refused to do. Hence the note for mods.

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    Is anyone else having a problem getting the redeem code or am I doing something wrong?

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  • 04/26/15--12:30: Re: BO3 Mechanics and Maps
  • Everyone who's talked about playing it has said that boots on the ground is the way to go (so far).

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  • 04/26/15--12:32: Re: BO3 Mechanics and Maps
  • i think it are big and medium maps so good i think

    and bo 3 is much better i think then aw

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  • 04/26/15--12:33: PS4 B03
  • what does everyone think so far on what you have seen.?

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    Hope not. Tired of having the  game held back.

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  • 04/26/15--12:35: Re: BO3 Mechanics and Maps
  • gotsomestars wrote:


    Everyone who's talked about playing it has said that boots on the ground is the way to go (so far).


    Has the beta already gone live? Or just the "select" youtube personalities playing?

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  • 04/26/15--12:38: Re: Wii U Version?
  • this option was long for that

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