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    I think most of what you believe in your opinion could be a reason why some would say Aw is worse than BOPS2 could, maybe, possibly be correct: assuming the original premise of the OP.


    I don't like the comparisons to previous titles when used in a derogatory manner as to the newest game... But I have already stated my position elsewhere.


    But: to go alittle off thread here with you Jconnor....


    Jconnor said: "The MK14 is a prime example of a weapon that could be taken out of the game at this point IMO because it is not meant for a game where players move so fast before you can get one single shot off, you're probably already dead. It's fine in a normal ground-based game with normal player movement that allows you to lead targets, but this is not the case in AW.


    The burst-fire weapons (IMR, ARX, AMR9) are also highly ineffective unless you know what you are doing. I just started using the AMR9 and I love it, but... It took a few patches for these weapons to become viable options compared to the BAL and ASM1, and there is still a lot of work to go on other weapons, too. This is why many people say there is a weapon imbalance in AW, and I have to agree to  a point.


    That part about the "highly ineffective unless" thing is where you logically fail... The weapon balance is there if you think about it for just a second. The burst fire guns are harder to use that the regular Ar's.. The reward however is a more efficient, quicker, and more decisive kill when used properly. The only knocks on the burst fire is the fire rate of the burst, the damage, and the opponents movement speed. They must all be brought together by the user to score a kill. This requires a skill set that surpasses the regular AR's if you are to succeed and they, by design, rightfully take longer to unlock.


    The MK14 semi-auto is by far the most efficient killer. A 2 shot kill up close with any shot being in the head or chest. A 3 shot kill out to about 48yds and a 4 shot kill cross map. For tracking moving targets the trusty semi is obviously a better weapon in skilled hands: no kick, no drift, no funky fire rates to deal with... just stay on target baby...


    The MK14 rightfully requires the most skill to use it effectively.. And that's probably the reason its the last unlock set up by the developers.


    It is obviously not a well liked weapon in the community but to use it and the burst fire weapons as examples of unbalanced weaponry is not correct from a statistical point of view.

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  • 04/23/15--10:07: Re: how i make a clan ?
  • please say it in German

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    We've created a Support Case for you in reference to this. You can access it by logging into Support.Activision.com and head to "My Support" then "My Cases."




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  • 04/23/15--10:21: Re: Game Not Working?
  • How do I start in safe mode?

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    Thanx Izjar....

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    We've created a Support Case for you regarding this. You can access it by logging into Support.Activision.com and heading to "My Support" then "My Cases."




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    Currently a scenario it is possible to encounter in ranked play as a "single player" is as follows:

    Game 1

    8 players are selected to play SnD on Detroit.

    7 players spawn in and one times out.

    The team with 3 players has a pair who see the disadvantage and back out.

    the last player is either forced to play a 1v4 for 6 rounds or forfeits by backing out.

    Game 2

    The game is going well for the team and they are pulling away with over a 70 point lead in Hardpoint on Solar.

    The loosing teams player that happens to be host backs out and the game throws everyone back into the lobby.

    Game 3

    Your system decides to kick you out to do a system, game or playlist update.

    Game 4

    You can't play for 5 minutes because you're on probation through no fault of your own.


    For the first three games you're going to loose points through no fault of your own. The fourth game you have to wait to play, again through no fault of your own.

    This is where Ranked play fails somewhat. It's inherently unfair because the game dictates what points you will get or loose before unpredictable events happen during gameplay.


    So lets say as a suggestion that the points are awarded as follows:

    + 10 points & 200xp for completing a match.

    + 100 points & 2000xp for winning a match.

    + 0 points & 0xp for not completing the match.

    Lets also say that the total ranked play players = 100%.

    Grand Masters = the top 1%

    Masters = 82.5 to 99%

    Diamond = 66 to 82.5%

    Platinum = 49.5 to 66%

    Gold = 33 to 49.5%

    Silver = 16.5 to 33%

    Bronze = 0 to 16.5%

    So with this system even if you are in a 1v4 you gain 10 points for simply staying in the match. You are rewarded for staying rather than punished (sometimes unfairly) for leaving. If you leave you are doing nothing but wasting your own time and awarding the opposing team 110 points & 2200xp.

    You can grind as many currently do and the more you win the higher rank you will achieve.

    But this system is fairer than the one that currently exists.

    The matches may not be but at least you're not punished for "force majeure" type events.


    Just a thought.

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    Interesting... Cart before the horse kinda thing..., The better the forum moderation thru tools and DEV participation (read time and money spent) the better the info gleaned. No time/money spent no good info... So who cares... hhmmmmmm?

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    Perfectly said .


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    Only way someone can deploy troops inside wallast are if you have a gap somewhere that allows them to. Make sure your whole base is red because people will find a loop hole to drop troops.

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    This problem is usually fixed by unlinking/relinkning your cod account to your platform.


    Go here --> https://profile.callofduty.com/cod/profile


    Unlink xbox live.

    Relink xbox live


    Power cycle your 360. To be extra sure take the power cord out of the wall for a couple of minutes

    Boot up your 360, see how you go

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    If you are on the xbox One perform a hard reset.

    Go to the front of the console and hold in the glowing button until you notice a reset (about 5 seconds).

    Leave the console off for a couple of minutes.

    Restart xbox

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  • 04/24/15--10:57: Re: LAG ONLINE
  • I am sure it's nothing to do with this because the matchmaking puts me with people from Europe,and I am from Europe....and I think it was because my router. Thanks

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    I saw the same question a few days ago.  Basically, you're leaving gaps inside you walls.  In any case, IANR83's reply in the following discussion should help answer your question!  Good luck!


    How do you beam into a compound?

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    I'm Elit_StaG and will send you a request in about half an hour

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  • 04/24/15--06:18: Re: Alliance Wars Sneak Peek
  • why bonus is so small?

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  • 04/23/15--23:51: Re: Alliance Wars Sneak Peek
  • I like the idea of showing the players on the world map, in this way I can easily predict when a player is offline.  Considering the shown auora with percentage, I guess the enhancement in previous screen shot is enhancement of heroes.

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  • 04/23/15--22:39: Re: Alliance Wars Sneak Peek
  • LOL  


    best reply ive read in a while


    fking brilliant!!!

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  • 04/23/15--20:05: Re: Alliance Wars Sneak Peek
  • its an awsome update but how are people inside alliances attacking each other ?

    depending on what ?! cause if it depends on reputation its not going to work at all

    people with high reputation but low base will not be able to deffense against high level players .

    one more thing i hope if no low base or low player with highe reputations take the top player spot on leaderboared

    i mean this reputation system should be reset to make the base and reputations depending on each other .in that way no low player will be able to get in to leaderboared without maxing his base .

    thank you

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