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    What? 1.8 to 1.9? That type of player obviously only plays FFA or TDM. No one any good carries that kinda k/d and is a great obj player. I see what you're saying about buying weapons its a waste of money.

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    Dont ask me mate, I suck at relic runs

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    dont ask me man, I suck at relic runs



    x2 lolzzz

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  • 04/11/15--02:16: Re: THE END OF GOD MODE
  • it sucks cos it ruins the game, in the end I had to turn it off last night

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    I have got to the point where I've thrown Elites away. Tossed a Steel Bite the 1st month and a non elite Hole Puncher too, just got the Hole Puncher back but don't really just it just nice to have. I did buy 1 set of slots so stuff like that wont happen again. Iirc I have 23 days played so there is no way you could have 6 months playing.

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    Hi belly120, I tried again last night and it was a lot better. Not brilliant but compared to the two previous days it was better.

    I was finding that the games were very unbalanced also but that could be to do with clan wars. ( in my personal opinion the worst thing that has been brought to the franchise)

    A few games a mate and myself were finding that one minute you were rocking calling in warbirds etc then the next you couldn't buy a kill.

    Maybe that's the next dlc!!!!!  you can buy a certain amount of kills as a micro transaction.

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    ha ha don't tempt them with more pay to win ideas dude. advanced supply drops to chase the OP guns is bad enough, i go into lobbies running stock or basic versions and regularly face teams rocking the best bal's etc.

    imagine that, subscription based winning, you can have 20 days of god mode for only £40!!! expect to see that in blops trios

    i may have a go tonight but i don't hold out much hope after last nights OHK mess  

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    Hi I am the leader of a brand new clan, looking for new members and captains, STRIVE GAMING will be twitching/fb and twitter youtube etc with pro and casual players.  if you want to join us (only 3 so far) then drop me a message mate  gt - Strive Phoenix

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    So why and what is it that makes this game seem to play better right after an update or patch and what is it that makes it go away? Heck for that matter why is it that you can log in and it play bad then log out for a few min then log back in and it's great?

    To me if it can play that good at times then I don't see any reason it can't play that way all the time. What exactley is it that makes this game up and down and so inconsistent?

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    Personally I don't care much for the exo - but i do believe i understand 100% the reason for this...


    And my beef with exo movement is the added verticality of the exo jump.... 


    Boost dodging i can deal with - heck is goes right back to Unreal Tournament 2000 where you could even boost dodge off of walls.


    It's Boost Jump that i find difficult to deal with - in time i may work out a decent enough stategy to cope with it - may even (you never know) actually get to the point where i'm winning Strafe medals (or even the holy grail dogfight medal)....


    But at the moment i've not got the best reactions to cope with a player boost jumping onto my position for the kill.



    Now then take my opinion above and see if you can apply it to most of the people complaining about exo's - i'm all for a game with added levels in maps and the possibility of someone being anywhere on a map because of exo movement,


    But players flying around like they're wearing jet boots is taking me time to adapt to.


    Now if they're in BO3 when it's released i should hopefully of adapted enough - if they're not in i'm guessing the community will be complaining that the game movement being too slow.

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  • 04/12/15--01:00: Re: is it too hard?
  • "Community enforcement is an (admittedly) flawed method of policing, but it is the most efficient in terms of overall general policing.  Many sets of eyes are better than a few, even if the eyes sometimes catch more than they should (in the form of false reports)."


    For matters like bringing attention to an exploit or glitch, community reporting is very efficient.  When you get flooded with the same complaint, chances are, it is a legit complaint.


    On the other hand, as far as reporting hacks and mods, community reporting is far from efficient, based on vast majority being false positives.  How can anyone playing the game REALLY know if the other player is using a modded controller or jail broken machine?  We can be pretty dang sure, but never positive.  Software checking from the dev side is the only sure fire way to know.


    "Yes, it is.  In a mountain of code, this can be extremely challenging.  In the event projected above, we can indeed implement a check to disallow codes (it not how it works, but I'm using your example).  That being said, putting this check in the wrong place could (assuming you're limiting the scorestreak as your example) prevent the scorestreak from becoming accessible, make the scorestreak disappear if you use a grenade mid-use, and many other things.  There's a reason patches are sent out one month (or so) at a time.  Checks and rechecks."


    With the history of the game and it's mods/hacks, why would this not be built into the 3 (previously 2) year life cycle prior to release?  There is no way in heck that the afore mentioned scorestreak in a grenade slot mod should have survived from BO2 to Ghosts.  Is software checking to see if anyone is moving faster than the maximum allowed speed by code? If my sensitivity can track a player with a knife and all speed improvements and suddenly I come across someone online that can move way faster than I can track at that sensitivity, I get suspicious.  When they do it carrying a heavy weapon or sniper rifle, I assume they are modding the speed percentage factor.  Things like this cannot be that hard to code in for maximum or minimum values.    What about rate of fire?  what about percentage of health? what about any thing that has a value or value range? (cartridges in a magazine, total number of perks available (remember that one?) and on and on and on.  Making the community the police for all these items is never gong to be efficient and really, in a franchise this old using the same engine this long, should be unnecessary.  The first time a value is modded, when that value is finally patched, the devs should realize that other values will be modded and start protecting them as well.


    I am not sure if I explained my idea on pre-emptive coding well enough or not.  For example, to make it real simple, let's assume anything that can go into a grenade slot is coded something that starts with A for the left side and B for the right side.  So, your grenade option list might be AA, AB, AC, AD for the left side and BA, BB, BC, BD for the right side.  Some time later, the dev team is working on score streaks and they all are coded starting with W, such as WA, WB, WC etc.  When it comes time to outfit your character, the left grenade slot should contain a command that only inventory Items starting with A (or better yet, AA - AD inclusive) are viable options for that inventory slot, all others are treated as invalid.  You also code each item to do a specific thing in game, such as a smoke grenade having a different outcome than a tomahawk.  Those again tie to specific item code.  With that in place, if someone mods the paladin to be code AA so he can equip it as a grenade, the tied effect of WA would be invalid.  If he changed the effect to AA as well, he just made his paladin a smoke grenade, so who cares.  I realize the coding is far more complex and there is no way you are going to get a 2 digit identifier, it was just for example purposes.  There is no "check to disallow code that might be put in the wrong place" it is limiting the variable value to a specific answer set.  An extremely simple version of this is a field to fill in for date of birth that will only accept numbers in a mm/dd/yyyy format.  the answer box will hold ten characters, but if you try to enter 'blue water" it gets rejected, even though it is 10 characters.  Even using 123/4/2215 will result in a rejection.  going back to my AA WA example above, WA in the slot built to accept AA-AD will result in a rejection.


    "...we here have also debated why the leaderboards don't get scrubbed every so often.  The best I've seen anyone come up with is that there is a chance there is one or two legit players up there.

    ex) A player makes a (legit) secondary joke account.  They only play with the combat knife, but take one shot, which lands.  Voila!  100% accuracy!  This profile would get caught in these sorts of banwaves for no reason other than it was there as a novelty."


    No one is asking anyone to do a ban wave on the top 10, 50, 100 500 or anything. but, when I see a player with stats that include 234567 kills 12345 deaths, 999999999999xp and 13 seconds played, I don't think it would take a lot of time for a reviewer to understood that is a jail broken machine and perma ban it and hopefully even notify Sony.  There are so many obvious accounts like the one I just made up I cannot imagine why they are not looked at and bans administered.  While perusing the list, your "one time charlie" would stand out as legit. 


    Nor was I asking for everyone with a high accuracy or kdr or any other stat to be banwaved.  But, if someone has stats that seem to support him/her being 2-3 times better at COD than the MLG team members, it seems the enforcement team would want to take a look at those individuals first (more low hanging fruit) instead of reaching into the complaint bucket and wasting time checking up on a complaint from 9 year old Tommy who wants a guy banned for camping. 


    The point being, you guys get a boat load of data and it contains information that should be leading you to suspect an account of nefarious behavior.  Focusing the majority of enforcement on those individuals HAS to be more effective than working through 2 months of complaints over a 12 month game lifecycle.


    Going back to my original post, it is that lack of commitment and effort to effectively go after modders/hackers leaves me to think that marketing has come to the conclusion that x% of the population hacks/mods and we only lose (less than x%) of people fed up with the cheating, so until the fed up and quits start being MORE than x, we'll just let the modders/hackers be, put in a useless reporting system and achieve plausible deniability, while maximizing profits in the upcoming quarter for our stockholder report.


    Finally, you seem to have misunderstood my final points entirely.  I was not originally talking about an individual then changing to group, the entire thing was about the already in place group reporting method.  The point was that the current reporting systems works fine for glitches, where you get (assumed) thousands of complaints about the same off map glitch same goliath exploit on dom etc. over and over and over day after day after day and these topics being a high percentage of the total reports.  Going through that list of people reported is an easy way to hand out mini bans by the hundreds and making sure the dev team is aware of a needed patch.  It is low hanging fruit, easy to identify a trend, easy to confirm the exploit and easy to have the dev team prioritize that patch over other work.  The current reporting system works good for that. 


    What it does not work good for is identifying the modders/hackers.  Pretending it does a good job of that, or that it is the only possible method to root them out, or is the best method available tells me the company is not interested in addressing the problem.

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    I loved playing mercenary modes - i always play solo so it actually benefitted me all the time - i think (ironically) the rules used to be party of 2 only.....


    As gramthenOOb says above with the 'clan party' method of lobby shopping it's getting difficult to play matches as a solo player effectively.


    Too many times i've seen a lobby with 4/5 or even 6 members of the same clan on one team...


    Played some matches of uplink yesterday to complete the daily supply challenge and got owned big time - ended up in two different lobbies but both of them dominated by clans...

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    Sadly i can't.

    I got it from a friend so idk.

    But i'm buying a new tv very soon,it was about time.

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    Lol ok..... no proof..Lol whatever you say... what should be our proof? a picture of your PC screen with the cheat on it?..lol..Your dumb..You think we need to actually catch you with a cheat on your PC otherwise this means (your legit)lol


    Umm seeing a player mimick an aimcheat pattern is proof guys.. If you keep initially finding targets at the edge of your crosshairs with a distinct snap change of direction and always perfect second snap dead onto the target (your cheating) I can do it to.. all i have to do is use the aimcheat.. So how is it i can mimick your play with a cheat and I'm a cheater but your not?


    lowlives. find something better to do than claiming people can't accept how good you are...LOL you wish!!!


    We all know that's not a real issue..


    Your mad bevcause no matter how good that cheat makes you.. You get zero recognition for it... Admit the truth you scrub!!!

    this is why your here mad and posting!!! Not because hackusators make the game unplayable...DUH!!

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    OGHF wrote:


    No one is saying cheats don't exist, but its a known fact that 95% of the cheat sites are scams to get bank details, but Trojans and such.

    This is BS google and all search engine do not allow sites with trojans to remain on there search.. they blacklist these sites immediately.. (you wont be able to find them.)


    So if you google hack site and it shows up.... your good to go.. google has already deemed these sites legit as to what they say they are.... and they are not dishing out trojans or phishing....again you just make up nonsense... like we are safe...

    this game has a free cheat that is undetected.... period end of story..and it's not a trojan or someone phishing.. it's just a modder who created a good free undetected aimcheat for this game..


    it's here for anyone of us to use.. and obvious some losers can't put it down..(need it to play) otherwise they would suck without the cheat finding target after target for them at the edge of their crosshairs...which is an Obvious sign of someone using the aim-cheat.

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    Come check us out!

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    Some good questions, jahMoon.


    There's no way to tell some of what I would like to explain without creating a really long post. I'll try to just post the simplest responses to your curiosities that I can.


    - What weight do they give each "skill determinant"? In reality, there is zero evidence that any determinant is weighted more than another. In fact, from what I have seen over the years, the best way to predict player skill is to give each determinant equal weight. You may want to take a look at my SBMM for Dummies 103: Individual Player Performance thread. In that thread I have two examples of matches I have analyzed. In each of those examples, every determinant that I used I "weighted" equally. The key is to weight the player, not the determinant.


    - How frequently is SBMM evaluated? If you're not in a match, your skill is being evaluated 24/7 - so long as you are online and looking for a match. Although when you are not in a match, your data and statistics are not changing, what does change is the player pool in which you exist. You're being weighted against other players.


    - How much history is used? I don't know if we can go so far as to call it "confirmed," but there was some illicit game code someone gave to Drift0r early in the AW season that shed some light on this question. I think we can confidently say that, at the very least, your performance history from the two previous CODs is used. Frankly, I don't buy that. I think your entire performance history from every COD you have played online is used. There is a catch, though. It is the history of the Gamer Tag / Account. In other words, if your GT is "Player X" and that has been your GT since 2007 and you've played every COD since COD4 ... that entire history is used to determine skill. Say your GT is now "Player 1" but you used the GT "Player X" for the first four years you played the game ... but both GTs, "Player 1" and "Player X" were on the same account, then it is as if you never changed your GT. This is a long answer and explaining why I believe this to be the case could be an entire thread itself.


    You did give hints to weights for time played and level. Right. Let me explain a little further. "Time Played" would be a "skill determinant" and so would be "Level." Neither would have more influence than the other. In other words, both are equally important. Why? because a player who has a 2.0 KDR, Level 25, and 20 hours played is showing just as much ability as a player with another player with a 1.25 KDR, Level 50, and 10 hours played. In fact, the second player might actually be stronger. Why? Because although his KDR is significantly lower, he is also obviously scoring a lot of points every match - by whatever means he is doing it, he is leveling up twice as fast as the guy with the higher KDR. That has meaning. What it means we can't be sure. But it is something to keep in mind. That's why I don't give any determinant more weight than another. It could be the 2.0 guys is dashboarding for the KDR. It could be the 2.0 guy is mostly just sniping. Which one do you want on your team? That's the question you have to ask. Granted, you don't have any choice ... but SBMM does have a choice to make. So weighting one more than the other simply hampers the effort; it doesn't help.


    If I was a world class player, how long would it take SBMM to figure it out, hours, days, weeks? Every player is different. It takes around 300 to 350 in-game hours for me to master any given title of Call of Duty. You have to be one dedicated gamer to become the best of the best. Honestly? I haven't put that much time into AW or Ghosts. Therefore, I'm not in the 97th percentile (top 3%). You need to master the game. Don't let the whiners master you.

    I'm guessing they have a data analytics tool where they can adjust the weights of "skill determinants" evaluate the outcome of the match and make adjustments to make the future matches competitive. Again, they weight the player, not the determinants. Any "adjusting" is done on your end. If you're having a bad night? Put the game aside. Come back when you're fresh and ready to go. But yeah, obviously they do adjust things in the game. That's why every year people cry about weapon balance and every year weapons get adjusted. Other things get adjusted, too.

    Do they have software that can analyze this stuff super-fast?Here is a link to a job opening at an Activision Studio. Read it closely. You'll see they reference some specific software for the purpose of analyzing player behavior during matches. This is what I mean about mastering the game. Look inside the game and outside the game for information you can use. How can you use this job opening? Well, it confirms that they need exotic, high-priced software to evaluate the enormous volume of data collected. In English? That means that there are literally 1000s of skill determinants, not just two or three favorites. How can you use that in the game to become elite?

    Always keep in mind that you need to be good at every aspect of the game, not just one or two.

    Thanks for check out the thread. I appreciate it. Obviously you want to be a top-tier player. The first step to getting there is deciding to go there and the second step is to become resolved to the fact. The third step is to keep an open mind about every aspect of the game and gaming in general. The fourth step is to start looking for information.

    You've done all four of those things so far. You'll get there. It takes a LOT of dedication to succeed, but you can. You wouldn't respect it and want it if it were something everyone was willing to do.

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    Clan Information:

    Clan Name: Section 18 [S18]

    Clan Members: 74

    Clan Stats: KD 1.30 W/L 1.06

    Clanwar Division: Diamond

    Sponsored by:


    Custom Controllers


    Cinch Gaming

    No Scope Glasses

    Section 18 are searching for super active and loyal players. Players that are willing to put the time and effort in during Clanwars and as well have a laugh and a bit of banter. We're a Clan based in the UK so we're only searching for UK Members.

    We're a really clan, we always have members online during the day so there shouldn't ever be a time when you're playing alone, we do have a Facebook Group for Clan Members Only. To keep up to date with what's happening with Clanwars etc etc..

    What sort of player(s) are we looking for?

    - Competitive Players, If you're into Competitive whether that is Ranked or GBs, we have quite a lot of members who play Comp including me who is writing this Thread.

    - Pub Players

    - YouTube Commentators/Editors We have a few already, but the more the better.

    - Objective Players


    - Must have a 1.0 KD and 1.0 W/L

    - Must be atleast prestige 1

    - Must be an Active and Loyal member

    - Must be 15+

    - Must help out during Clanwars, we can obviously bench people who cannot play Clanwars, but if you're not benched and are on a team for clanwars, then we expect you to play.

    If interested message me on PS4 Tyler_OAFC letting me know where you're from, what your AW Stats are, age and why you want to join. Please don't lie about stats. thanks for reading!

    Social Media:

    Twitter: Section_18

    Facebook: Section 18

    Youtube: Section 18

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