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    I started playing Call of Duty at the end of MW2, but I had no clue what was going on. I had no idea about reading the minimap or knowing spawn points or how to strafe while shooting. I would get owned every game with scores like 20-3 but still had a blast and I got hooked. Just something about going online against a bunch of other people from all over the world and shooting each other up and chatting and having a good time. Sometimes I think people have forgotten the fun things about this game and they are so focused on all the negatives. When Black ops 1 came out I was tired of being owned so I started following good players and watched hours and hours of instructional youtube videos from pro players. At some point during Blops 1 it all started clicking for me and I figured out what I was doing and I think for that reason Blops 1 to this point is my favorite COD. When MW3 came out I had fun but I hit a plateau and was still missing a few things. When Blops 2 came out I dug down and started taking things a little more serious and I took my game to a new level. I'm still not where I want to be but I've come a long way from those 20-3 days and now I average scores around about 20-3 to 30-5. Just something about Treyarch games that I like a little better then the others so I'm very excited about Blops 3 and I hope it is the best yet.

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    Hah. Hopefully I won't be working these crazy hours by then. Been playing a lot of BFHL lately. 70k players on ps4... pretty fun game. Has a few bugs in it, but a patch is incoming.

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    Was playing Destiny's crucible 24/7 but either I just randomly started sucking, or I'm playing against the best of the best. Weird. Started to annoy me so I took DA:I out of it's packaging and have been playing that for the last week or so. Nice change of pace

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    I don't like the futuristic theme. Might pick up from sale for zombies and story unless something really interesting gets shown.

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    As you know I run with an R1 and the last two nights the game play has been awful. Not just for me either. I switched geo filter off and connected to a friend in the US. He is a pretty good player and on one game of dom he went 2 - 37 and I was around 7 - 24.

    Something has changed in the last couple of days. I struggled to get online last night to with the game saying that you cannot connect to the server and some error code.

    When I could get a game it felt like I was wading through mud even with a ping of 15 ms to a server about 200 miles away.

    I have supported this game and enjoyed playing it since launch and I am hoping that this is just a temporary issue.

    I cannot help but feel though that it has just gone the way of Black ops 2 for me which did exactly the same thing with connections after a few months and became unplayable on my connection.

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  • 04/10/15--02:33: Re: I have a question?
  • I don't believe for one second that they have any reason to do this other then to try and persuade people to go ahead and buy a new system. I wish they would do a price drop on the PS4 and the X1 so more people would go ahead and get one. I would say that most people who are still holding out are doing so because the price anyway and I would say that just about everyone who can afford it at the current price have probably already got one. They might be getting a little surge the last few months because everyone getting their tax returns but I would say it's probably about over. I have a lot of friends who love to play COD and played Blops2 and Ghosts with me on PS3 but they are still on PS3 and I wish they would get a PS4 so we can play.

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    C'mon they don't take the feedback.


    It's not like people have said how much this board has had problems and how utterly user unfriendly it is since Modern Warfare 3. Only thing they have done since then is make reward system that they ironically abandoned.


    I have absolutely no reason to give feedback when I know no one gives a damn.

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    Msg GT: Liragon Enigma // Northern Fable


    apply via CODAW APP The Dirty SACs

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  • 04/10/15--02:49: Re: I have a question?
  • They could have made the 360 games play on the One as it plays CDs & DVDs as well as Blu Ray but i guess you're right its to push sales. Also the fact that Clans & party teams will do better than a team of mute randoms makes it diffucult for teams that not all players can get the new console and those who do are inevitably going to play the better (newer) console. Would be good if we could pop the 360/PS3 version in and play with 360/PS3 users.The 360 would play a large number of 1st gen Xbox games.

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    No, it isn't fixed yet. Just had it happen to me.

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    thanks for the respond.

    I figured out what's the problem.

    It's my crappy internet connection. *sigh*

    My tv is perfectly fine although it's a really ugly tv with bad graphics xD it suprises me that my ps3 can be used on this small tv

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    I have the same problem right now

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    Hey I'm braidens12, I don't have a large KD raitio because my siblings play on my account.

    But I want to join your clan!

    How do I join! And do we quick scope or trickshot?

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    I Had the same promblem yesterday ! Damnnn it! Any news?

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    Hi HercOCF,


    I will totally agree with you on the chat quality and how to deploy reinforcements to alliance members as even I can find it a nightmare sometimes. If I was going to improve their system, I would do it in 2 separate ways, depending on where you want to access it from. If you wanted to do it from the chat, you could click on the chat message saying "... needs reinforcements" and it would bring up the menu immediately to where support is normally given. If it was done through the comms centre, you would click on the comms and then click a button saying "send in support" leading you to the menu with support. Then with actually giving support, instead of tapping the screen lots of times until you get to how many troops you want to deploy, you could just type in how many troops you wish to send or press a send all button to fill the entire space with that specific troop. This would definately save time, especially if you wanted to deploy an entire army of say 40 infantry soldiers and not have to strain in order to deploy.

    Your second comment about communication amongst the alliance is definately something that needs to be improved upon in the next couple of updates. At the moment in my alliance, BioWarfare, we currently connect between the two alliances over LINE, a separate chat app that we use outside of the game to bring a sense of community amongst all members, setting ourselves objectives and having a good time, something that most alliances lack at this very stage.

    What could be added in this case could be an ally/rival option to either team up or declare war against other alliances (could also be implemented in Alliance wars when it comes out), as this can at least give some secondary objectives to work from as all there is to the game at the moment is simply to upgrade defenses then upgrade the command centre repeated over and over. This can improve self motivation as if you've actually achieved something out of the game instead of going by easy-to-get achievements and gives you something to focus on. And then to keep alliances on track, there could be a button inside the comms centre viewing each of the members stats weekly or monthly based on reputation, support given or raids won. This will become useful information in or outside of the alliance as it helps for recruiting/promoting the alliance and keeps it on track at a steady pace. If anything was to go wrong, the commander has the evidence based on who to keep or kick out of the alliance unless they were away for a special reason.

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  • 04/10/15--18:16: Re: THE END OF GOD MODE
  • Nope, played some this afternoon on 360 and it was bad. Almost every Dom match had one although I did stay with a few to keep reporting them. I reported the holy heck out of some people the last week. All they do is go from one flag to the next capping and killing when they are annoyed. I have reported more people in this game than all my other cods together. This as well as the reverse boosting and ever so famous wall glitches.

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    Hi my name is Liam i'm 15. i have a KD of 1.4 and a w/l of 2.00 . My Gamer tag is ZonyPayStations i like SnD TDM,Dom ect i like all game modes except GG the account im sending this on is my AW account only if im not on u can reack me on my other account rims_kewlkid. im in canada the central time zone

    i Would to join your clan

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    Thanks EliteKing. As soon as I saw it I registered my Nintendo account and mentioned it. I was really excited. It has really got my hopes up this year for us Nintendo fans. And for those that are worried because we got skipped on AW last year I have a theory that might help. I feel last year Activision pulled the plug on the Wii U because they had Next Gen and Last Gen consoles to make the game for. (I know the PS3 and Xbox 360 was ported by another company). But this year they are focusing only on Next Gen (yes Wii U is Next Gen!, but not my point here). So now Nintendo will be back in the mix just like when it was just PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Now it will be PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U.


    And it wouldn't be the first time a COD game skipped Nintendo then got back on the trail again. Remember playing MW2 on Wii, no? Me either.

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    Same but both internet and cod servers say good btw its the same on aw

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    Nobody can get an answer.should of had them already.have to wait for a silly tweet off condrey with a picture in it,like for the ps4

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