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    It's really getting on my nerves, and it makes want to throw my PS3 out the window.

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    has froze the entire system after completing 3 separate games. Each time the lobby countdown timer got to 51 seconds and froze.  Its amateur hour over @ activision

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    Yeah, at first I thought an enemy was stuck or glitched off the map, but we were all playing as lights so we all had Threat detection UAV's. No enemies at all. :/


    I like being the one to charge in and "yolo melee" the AST's too. I've noticed the shield bash and punches do about the same damage, so maybe the boost slam does too. You should make that your next yolo challenge when you face an AST: boost slams only.



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    Come join us

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    I think activision is going to owe everyone a new controller. wish there was a way to get a class action lawsuit for this piece of crap. AMATEUR HOUR is over. Get you **** together activision..

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    I bought the game for the Xbox 360. It was in shrink wrap and was sealed with the certificate of authenticity so there isn't any way the code had been redeemed before I opened it.

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    Glad to see others are getting these free challenges too and not just me.


    By the way, I think his "fake" comment was in reply to the guy above me about the "modded lobby", not to me.



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    So, the design is intentional to make team troll killing harder. This is what I gather.

    One of my big bug bears in all things life is creating rules that punish others' enjoyment because of a minority.

    If there is cause to further dissuade peeps from deliberately team killing, then surely just increase the punishment for doing so.

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    Im online and still accepting!

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    The AdvancedSoldiers are recruiting and are looking for skilled, dedicated, loyal and active clan members from Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe to join who must meet clan standards


    Clan Information:

    - Clan Name: AdvancedSoldiers

    - Gold Clan Tag: PROs

    - Clan Motto: Quality over Quantity

    - Clan Level: 12

    - Clan K/D: Unknown

    - Clan W/L: Unknown

    - Clan Wars: Platinum Division

    - 51 Clan Members strong

    - Open to all PlayStation 3 and 4 players (Read Console located at the bottom of the Page)

    - Open to all Australian, New Zealand, American and European players (Read TimeZone/Location located at the bottom of the Page)



    - K/D of 0.9 or higher

    - 18 hours or more of playing time

    - Must be able play at least 3 days a week

    - Must be able to participate and be on everyday for Clan Wars if participating (Read Dedication/Loyalty/ClanWars located at the bottom of the Page)

    - Should be able to play the game skilfully so that you don't let your team down

    - Must be able play with other clan members and use the clan's clan tag if possible

    - Should be able to work effectively as a team and use team work, play as a tactical and strategical team

    - Should play with pride and show other people and/or clans who the real professionals are

    - Must be friendly and respect each member in the clan the way you would treat a friend


    Recommended (optional):

    - It is highly recommended that you own the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare companion app to be able to communicate with other clan members and so that you can stay up to date on the clan and Clan Wars

    - It is again highly recommended that you own a headset or some type of microphone


    Most Important Rule:

    - Have fun and enjoy yourself and the time you spend with other members but be as well loyal, dedicated and competitive!



    If you join the clan you swear to follow the rules and if you don't you will be kicked immediately. And if you are going to join the clan you must fulfil your promise and stay, not leave. The Clan War roster can be amended to if you will be available for the next Clan Wars but if you're have committed to participate and you haven't contributed in any way you will be kicked without hesitation, you will also need to inform the clan if you will be able to participate in the next Clan War. Stay Loyal, Active and Dedicated and there won't be a problem and you will become a respected member of the clan.



    I personally live in Brisbane, Australia and play nearly everyday during the week when I have the opportunity to. Everyone should be playing at least 3 days a week so the time zone shouldn't be a problem as there are members from all around the world. However try be on at the same time as everyone else so we can be really effective as a team and if you can try and play with members just from your country so that everyone can have a pleasant and enjoyable experience without lag but feel free to mix.



    All PlayStation 3 and 4 players are allowed to join the clan. I personally play PlayStation 3 but the clan does consist of PlayStation 4 members and we would love if more players from both consoles could join our clan so that we can have more people online and more parties.


    How to apply/join:

    Apply through the app (preferable), let me know in the comments or send me a message on PlayStation if you would like to join with the following information (username, console, residence, hours played, how often you play, when you play) and I will get to it as soon as possible. Feel free to ask any questions and if you have any advice on anything related to the clan make sure to let us know. I will keep this forum updated with all the latest clan details at all times.


    Thank you so much to the loyal, active and dedicated people who have stayed in the clan so far and have followed the rules (many of our members were apart of our original clan on Call of Duty: Ghosts), I also look forward to playing with you new members.

    AdvancedSoldiers : Jarrod_J_P_HK

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    Said Activision has not put out punk shock for swap force and the new game is out already trap team.  Only punk shock can out in spring exclusive.  Why I do not understand.  You think company would have produce this one already for any one to get.  They are just now doing the light core Bubble Blast.  When they come to store if ever do no one going to get it because of trap team and they been pushing skylander gaints off on everyone.

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    banned for not throwing your hands in the air... unless you're not a true player

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  • 12/02/14--20:28: Multiplayer game freezes
  • When will they be offering full refunds due to gameplay freezing during multiplayer gameplay?  I am not sure if this is just for digital download customers or if all users are experiencing this.

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  • 12/02/14--20:28: Re: What Level Are You?
  • Lvl 50 and don't plan on hitting that prestige button its a complete waste of time. And got me a great 1.00 K/D I believe this weekend I will be trying to get that K/D below 1.00 I wanna match my old Ghost K/D of .39

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    why worry about model # when activision as not even put out punk shock for swap force yet.  Only came out year ago in spring exclusive.  This month only now has they starting selling Light Core Bubble Blast that has not came to stores yet.  Only seen it as a pre-order because store will not get Light Core B.ubble Blast till Jan. of 2015.  No release date has been set for Punk Shock.  May come out a year after trap team been on the market

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        It's not cheating homie, it's a playstyle.  The whole reason that there are so many quickscoping clans and players is because of a few very talented Youtubers who are actually good at quickscoping.  What you need to understand is that all quickscopers are better reg gunners than they are quickscopers.  It's not worth bringing up names of Youtubers because then you'll assume that I'm a malnourished child in my mom's basement sweating it out with my greasy hair and buckteeth and bloodshot eyes wet with tears from being argued with.


        Just remember that next time you see a quickscoper who ends your streak, be glad he wasn't using the BAL, because if he was, you wouldn't be on a streak.


        I hope I didn't sound insulting to you because honestly I'm not mad at you.  I' just frustrated that people don't understand the concept and it's obvious disadvantages in AW.  We're past MW3 (MW3 quickscoping really is OP), and we're in AW on Xbox One, with exosuits and all that jazz.  I ask this of all people who don't like quickscopers, so I'll ask you too.  Please quickscope for an hour.  Not hardscope, actually play aggressively with the MORS Ballistic CPU, Low Profile, Flak Jacket, Peripherals, Blast Suppressor, Toughness, Exo Overclock, Semtex, and whatever scorestreaks you want.  Just try to understand where we're coming from, please.

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  • 12/02/14--20:31: Re: Cannot stay in a Lobby
  • Well, I'm at a university, so I can't mess with how the network is set up. And I REALLY don't wanna have to go all the way to the store.. lol. It was doing fine at first, but it's been doing this the past several hours.

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  • 12/02/14--20:31: Re: Extinction freezes
  • The damn screen just freezes, and I don't freeze when I lag. Been happening ever since August.

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