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    Dear Activision/Sledgehammer/whoever wants to take blame,


    You're a billion dollar company, and I'm sure you already know that. You're a growing and booming business and I'm sure you know that too. Then why are you not providing your patrons with the expected degree of consumer satisfaction?


    Sure, COD:AW was made with the consoles in mind, but do you not remember that it was the PC community that made COD into the franchise it is now? And if you did forget, is it not common business courtesy to provide a great gaming experience for players on ALL platforms? We ARE paying for your games, which do not come cheap by the way, and in return we expect above average gameplay with little to no issues. We would have thought COD:GHOSTS would've taught you guys a lesson.


    I can't complain about stuff like the Exo suit and the futuristic guns no one has heard about, because well, we as consumers knew what the game offered before we bought it. But in other areas, the game failed significantly in offering what we DID expect: minimal lag, smooth fps, no stuttering, dedicated servers at the very least. Face it bruh, your hybrid or "perfect mix" of dedicated servers and P2P ain't working. It didn't work for GHOSTS and it is not working for AW. Why can't you set up 4-5 servers playing different game modes in every gaming region? Of course it's going to cost money, but YOU are supposed to spend money if you want to earn some. It's known as investment, and it's what business students learn in Junior High School. You expect to release a half-baked game, a port for PC, and then just sit back bathing in the hard-earned cash of PC players? Have you even played your own game? There is no chance of playing any other game other than TDM on PC, and for people who want to play Classic (who don't like the Exo), there is 100% no chance of ever finding a game. And when the "intelligent" matchmaking mechanism does find a server, the first two rounds of TDM work nicely, but then there is 2-3s lag in the third round. Do you even game, Activision?


    And when the PC players did complain about these issues, the least we expected was a patch or at least a promise that stuff was going to get repaired. Instead what we got was a Zombie DLC. Oh great, another game mode to lag and fail in *slow clap*. Instead of pushing out incomplete and unoptimized games for the biggest gaming community, how about you repair your existing game? And take a leaf out of Bethesda/Treyarch's book? And why the hell do you keep switching game devs anyway? How do you expect a company such as Sledgehammer to learn from their mistakes on the previous title if the next game they're going to make will be 3 years later?


    The Campaign is exceptionally awesome, but the entire game was ruined due to your stinginess and decision to not have dedicated servers. First-person shooters are 90% multiplayer based, and if you take that away, what do we have left?


    So, PLEASE, release patches and not DLCs, fix our game, introduce dedicated servers and stop peeing on the PC community. Do you guys not like 1080p, 60fps? Or is it just about the money that you get from partnerships from Sony and Microsoft? Please remember that torrenting is an option for us; it may not provide us with the Online mode, but in a game like this, multiplayer is negligible anyway.


    Thank you. Please don't ban me. #democracy

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    Wow. I don't play hc much anymore. When ghosts had ricochet after its obvious failure in mw3, I decided to just play core.


    But oh my. This decision baffles me. Just a thought but couldn't they just change the shading depending on what team you are on? Of you are atlas whatever you are wearing gets just a bit darker? I mean we have HD. Surely that would be enough to tell friend from foe?

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    1. Caps lock.

    2. That 30mbps number you attach to "not on your end" is irrelevant.

    3. Your kd is also irrelevant when it comes to lag.

    4. The spawns are bad because for some reason people think boosting from one side of the map to the other is the "right" way to play. If the players realized that if they go to the opponents side of the map, teammates will spawn there, they probably wouldn't do it as much.

    5. Are you hard wired?

    6. What's your nat type?

    7. What ports are forwarded?

    I'll stop there for now.


    His connection speed is actually relevant.


    I'll jump in here as well though.


    I'm on Fiber 80mb/80mb


    5: I am hardwired.

    6: Open.

    7: I'm running through DMZ.


    Yet i have major lag issues, and get up to 40 hitmarkers on some people before they turn around and put me down with a couple of bullets.


    The problem is with connection speeds. Yours, vs the other guy's connection speed, on the other side of the world from you.


    If you're running 1000mb/1000mb it won't matter if that one guy has a 2mb/500kb/s connection as he will be prefered by the lag compensation system, making the other guy with a much better connection wonder why the hell his gameplay is choppy and laggy and everyone getting first draw on him.


    If you're gonna actually reply to this, at least show me some god damned proof that i'm wrong... I'm tired of reading your posts where you go on about wanting proof that the system is bad etc. Just search youtube for vids containing proof.


    To reply to your spawn reply.


    What you're stating is as false as it gets.


    The spawn system is a complete mess. In TDM, you spawn in completely random locations more than half the time, NOT due to anyone spawn flipping, but simply because the heat map is too busy, so you get placed into a less busy zone on the map, usually together with some from the oposite team or just outside the heat map right infront of someone. They call it a smart spawn system but i can't really see anything smart about it.


    Before i finish though, there is no "right way" to play. There's your way, and then there's everyone elses individual way of playing the game.


    If fanboys like you realised that, instead of playing the forum games 24/7, and actually play the game a bit more, you'd get to see the bugs the majority of us are complaining about as well. I mean come on, you're practically married to these COD forums if your replies are anything to go by.

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    Submit your application today to join our growing community!

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    pretty ridiculous tbh. i thought i was playing for some sort of reason. take away stats, ok... sure, but take away loot and time soent getting sets from us just because we play HC? how does any of that make sense. if i play in a party it would be nice if i could see who i need to communicate with for all the action going on around. now i am forced to hone in on someone's tiny name above their head. fun SHG, really great what you guys did there.


    3arc +1

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  • 12/02/14--20:39: Re: Supply Drop Duplicates..
  • I would just love to get a gun that's actually freakin useful for once in one of my supply drops I keep getting shitty handguns and shield's and armor I just delete for XP.

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    angry-im not blameing anyone...? for what? im simply publishing my find. and i did. i will answer comments. what else is there to say or prove? i dont need to prove anything to anyone really..like i said before i will reveal what ive accomplished and the steps into doing so after a month or two if no one completes my challenge. im good im happy were im at right now.  i found it so im going to challenge people to do it. thats what it is and thats how it goes. told jimmy i found it told ksherwood told my friends told the community told youtube nerds. i dont care for what you think but thanks for your opinion though, its just like the others   the vid up top is 110% genuine EE and or badass challenge. im sorry you feel that way. and only thing i can tell you is time will tell.. and i wouldnt ruin my reputation as the #1 grief player in the community and waste my time on a stupid website like this. what i found is the real deal, im not a prick, so i came on here to let you all know being nice. and i didnt get 1 thank you... so im not going to give it away,not yet, your gonna try first. everyone.








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    Someone could have also turned off the power.


    Also, the PHD Flopper Perma Perk is only available on Buried.

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  • 12/03/14--20:29: Re: Hardcore Domination Clan
  • HC KC? PLAT1NUM GAMING. Look us up on the app

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    What game was this?

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    I play for objective

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    Let me get this straight...you and a group of other...."people"....decided to start a company, and you're HERE asking if you can get money from YouTube videos and advice? Who's running this company? lol. I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but you guys are gonna go under

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    Here is my original post: Cannot stay in a Lobby


    Matchmaking constantly loops. It places me in a lobby and then kicks me out literally 2 seconds later. There is a video of it happening linked in the OP. I rarely get into a game, and loop goes on and on and eventually just gives out after about 30 minutes and says "G_Spawn no free entities." I've gotten a new disc, uninstalled and reinstalled, MTU is auto, IP is auto. I'm on a university network using my own router since I can't go through the university network directly due to security reasons of third party servers. I'm almost positive this has to do with the matchmaking system of skilled matchmaking. Really needs to gtfo of this game.

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    Sign up for the upcoming clan wars. Level 13 clan, Platinum Division.




    Find us on the Advanced Warfare app, team name: Phoenix-Rising

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    I got reset for no reason and I didnt exploit the game or anything....they are banning the wrong people just because crappy people report good players of cheating and boosting because they are better and "think" they are cheating its ridiculous.

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  • 12/03/14--20:40: Re: Kill/Death Ratio
  • I don't know if anyone even noticed...but Ghosts was a horrible example of how a KD should look. There was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too many game modes and tricks to get a good KD in that game. Judging your KD in that game is a joke. Seriously.


    BO2 I had a KD of 4.70....but AW I have a 2.6 as of now. But AW is a WHOLE DIFFERENT GAME. When you strap jet packs to people's backs...have maps that are super small...and a spawn system from Hell, it's really not comparable to other COD games.

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  • 12/03/14--20:43: Re: Hardcore team kill WTH
  • That's what HC is all about. Learn to control your trigger finger....or play with people who know how to control their trigger finger and not throw random grenades like all the 12 year old's in core modes. Problem solved.

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  • 12/03/14--20:45: Re: Hardcore Domination Clan
  • I copied the name exactly and nothing came up. Send me a message or friend request on ps4



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