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  • 11/30/14--19:45: Free Agent need clan (X1)
  • Hey I'm Zoveo & I'm looking for an organized clan just for clan wars & good team work... I've been gaming competitive since the beginning of the days...


    I'm looking for a good clan that has good players & are very active I'm 10th prestige & have a K/D 2.75 overall... If your interested in trying me out or letting me see if I'm interested info below  ✔  ...


    Gamertag: Zoveo





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    yes, please patch to allow players in local / offline matches to use weapon variants.

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  • 11/30/14--19:47: Re: Mt first game in 10 days
  • While I actually agree on many of your points, I still wish you'd figure out how to do so constructively.


    Hard to take you seriously with this tone.

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    I'm not sure if your Irish but I read it that way and it made me chuckle, sorry if that offended you.

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  • 11/30/14--19:52: Boosting
  • Im hosting a boosting lobby, so if you want to join my GT is "Azian 7". Im only doing it today and right now.

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    Fair enough, thanks for providing a video. If the auras are in MOTD and grief, I think they are more unlikely to be easter egg related, and could just be graphical glitches. The floating zombie heads also occur on both maps, but I have only seen evidence of it in screenshots as it seems to be done through manipulating theatre mode as far as I can tell.

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    SBMMStillSucks wrote:


    It's a more popular term as it has taken a priority over connection/ping this year as with blops2 in the beginning, it's very noticeable for above average/good players mainly, which ruins the game for millions of people who play across continents constantly lagging.

    You type that as if it is fact. I've always noticed that in the early days of any cod that I'll play with peeps that are around the same prestige level. I'm not noticing any real increase in the aggressiveness of SBMM. I'm not saying it does not exist, of course it does. But there is no proof that SBMM is more prominent compared to past cods.

    Interesting that you bring up BO2. There is another correlation between AW and BO2 that has nothing to do with SBMM,,,, namely geolaction

    Here's the thing.....  When matchmaking occurs it finds games based on connection first and foremost. SBMM comes later.  Now, do not misinterpret that, because I am not saying that the matchmaking in terms of connection is running as well as I'd like.

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  • 12/01/14--19:57: Re: 3 Years?
  • I do. Ghost always had a glimmer of hope for them fixing the connection. There is no hope For Nuketown on steroids all match every match.

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  • 12/01/14--19:58: Re: 3 Years?
  • Ya like I said Love/Hate. I think it has helped with some of the camping issues. It makes it harder to get a good camp on. I don't hate campers as much as a lot of people.


    I don't know if anyone played the original Quake with the grappling hook add-on but that was so much fun. It made movement fast and unpredictable but not all the jumping. Capture the Flag was a lot of fun.

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    Hey! Report me too. That will get the mods here faster. Then they will take down the video.

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  • 12/01/14--19:59: Re: I need a clan
  • I have a clan called Hunters of Head and we are a clan of 11. We love to have fun and some of us are experienced. The majority of us have mics and there is usually at least one person to play with all the time. If you are interested message Miscoozie on xbox or apply for the clan via the app.

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    Then filing false reports. Have a nice ban, and enjoy your channel's failure.

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    If this really isnt allowed then i dont have any problem with them taking it off, whats right is right.


    I just dont understand the hostility of some people towards me.

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  • 12/01/14--20:03: edit videos
  • Check on youtube for soileyenda-_- My vids i need somebody to teach me how  to edit videos or montages!!!

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  • 12/01/14--20:03: Re: 3 Years?
  • I enjoy sniping. Quickscoping is annoying and It's easy... That was the one thing I enjoyed about Ghost were some of the larger maps and you could snipe and have more of a sniping strat on some maps. But that wasn't enough to save that game for me. When they broke the spawn I finally gave up and didn't even finish out the DLC.


    I would be fine if they got rid of it and the panic punch/knife Ghost Panic punch was the worse. If they got to animation you were dead. BOP2 had the magic wand. You wave the knife and the person would fall over.

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    I doubt they would punish anyone for this since it's hard to avoid. If you use the gun at all, you'll get the challenge glitch for it. The only thing your friend is doing differently is speeding up the rate that those challenges come in. The only way you can really avoid this glitch is maybe using the same gun for an entire prestige to avoid unlocking challenges for the other guns.


    Like you said, their mistake, not ours.

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    We've told you its against the rules. So you know it is. Why not just do the ethical thing and do it yourself?  Why make them take the time they could be using to help someone? Instead they have to use it to babysit. Silly.

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    Threatening other users is also against the rules. You know that as well. Threatening folks isn't a very good business model.

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    Its 100% true I went from 1-20 in one game because I unlocked a bunch of challenges again after prestige. And I'm not that good.

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