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    Or, you could put the effort in like anyone else. *shrug* what good is an achievement if you cheat to get it?

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    I don't wanna cheat...I want to earn it...never said I wanted to cheat or knew you could but thanks for your input...

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    Pay close attention.

    The hybrid system uses both. If it's in your best interest, you are connected to a dedi. If not, it uses the old system.


    Dedis do not cure lag. They come with there own set of issues.

    Your quip about destiny was pretty funny.

    Nothing like shooting a guy point blank with a shotgun, then melee him. He dies. You run around the corner kill another guy and mysteriously fall over dead . Kill feed says the first guy you killed ninja meleed you from the grave. Oh yea.  Destiny is soooo much better. /sarcasm

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  • 11/27/14--01:27: Re: Can anyone confirm this?
  • I admit I used to be 100% dismissive of all YouTubers ... this guy isn't so bad though.


    Anyway, I wasn't surprised regarding SBMM referencing previous title "skill" in order to determine skill in AW. Especially after reading all of the stuff regarding SBMM or TrueSkill matchmaking the last few days. I think what would surprise people is that each game relies upon data from previous games to determine skill, of course at some point a starting game being unable to do that. Even so, SBMM can also look at single-player or other game modes to get a base line picture of a player's skill, as well.


    Nonetheless, something different was done in determining the baseline skill in AW. This is irrefutable. And the code that Drift0r shows demonstrates, IMO, that region/country were not the factor. Of course, we already know that because the game has relied upon location for MM in the past. Maccabi said they got something wrong with the "country" parameter in this title just like they did in MW3 I think it was, where he'd made the same observation. Still, that's a factor of lag issues. If lag issues were central to the huge disparity in player performance in this title as opposed to previous titles, we'd never have heard the complaints regarding SBMM, IMO.


    I think we can't dismiss the fact that wins were not scoring properly but was that an issue with every game mode? I took it to be an issue with round based game modes. If that's true, then the win/loss scoring was not the relevant factor because I initially played only TDM and was getting slaughtered in regards to wins/losses. My initial kdr was on par with previous titles despite heavy losses. However, eventually the KDR took a nose dive and WLR began to skyrocket.


    All of that tells me something is/was different regarding the calculation of skill. Maybe there was nothing different at all except the way teams were being weighted? This totally makes sense to me because I even posted somewhere that the teams were not rebalancing between matches.


    In addition to those observations, I've gotta say - when I play solo, there may be parties of two regularly but I'm still not seeing many parties of three plus players. I've had a few such lobbies but so few as to be insignificant. The thing is, these parties do not feel as though they are of radically better or worse skill than myself. Unfortunately, however, I've been landing on a ton of teams where players are purposely team killing or sitting in the spawn spinning in circles while holding down their trigger - as if screaming, "come kill me!" In objective modes, when I run solo, I keep landing on the team that makes it a point to avoid capturing tags/flags.


    SBMM, IMO, is working as intended. I'm frustrated but not surprised that I keep landing on the weaker teams. I landed on one team last night where one other guy was using his mic and he was befuddled as to why our teammates seemed to purposely keep running into opponent gunfire without fighting back while also ignoring objectives. So if you have two guys that normally work objectives really hard while also able to maintain respectable kdr's and spms teamed with four imbeciles versus a team of six mediocre players who work the objective hard ... technically, that's a balanced match. Or at least, it is on paper. Despite the idiots, were were losing by small margins.


    Here's where things get quirky. I think I figured out the commonality between all those players who are being auto-muted. The do not have Open NAT.


    This is quirky because when I play with my clan, I will see see from 2 to 4 auto-mutes on my team and the same number on the opposing team.


    When I run solo, I'll see 2 to 3 auto mutes in the entire lobby.


    Anecdotal, as someone else observed ... but observed nonetheless.

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  • 11/27/14--01:29: Chivalry Ps3
  • Hello Everybody... I knew that Chivalry will be available for PS3 and XboX360.....Is already there a release date? ... Thanks

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  • 11/27/14--01:34: Re: Call Of Duty Videos
  • You can not pimp your YouTube channel here. Its very clearly expressed in the rules.

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    Display Lag, input lag, slow reflexes, not optimizing your internet/router setup, poor angles, failure to adjust to the new mechanics....


    The list is a mile long.


    Fact: You can blame the game... or you can take steps to improve your own experience.


    Me? I take matters into my own hands. My setup is fine. I am learning the maps and angles and routes I have to take.


    And if you still don't feel it's working, then stop playing. That is the biggest statement you can make.


    Responsible gamers, however, don't blame all of their issues on external problems.

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    This is also happening to me. I posted the same issue a few days ago. Still waiting to hear what the fix is.


    Multiplayer doesn't work – Stuck at "Finding best experience..."

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    I have been playing this all day I have been seeing a lot of issues that still needs to be fixed and the big problem is jumping into the same game multiple times loosing points as your jumping into the same game multiple times this really pisses me off that I can't play 1 game all day without dealing with the same issue every day frustrating that's why i lose almost 20 to 24 games just from that problem and that's why I can't get a good Win loss Ratio because of this problem every year

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    I stopped at "Broken Lag Compensation".

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  • 11/28/14--18:34: Advanced Warfare App
  • Why is there no app for the windows phone? Its absolutely ridiculous. Sledgehammer/Activision get on this ****.

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  • 11/28/14--18:38: Re: Advanced Warfare App
  • I'm sure you cursing at them will make them jump right on it.

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    The main thing revolves to the Cerberus and maxis and possibly Brutus Getting the flying floating heads with the zombie glowing into the dog triggers something to a next step. Doing this over and over up to 6 times in a game seems to do nothing out of the ordinary. The other things I talked about I think they have a part in      it all because its different. We need to give cellblock a shake down that's were I'm at right now.

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    "Stuck" spots have always been in CODs. These range from being stuck on a rock to those checkpoint deaths, the kind where you die istantly, reload checkpoint, die instantly, so on.


    Listing all of these spot would be quite an endeavor, you were just unlucky enough to find one. Im sure no one on the wide interwebz would have compiled such a list surprising enough.


    But lets count the blessings, at least we are given the option to restart the level without losing anything besides time.

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    Truth is, the post is true. The game is broken, dead, and no more.

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    I'll add you and you can visit the website for info:Team H3R0 or the facebook page at :Team H3R0 | Facebook

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  • 11/28/14--18:44: Momentum improvements
  • Momentum should have two halves where teams switch sides..  maybe 5-7mins each?

    If a team wins in first half, the other team needs to win the second half to force OT. This is needed as some maps are not 100% balanced for this mode.



    -PLEASE fix the 'spawning out' on defense some games I spawn in the enemy spawn on last flag.. smh?

    -Please 'facing the wrong direction' on respawn- I've joined many games in progress with the center flag neutral and have no idea which side is mine and on top of that I spawn facing my spawn at times. Should be something telling you which is your spawn.

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