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    REAPERS CREED  on xbox one is looking for members. Need more for clan wars. Very active all welcome 18+. I'm based in Western Australia but everyone from everywhere welcome.  Apply via app or my gt is.    X AJ 1988 X


    clan wars starts soon

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  • 11/25/14--22:26: Re: Why some can't do good
  • SBMMStillSucks wrote:


    Yeah, you already said that. I already knew that. It has however never been this strong causing constant lag, bar in blops2 when it first came out, like I already said.

    I'm not even a little misinformed. You on the otherhand. Well, you're just trolling I think. I don't believe someone can be this deliberately vague on his own.

    Anyway, I don't need to hear your nonsense reasoning 24/7


    If you already know it... then what are you on about?


    In addition to not knowing how matchmaking works you also are confused on the definition of vague and troll.


    And... ICYMI... you don't want to read my nonsense. We aren't "speaking".


    Take care.

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    yeah i have all the zombie and all the campaign clothes and i prefere the atlas campaign,only good zombie attire is the face

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    I agree , Now when is Black Ops 3 coming out ?

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    REAPERS CREED  on xbox one is looking for members. Need more for clan wars. Very active all welcome 18+. I'm based in Western Australia but everyone from everywhere welcome.  Apply via app or my gt is.    X AJ 1988 X


    clan wars starts soon

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    In EVERY game I play I see one or more hackers and glitch.

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    Hey i'm an active player with a 1.2KDR. Although recently I've been getting used to the game and it should probably be lifting to a 2. I also have a friend who may join if I can. Some days I may not be able to play though. My PS name is ShaiHenare.

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    Simple. Its been years since they have ignored the most requested features for online gaming. They still haven't delivered.

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    I had some issues last night. It was getting stuck on Synchronising game settings for a long period of time and then when I finally joined I was rubber banding everywhere. Not impressed. Thought it was the new hard drive I had installed but Ghosts works fine.

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    SaS7 have been a clan since Call of Duty 4, we mainly play classic game modes. For those who join us and like to play competitive, we compete in gamebattles so don't forget to mention. If you would like to join SaS7, message zPuleo_z (Leader) or Salford-soldier7 & salfordassasin7 (Co-leaders)


    Our clan is placed in the platinum division of clan wars and are currently level 9, almost level 10 (nearing them gold clan tags! xD)



    - must have a PS4

    - K/D ratio of 1.0+ preferably around 1.5

    - must have the companion app


    How to apply:

    - downloadthe Advanced Warfare app

    - search for clan name: Salford Soldiers [SaS7]

    - apply and we will get back to you within 24 hours

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    Which is?

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    Micicle420, that is no ta problem. I can still contact you so that we can party up and have you pay a few with us. I will contact you first thing tomorrow morning on PSN and we can pay later in the day if your available.

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    Dedicated servers. Don't play dumb.

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    Which they have so I don't get your point. Hybrid server system includes dedicated servers.

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  • 11/27/14--01:10: loki'S minions
  • {AU} {PS3}

    I am (currently) a solo player and am looking to start a clan for black ops 2 under the title loki's minions but the name is up to debate, the current clan tag is 'LM' and that too is up to debate. I am looking for players of any skill level I hope to focus the clan on LMG's and SMG's but if they aren't your strong suit other gun types are welcome. rank and or prestige is not a worry for me.


    anyway if you want to join or just want clarification hit me up on psn my name is loki_laufyson.

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    can i join need a clan for xbox 360

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    This Hybrid system you speak of sounds more like p2p. The same thing they have used for years. The host is still dependent of the player. If anything the Hybrid server system is flawed. Now a game like destiny seems like its running on dedicated servers because it does not have these annoying flaws that a lot of people have been vocal about including pro players.

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    add me heathercms and message willing to help please please

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    I've been a devoted Black Ops gamer for years now, for a while I was consistently ranked in the top few hundred in the world. I stopped playing for a while and now that I've started again, I've noticed all the "god mode" hackers. I report them and I know that other gamers report them. I continue to see these same hackers online weeks later. Why is no one doing anything about them? I'm convinced that the creators of BO1 allow this to happen so that players stop playing and they wont have to have dedicated servers.....

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    The AdvancedSoldiers are recruiting and are looking for skilled, dedicated, loyal and active clan members from Australia and America to join who must meet clan standards

    Clan Information:

    - Clan Name: AdvancedSoldiers

    - Clan Tag: PROs

    - Clan Motto: Quality over Quantity

    - Clan Level: 10

    - Clan K/D: Unknown

    - Clan W/L: Unknown

    - Clan Wars: Platinum Division

    - 25 Clan Members strong

    - Open to all PlayStation 3 and 4 players (Read Console located at the bottom of the Page)

    - Open to all Australian and American players (Read Time Zone/Location located at the bottom of the Page)



    - K/D of 0.9 or higher

    - 18 hours or more of playing time

    - You must play at least 3 days a week

    - You must be able to participate and be on everyday for Clan Wars

    - You should be able to play the game skilfully so that you don't let your team down

    - You must play with other clan members and use the clan's clan tag

    - You must be able to work effectively as a team and use team work, you should be able to play as a tactical and strategical team

    - You must play with pride and show other people and/or clans who the real professionals are

    - You must be friendly and respect each member in the clan the way you would treat a friend

    Recommended (optional):

    - It is highly recommended that you own the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare companion app to be able to communicate with other Clan members and so that you can stay up to date on the clan and Clan Wars

    - It is again highly recommended that you own a headset or some type of microphone


    Most Important Rule:

    - You should have fun and be able to enjoy yourself and the time you spend with other members but be as well loyal, dedicated and competitive!

    How to apply/join:

    Apply through the app (preferable), let me know in the comments or send me a message on PlayStation if you would like to join with the following information (username, console, residence, hours played, how often you play, when you play) and I will get to it as soon as possible.


    If you join the clan you swear to follow the rules and if you don't you will be kicked immediately. Also if you are going to join the clan you must fulfil your promise and stay, not leave. During Clan Wars if you are not active and you haven't informed me in advance why you're not online you will be kicked without hesitation. Feel free to ask any questions and if you have any advice on anything related to the clan make sure to let us know. I will keep this forum updated with all the latest clan details at all times.


    Time Zone/Location:

    I personally live in Brisbane, Australia and play nearly everyday during the week when I have the opportunity to. Everyone should be playing at least 3 days a week so the time zone shouldn't be a problem as there are members from all around America and Australia. However try be on at the same time as everyone else so we can be really effective as a team and if you can try and play with members just from your country so that everyone can have a pleasant and enjoyable experience without lag but feel free to mix


    All PlayStation 3 and 4 players are allowed to join the clan. I personally play PlayStation 3 but the clan does consist of PlayStation 4 members and we would love if more players from both consoles could join our clan so that we can have more people online and more parties.

    Thank you so much to the loyal and dedicated people who have stayed in the clan so far and have followed the rules, I also look forward to playing with you new members (many of our members were apart of our original clan on Call of Duty: Ghosts)

    AdvancedSoldiers : Jarrod_J_P_HK

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