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    Works fine for me.


    It is what you make it. And about the steps you take to improve your experience.


    Far from perfect, but using "Lag Comp" as an excuse is laughable and irresponsible.

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  • 11/28/14--18:42: Re: love paying for crap
  • The same thing for me. I had no lag at first then it just started one day. I ended up setting  my router to factory specs and re-set it up for my PS4, Static IP, uPnP, Port forwarding and everything else in between. I get no lag now.


    I do agree the knife doesn't work most of the time.

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  • 11/28/14--18:46: Zombie Lobby
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    I'm sort of hoping someone from support sees this.  I have had other game companies allow me to exchange a disc key for a steam key once the game became available on Steam.  I was hoping the Activision would do that the same for me with Call Of Duty 4.  It would be greatly appreciated.

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    People TK you.. because you are.. too good?


    Seems a bit... absurd really.


    But I don't think a T/K should count as a death either.

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  • 11/28/14--18:49: Re: Advanced Warfare App
  • Quality addition to the conversation

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  • 11/28/14--18:49: Re: Zombie Lobby
  • please watch the video for the info

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    I'm gonna brag on myself a little here.  Went 12-0 on Comeback tonight with my Atlas 20mm.  Never moved from the same spot.  Best game so far (and probably from here on).  Three of the kills were shooting the A-holes out of the glitch.  I was able to call in 3 support UAV's with threat detection and point assist.  I got most of the points for the third one from the kills my team was getting from the second one I put up.  Had two of my team mates actually compliment me on my play after the game.

    That seemed so it out of the ordinary, I had to check to see if I was still playing AW....

    Not too bad for this 53 year old! 

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    cloud doesnt do ****. lol

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  • 11/29/14--18:39: Announcer Sound bug
  • So i disabled all the sound settings and eventually turn the sound volume to 0 as i was having a Music night


    Then the next day i re-enable everything and turn the volume to max but have found that even though the options say the announcer is enabled, I will not hear anything e.g. "Enemy Bombing run inbound" or even when i get my killstreaks...


    I have the digital verison of the game (xbx360) and i have reinstalled it twice to fix the bug.  I have also deleted the xbox cache.

    So.. Currently this game is unplayable for me.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    What is the effing point of headshots? i can shoot a guy in the chest twice then the head and no kill wtf... I can take that crappy 5 burst smg get 3 hit markers plus a headshot and no kill... wtf is wrong with this crappy game?

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  • 11/29/14--18:43: Freezing
  • The game loads up fine but when ever I try to find a match or start a private match it freezes. Can someone help me

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    High Moon is they developer for PS3's port. They handle the updates as well. The PS4/One/PC versions of the game are far more stable. Sadly, last geners got the **** end of the stick.

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  • 11/29/14--18:48: Re: Least Favorite Maps?
  • Detroit isn't that hard, a 5 way straight map avoid the middle one, use corridors, silencers and kill from indirect positions, you'll get it fast


    Ascend, run on the boardwalk below with a suppressed weapon and the match is yours


    comeback, camp on the house that nobody notices to exist(the dark one with lots of windows) with something suppressed and that's it


    i can't stand instinct for being too open, but now i'm getting good with sniper is fun, also for infected game modes


    also i can't stand riot, i don't understand how is the flow of the map

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    BUmp !

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  • 11/29/14--18:49: Players hating SBMM
  • I've figured out why most players are hating SBMM...they blame the lag on it, but I know deep down what it is.  Players who think they are good, are now playing equal players and aren't the "b3A5t" they thought they were.  I see it on a few youtube channels and they are the ones who are happy when they are going 40-2, but the next game they go 10-20, all of a sudden it's "lag", "lag comp"...SBMM is awesome because it shows how untalented and weak most players are...I've never been great at Call of Duty, always staying around 1.15-1.25 K/D and it's the same in Advanced Warfare.


    SBMM is exposing bad "great" players.

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  • 11/29/14--18:50: Best headset under $100?
  • I was thinking about getting the "official" PS4 headset soon. 

    Second opinions on the best headset under $100 would be appreciated!


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    Hello guys! I'm new here and I have no idea if this is the right place to ask but I don't know where else I should go.

    So my question is this.. I have GH: World tour guitar and dongle. Now my guitar is broken and I wanted a new one.. I found one from eBay but is the GH: Legends of Rock guitar (Les Paul).. the problem is, it doesn't come with the dongle/receiver. So I would like to know if my existing receiver will work on the Les Paul Guitar? I really need to know so please someone help me.


    Thanks in advance!

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  • 11/29/14--18:52: Re: Least Favorite Maps?
  • Instinct, Instinct, and Instinct.

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    Hi N30N_G3N1S1S,


    Thanks for posting to our forums. Sorry to see you're having all these issues.


    When the game freezes are you attempting to play any of the DLC maps? When you downloaded the DLC maps had this been done via a wired or wireless connection? Are you able to play the campaign mode with any freezing issues?


    Please try clearing your cache again and connecting via a wired connection. Systematically re-download your DLC and try loading each one.


    Let us know your results.




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