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    Well... you seem to suck at AW, but you know how to write jokes, so you've got that going for you, which is nice.


    (That's just my opinion, of course. Others may not find you funny. )

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    tizzleismyname wrote:


    come again? what suggestions? there have not been any!? Namebreach? yes because I am going to install a untrust worthy piece of software onto my computer... no, not going to happen...


    don't come back if your just going to be an idiot..

    namebench has been used by years by networking people to find faster dns servers


    dont insult forum users who are trying to offer you help bit of a dumb move as you wont be offered help

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    Still looking guys we have about 20+ for CoD right now!

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    make sure that you NAT type is set to OPEN and not Moderate. I did that and it works a lot smoother. .

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    The app sucks, we all know that. you apply and i accept and says no clan found. we do have 90 members so we do get it done.. yeah the app is BS!

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    That's awesome. Just found out I gained another 10 lbs in the last 6 months. Definitely need to do this as I don't have the time to hit up the gym I already paid for AND do things I actually enjoy doing or rarely ever have the time for either lol THANKS!

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    I think it's got a little harder (fine by me). I agree it's annoyingly unpredictable ie: shooting someone from behind to be turned on and killed. I just take the rough with the smoothe as it mostly cuts both ways.


    At the expense of jinxing myself i've not witnessed a single host migration apart from Exo Survival.


    On the whole i'm pretty happy

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  • 11/10/14--12:00: Re: Prestige'ing WHY!!!!!!!!
  • If "prestige" is a verb (which it isn't, but we all go with it), and "to prestige" is the infinitive form, then "prestiging" is an entirely cromulent present participle for that verb.  The only isue was that the original poster was unsure what to do with the "e".


    Prestiging.  Prestiged.

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  • 11/10/14--12:01: Account zurücksetzen
  • Ich bin letztens auf eine Hacker Lobby gekommen und bin nun deswegen prestige 15 lvl 50, wollte fragen ob es möglich wäre, dass mein acc auf prestige 1 lvl 28, wie er davor war, zurückgesetzt werden kann?

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    The MP is off to a bumpy start due to the bugs.  When the game is out for a while, the devs will start to roll out the updates that will smooth the experience.  For those who complain about spawns, where have you been the last 7 years?  EVERY Call of Duty game starts off with minor spawn issues, but they are always updated over time.


    Aside that, the multiplayer is pretty awesome.  Black Ops 2 did some things better, but it's definitely a good game.



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    NAT type has nothing to do with Lag... just means you may or may not be able to party up.. and sorry but if you read the post you would see my NAT is open.

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    im unsure if there is a top to this gear but if there is i dont have that either

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    Hey Everyone!


    I am trying to promote gamer health and fitness! I would like to help gamers get in great shape while playing the video games that they love. In order to do this I created what I call the Video Game Fitness Program(or VGFP). It is a set of specific routines tailored to specific games! I know how inspired we get from Video Games so I know that we have potential to do amazing things when we put our minds to it! Nothing should get in the way of your health and fitness goals!

    I should also clear up that I will never ask you for money and I will always help in whatever way I can.


    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Fitness Routines (these work for previous console CoDs as well)








    If this post is inappropriately located in any way, I apologize. I am still new to these forums.

    Thank you for your time and will try and always be available for questions, comments, suggestions and criticism. This program is still in its infancy so I welcome all feedback to help make it better! Game to GAIN is what I always say!

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  • 11/10/14--12:03: Re: Bal-27 + Ak Need Nerfed
  • I actually have some time to write back to some of you. So primarily I tend to play with SMG's my favorite being the MP11. Now I do believe that Some weapons, should hold strength in SOME attributes. However, During my game play with the SMG's, the AK and Bal-27- mostly where the only guns that where able to take me out constantly. So I tested the guns myself The Bal-27 specifically and came to the conclusion that it's a laser. The gun not only out classes SMG's in close range combat, it out classed snipers in extreme ranged combat. Which is bull **** considering it's fire rate. The recoil for the Bal-27 with no attachments is easier to control then the MP11 in "close range" with a forgrip. On top of that one the Bal-27 gets a forgrip is then gains no recoil. SO basically you have a High fire rate, High damage, low recoil assault rifle, the gun is broken. If it wants to stick to the high fire rate I say drop damge, like a smg. Or, if it wants the high damage drop the fire rate like all the other balanced guns.  


    I used this gun just like i did with the smg's I like to play with and the game was ridiculously easy, I ended up in the higher end when it came to scores. 


    The majority of the people here are just mad, because it's the only gun they use. Then they consider them selves "good". When in-fact it's only that gun that is giving them such a high K/D or score.


    All guns need to be balanced if they're going to make this a competitive game.

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  • 11/10/14--12:03: Re: Camper penalty ?
  • I'm aRushersinceMW2playerswithaminimumrationof 2,I thinknotbad! At 29,I think I canbuy mygamesehmySon (Bubbakush) ! I know I'm not the only onegetting tiredof the campers, butit does not matter, I reported andI will addtheir nameto mylist.I intend tosooncreatea siteidentifyallthecampersI meetwiththeir nationality.I intend tomoveforthingsthatactivisionofnothing.I find thatcampto makefragsanda form of weakness, I do notneedthis levelrabaisermeto makefrags, buteach his own. But Inot staythere !

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    Guys, seriously... The worst part is that i realy love this game... I can't play it but i love it...



    I don't know what to do...

    Got a good co

    Open NAT


    Nobody else on the box

    No hotspot

    I guess that i just have to sell it.

    I'm so furious, you have no idea. First cod that i like since BO1 and i can't play it

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    I'm from holland but most of our guys come from UK.

    Our members are active between six and ten o'clock.

    So if you are interested, look up my forum by searching : J_Fate.

    Add me on PSN and then we will meet up.

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