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    Nice to see someone actually be proactive and get something solved. Sorry if I came off rude or attacking in my posts. When this game is going good its the best since MW2 and I'm glad you're getting to enjoy it now. Offers still open to join me and my buddies anytime.

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    There are two 'official' members at the moment from the UK, myself and Lt-F-Focus that play most nights, had some interest from the US and other EU countries, just putting it together, no more than ten of us at the moment, but that is kinda the point, we have a quality over quantity motto, we don't want hundreds of members that never play and we don't even know, we are a tight knit, active, competitive clan and we're here to make a name for ourselves, website and social media all being worked on right now. Perfect time to join if your looking to be in a clan from the beginning

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  • 11/09/14--11:14: Re: Hardcore Ricochet Now!
  • Yeah Ricochet should be brought back! i have killed a few team mates by accident; luckily I have a mic so I can apologise but we need to have a deterrent to at least allow smoother game play as the offending team killer basically gets away with it and the team killee gets a mark against him/her which is unfair

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  • 11/09/14--11:15: Re: Hardcore players
  • They should have hardcore and standard modes equally, I only play hardcore as its better IMO.

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  • 11/09/14--11:16: Re: camos
  • gold is easier now

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    I don't think so. You complete the game, you get the unlock to replay levels plus the trophy. I found another site with people taking about the same issue. All within the last 2 days. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Campaign Glitch | N4G , Worth a read, but no real fix, other than hope it works if you restart from the beginning. The person also put up a video to show the issue.


    I hope this gets addressed soon by the COD team.

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  • 11/09/14--11:17: Re: fatal error
  • Glad you got it going!

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  • 11/09/14--11:17: Sprinting problem.
  • I'm just curious if anyone else out there is experiencing the same problem that I am. To get things out of the way, I own every single CoD starting from CoD 4, and I also have a decent amount of other FPS games.


    When it comes to Advanced Warfare, I find myself having a difficult time sprinting. (yes, i know right?) What i'm doing (what i've always been doing) is just pressing the L3 button for a second or two, release the pressure and hold the stick up. BUT FOR SOME REASONNNN, in this game, i'm constantly finding myself walking again when I do exactly that^. This results in me looking like a doofus, and just constantly running and walking. It's kind of like when you run out of stamina and your character is kind of just constantly walking and running. Except i'm doing this right I spawn.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    You're definitely right. I do expect it to be perfect on release. I spent money on it, because it's supposed to be perfect on release. I didn't spend $60 on the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Beta. I spent the money on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.


    When you start a game off with as many issues as this one has, I'd only imagine that it's downhill from there. And just so you understand what these issues are, I'll lay a few of them out for you. What I'm about to talk about applies for the PC (and in some situations for the consoles as well):


    Extreme lag/compensation- The game picks the person with the lowest connection and makes them host, then "compensates" everyone else, making connections a joke. I currently have a 50 mb/s connection, but I have to be punished for it by the kid who's playing on his 1990s AoL dialup. The easiest fix for this is to place a minimum required internet connection both on the box and in the game. If you do not meet that connection, multiplayer does not become available to you. Now, the other easy fix, dedicated servers for obvious reasons.


    Unbalanced Weapons- On the PC, 2 different weapons stand out as being extremely overbalanced. 1 of these, the EM1, would likely be fixed if they could fix the lag compensation. The other, the SAC3, could easily be balanced if they removed the laser sight as an available attachment.


    Terrible spawning- I shouldn't need to explain this. Many things can be done to fix them. One possibility would be to have you drop in like a care package, damaging any enemies within x amount of radius. Or to have off-the-map spawning so that you can then enter the match when the area is clear or when you're good and ready. This is just something that could take a little imagination.


    Extremely Short matches- This one is one of my personal gripes. I don't see it talked about a lot, but on the PC, most matches that are not domination or hardpoint last from 5-7 minutes. Then it's back to the lobby to wait again. The objective cap of these matches needs to be raised (TDM, KC, etc) so that they last between 8-10 minutes depending on the map and how aggressively it's played.


    And, ALL OF THIS could have been fixed if they held an open beta for a few days. Instead, the general public has to deal with all of these issues (and more).

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    I will join! One question is it on xbox of playstation because i have xbox 360. My gamertag is PROSNIPER376 so send me a message or friend request to inform me that i can join. Ok. Bye.

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  • 11/09/14--11:21: Re: New Clan for Xbox 360
  • My name is PROSNIPER376 i would like to join i will find you Ok Bye.

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  • 11/09/14--11:21: GCG Gotham City Gamerz
  • Started my own Clan looking for active gamers who can compete and help team up for clan wars beginning on november 15th

    Gotham City Gamerz, anyone interested please send me a message on my PSN Jangel0429. I try to play as much as I can every time during the week and mostly all weekend if interested please reach out thanks im in the East Coast in the US.

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    I bought Advanced Warfare for PC because the game looks fun and its something completely new to the other CoDs which it is.


    But if you actually play it on PC.

    The servers are completely terrible.

    And the whole double xp. PC doesn't actually have double XP, if you watch others play it via Twitch.tv every time they start a game, the beginning of the match a double xp icon appears.

    PC does not have it.

    And even I already have 15 hours into multiplayer, and usually when they have P2P servers. We get host migration. I have yet to even see a host migration.


    Its really stupid they treat the PC community like this just because PC had the lowest sales.

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  • 11/09/14--11:23: Re: I need a clan!! PS4.
  • Sorry mate I declined before I read this. Add me on ps4. RawWarfare. Send inv again. Reason I declined was because you only had 1 member. If you manage to get a good group together before the clan wars ill leave mine and join. My clan atm has 30 members already. All the same from last 2 cods

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  • 11/09/14--11:24: Re: Highest Co-Op Record?
  • You can always farm money before you plant the hive, the cash exploit? That just makes everything go faster, spending 30 minutes knifing scouts just to build up money is a waste after the $1000 upgrade. Work smarter not harder. We dont max our money out every hive, thats impossible on hardcore.


    The feral glitch? If you knew how it worked, you lose it if you activate your weapon specialist and or get feral from the randoms. We did the LOL trick right after the first hive.


    Its not like its a huuuuuge advantage. Get real now folks, its nothing to drop feral wow.


    4 kills seriously? Lol did you not see the ghillie suit put in work all game? Anyways, I backed out to be a medic, to get maximum score for the escape. It is not a glitch, its a score trick. If it was a glitch, it wouldve been patched along with the gas chamber glitch. Why would you, use this "glitch" on a regular throw away game? You dont, you just max it out on a SCORE game. Plus the way the POC leaderboards are set up now, you need this score trick to compete.


    Why would I get banned for using a trick thats implemented in the game? I guess I should be banned for leaving the game and coming back in as a medic also then huh <---Thats the most OP glitch in the game! haha


    Work smarter, not harder.


    Stay classy.

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    bought Advanced warfare pro edition on PS4 , and the season pass is not working , i get the message of "the ode you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid please check entry (E-82000134) ?

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    Oooh, awesome, thanks for the reply

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    thesaltonsea00 wrote:


    I have played multiple times on multiple system aND even deleted and re downloaded game to fit but still nothing. Everytime I play with a split screen guest we get booted to xbox dashboard after completion of one match every single time. Please fix ASAP


    A little more intel would help:


    • What console?
    • One account signed or two?
    • Is your network optimized?
    • Wired or wireless?


    Port Forward and NAT FAQ

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    By disabling the pre-load shaders setting i managed to join one of the affected maps. It did lead to unplayable FPS for about the first 2 minutes of the game. But after the shaders has loaded i have a solid 70 FPS on High settings with AA and motion blur turned off

    I also noticed that on the loading screen it gets to the "synchronizing game settings" part of the loading before it says it could not connect to the host.

    So that leads me to believe that my game finished loading the map and that it has something to do with the games networking.

    This is my first CoD on PC so i don't know if this problem would affect any other CoD game for me.

    Thanks for the potential fix though. I'll use it if nothing else seem to work.

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    also looking for fun play .. COOP or Multi


    add me ill be on later after work


    GT: aegentirony

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