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    Hi there HungryGamers!


    That's no fun. Do you see the content available in your download history? Are you on the account the code was redeemed on? If you haven't tried already, please reinstall the DLC while on a wired connection.


    Thank you ^MD

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  • 11/11/14--12:39: Trading?
  • I have an idea, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants this. They should add trading to the game. There have been so many times already where my friends get a piece of loot that I need to help finish my outfit set, and they sell it because they don't need it. Let's add the option to trade with friends!


    It would be limited to rarity, though, and would only be one for one. For example; I could trade an elite pair of boots for and elite pair of knee pads. However I would not be able to trade an enlisted helmet for an elite IMR.


    Tweet this to Sledgehammer (http://twitter.com/SHGames) and make it happen!

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    I am not sure how accurate they were anyways. Honestly.. not fussed to see it go.

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    Ive started a new clan [NxUs] and im looking for anyone who wants to join with me. Looking for anyone who is competitive and puts winning first. If anyone wants to help me start this clan add me... My PS4 gamer tag El_Senor_Pikachu.

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    We are still looking for a few more members to join our clan

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  • 11/11/14--12:43: Re: Trading?
  • Not a fan.


    I don't want to see this happen, as I think it's better to earn things for yourself, and the randomness of the drops makes it more interesting.

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    Hey, Hi,

    I have a question:

    I have just bought a new PC - Fully loaded.

    With AMD R9 270 4GBDDR5 GC, 32GB RAM, i5 (3.8GHz).

    Now I need to transfer all my GAMES:

    1. Call of duty Black Ops II.

    2. Call of duty Modern Warfare III.

    3. Call of duty Modern Warfare II.

    to my new PC from my laptop.

    So, how should I do this. Since I've got steam linked to all three games. I need to completely remove it from my laptop and transfer it to my NEW PC.

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  • 11/11/14--12:43: Re: YOU ARE KILLING COD
  • You sound like one of those young kids that you are complaining about.  I've been playing video games since the 70s.  So I'm plenty old school.  Every FPS shooter out there is copying off of anyone and everyone that they think has a good idea.  They always have and they always will.  Put a little caffeine in your coffee and you'll have no trouble seeing it.  I've been playing COD since BO1.  I enjoyed those games but I've also been around the block long enough to know that franchises which survive have to adapt.  That means change and sometimes that change drives away loyal fans.  If you really have issue with what you are complaining about then you really should have realized that you would have these issues before you bought the game.  Your complaints are just a rehash of the same things that are said every single year about every single FPS out there.  Not just COD.  So even though I find your complaints to be rather unimpressive, your decision to continue buying games that you don't enjoy seems rather suspect.  Either you have a great desire to punish yourself or you actually like playing them despite the issues and are just dramatizing things.  I'm not much for drama.  If COD died tomorrow then we'd all just be playing another FPS.  Its time to remember that a video game is just a video game and if you don't like it then don't play it.  If you do like it then find a way to offer constructive feedback for improvements because nobody takes these drama threads seriously.

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    So no further help other than to reinstall my drivers? Thanks, great support forum. The funny thing is, I changed all my video settings back to high/max and it made no difference in the stuttering/glitching. I'm not sure why I'm bothering to post this though, since there isn't any actual "support" being given. Basically I have a $65 game that is totally unplayable with no support and no f##ks given by anyone. Nice.

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    Just for giggles I went into the forums for several other games, and guess what? Each was filled with exactly the stuff we see here - "this game sucks, this is a buggy piece of sh*t, the lag makes this unplayable, the weapons are over powered" and so on and so on.


    Some people should just not play games. If it is not fun, put it down. The other night I went 3 straight games with a positive K/D - 1.5/1 to 3/1. In the next game I used a new gun and went 2 kills and 19 deaths. Some guy was grumbling about having to be on a team with scrubs,  and tried to shame me about my kills and deaths. I did not bother to answer. There was no point, I had nothing to defend. While he was hating his game, I was having a ball with mine. I count that as a win every time.

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    Comcast provided business router, 50/15 - Cisco TGS 3939B

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    You are right of course.


    If I wrote code like this I'd be ashamed to have my name associated with it.


    If they don't fix it they should pull it from shelves - that's the least they could do before suckering anymore bagholders into this mess.

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  • 11/11/14--12:46: Re: Extinction on PS4
  • I bought my ps4 back in july and all the dlc's transfer over from my ps3, so the date of march 2014 was incorrect. I purchased the season pass but I don't know if dlc's transfer if you bought them individually

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  • 11/11/14--12:45: Article 3
  • Greetings!


    Please be sure to report cheaters in game if you run into them. The security team at the studio will investigate and act accordingly. Worry not, as long as you have violated the security and enforcement policy, you have nothing to worry about: Activision Support


    Thank you ^MD

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    My highest was a 27 k/d on Instinct in HC DOM. I went 54-2 with 7 caps and about 15 defends. It was one of those magical games. I was using the EM1 Quantum too!

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    There's even another support thread on this here - where the support person says its share play, but it is NOT share play. I do not have it enabled at all. This is splitscreen with 2 full accounts (not guests) logged in. I keep getting an out of memory error code 26 o... | Community

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  • 11/11/14--12:47: Recruiting: EatPrayChay
  • System [Ps4]


    Looking for college kids who like talking sports 1.0 KD



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  • 11/12/14--17:22: [G0NJ] recruiting for 360
  • G0NJ is recruiting players on the 360 that are 18 and older that are drama free.  we like to joke and have fun. we are a clan that is like a brotherhood. we have a week probation before you get an invite to the clan to make sure you the right fit for us. message myself GT ZombStyles or  GT JustCallMeJager on 360 stating you seen this post and want to join G0NJ

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  • 11/12/14--17:23: CAMOS
  • The diamond camo for this game is not nice looking. Im not sure if any of you are trying to grind for this camo, but right now it doesnt look good. The camo looks like something from ghost and we all knew the camos from ghost was horrible except the spectrum camo. I was hoping it would resemble something from BO2 but it didnt. Why is there no Red camo in this game? I always liked red camo and nothing. All the camos resemble each other. Half of them you cant even tell that there is a camo even on them.

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    same problem here on my pc game...they put it out premature.but i dont think there to worried it. there getting there $64 a shot.

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