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  • 11/08/14--11:00: Re: Clan?

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    My friend made a clan when advanced warfare started we have 20+ members now growing fast.. We are not a serious clan we just come home after work when kids and wife settled, jump on and have a few games but we like to win every game as possible normally between 4pm -12pm UK Time Any type of players can join, Males & Females All welcome.


    Clan Info


    Name: Fumb Duckers

    Members: 21 (Growing fast)

    We will be participating in clan wars!


    Requirements (READ)


    NO K/D RATIO (Anything)

    We don't care about stats.

    Make sure you are MATURE.

    How to join?

    Basically if you would like to join either post here your psn's or add us.

    PSN: L-Jonez

    PSN: Karl_Fr


    There will be a website coming soon in progress of making it.


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    Does anyone know if the xbox one advance warfare console makes the special noise with the kinect and controller when turned on and off?

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    Oh, I'm getting bored boy. I stopped reading you 4 post ago yet you continue to make a fool of yourself as I'm clearly making fun at your expenses, lol.


    Well, it was fun but I have to go now. But you can keep answering me as the obedient doggy you are, oh yes you are!


    See ya later, when I get another notification of my loyal pets answer that I won't read, lol, don't miss me much! <3

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    I knew I should have left out the female/gay thing.

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    Hi, my name is Scott and I have started a clan called Verocious Gaming. We need dedicated members who will take part in clan wars and grind out the game, we are also looking for snipers. I don't care too much about K/D but anything above 1 would be a bonus, It doesn't matter where you are from or how old you are as long as you are dedicated to the clan. My goal for Verocious Gaming is to one day become known in the gaming community and have competitive teams for CoD and Halo. If you are interested in joining please message ISpartan EU on XB1 for an invite. Thank you for your time.

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    It's an awful idea, and should definitely not happen. Spawn trapping is an issue as well. When they fix this should all our KDs be reset to 0? No.

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    I'd go as far as saying this might be the best call of duty game yet when it doesnt lag.


    Then suddenly it goes to hell when it lags and you can't shoot anyone the game glitches and freezes up sometimes and I just turn it off.


    I really hope they fix it soon.

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    will do bud, ill give it a go.


    my PSN is: Reemachine1990

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    Stuff is cool

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    I'm looking for members for clan wars I have one requirement that is no fighting with clan members. Add Tapout_Crowd for invite

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    Here I am again Activision, paying for another COD game.. again.. which by the way I love.. but without the ability to MUTE ALL THE PLAYERS VOICES ALL THE TIME..


    Unbelievable that you have not listened to the years and years of folks complaining about this..

    At least in ghosts I could mute all players once. This would last as long as I was running the game..  Now in AW i have to do it every match... THE CORE ISSUE IS THAT I AM MISSING FRAGS as I navigate through the menus to mute folks.


    I do not want to hear kids breathing in the mic. I do not want to hear babies in the background crying. I do not want to hear wives/girlfriends complaining. I do not want to hear someone's music. I do not want to hear someone talking on the phone.


    I want to hear foot steps.. and other important game sounds.


    Those on the Forum. Don't even waste your time responding with. "stop complaining.. its easy to mute. , just mute all in the menu... " or " its easy just mute them in the lobby"   crap responses and they do not address the core issue.


    It's amazing to me that this is such a hard concept for the Call of Duty creators to grasp..


    Please add the ability to MUTE ALL THE PLAYERS ALL THE TIME.

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    The spawns of all non-objective game modes should be patched, they're really horrible... spawning 3 feet next to my enemy isn't that fun :O

    Lag is a big problem, too... It's worse than on Ghosts Wii U

    And I prefer seeing how many people are playing a game mode atm - was a nice feature in the past cod games.

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    Join mine (1RGJs) we play for fun no minimum age or KD ration, mic not needed etc !

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    the_eon wrote:


    Do you need to do all this with your ports if you have an Open Nat Type in the first place?


    If your system says "Open NAT" but you've never port forwarded, you're relying on UPnP to port forward. Because of that, the router can and will turn off ports at its will, not yours.


    In layman's terms? If you have not specifically port forwarded, you don't have Open NAT regardless of what the game's screen says. That's the way you need to look at this issue.

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  • 11/09/14--11:08: Re: High Relic Run
  • lol same, but I had only just bought one of the sentry guns and the GT

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  • 11/09/14--11:10: Experiencing The Worst Lag
  • When I was playing on day zero there was no lag at all but recently in the past 2 days I have had they worst lag ever and can't even stay in a lobby with out being kicked or able to get a kill without glitching across the map. I hope this will be fixed soon. I will try to provide proof of my lag as soon as possible.

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  • 11/09/14--11:11: Where is my campaign gear?
  • I completed the campaign and fully upgraded my exo but but three of the pieces of campaign gear never showed up for me in the multiplayer.  I got the messages for the supply drops, but when I went into the mulptiplayer they weren't there.

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  • 11/09/14--11:11: Re: Everyone became a pro?!
  • Man, I played Titanfall and other shooters really really much. I am no noob.

    And in TF you had an extremly smooth gameplay with fair kills due to no lags and 100% connectivity everytime.

    But COD: AW (good game) gets killed by the stupidity of using P2P.



    They won't change this? They loose one customer and many more and will always be remebered for a laggy not satisfying MP experience,

    like people talk about COD: Ghosts.

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