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  • 11/03/14--04:49: Cant start Mp
  • Error during initialization:

    Create2DTexture( $cached_sun_shadow_60, 1536, 1536, 0, 40 ) failed: 8007000e = Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

    This is what comes up when i try to launch the MP? Has this happned to anyone else?

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    Same issue, now i'm wondering should i deleted it and re-download it or..

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    I think the xbox is trying to update at the same time - try going into Settings and make it update then try restart downloading AW? might work as it does with the Hard Copy issue

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    Are you for real? noobstick users are cannon fodder for mouse users.

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    Received my perma ban Sunday evening for no friggen reason. I have never installed any third party programs, not even the FOV slider when it was popular. Looking at the reasons for a perma ban, they are limited to having cheat programs installed or a hacked version of the game.


    • Pre-orderd CODG last November and paid the full $65. Check.
    • No cheater programs installed. Check.
    • Perma-banned w/o reason. That makes entirely too much sense.


    Then to top it off, Activision makes it difficult to file a formal complaint regarding a bad ban. You have to have an account. Then when you select the perma ban topic, it just sends you over to their terms page. Gee thanks. Google already directed me there prior. No place to e-mail, no online form to submit. Just FB, Twitter and this forum (which cannot help with bans). A+ customer service Activision.


    I read countless people crying wolf regarding being legit and banned and called bull every time. Now it's happened to me and I know I am legit. CODG was poorly ported to PC and its anti-cheat is so good, it targets only legit players while real threats continue unmolested. I think they call that collateral damage.


    OP, do yourself a favor and admit defeat. Activision won't do squat. Count your loss and boycott Activision games. Take your clan, friends, loved ones, pets and find another manufacturer that knows WTF they're doing.


    Goodbye Hackvision.

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    i got my game just not my addons..

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    My brother bought the game on his steam account and I wanted to play the game so we allowed everything in Family Sharing, but when I want to start the game it says: "This game belongs to *brother steam name*. Would you like to request acces *brother steam name* on this device?". And if I click on Request access it says: "We've discovered the owner has already authorized this device for game sharing. You're all set", but when I want to start game the same "error" pops up like nothing happend.

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  • 11/03/14--04:59: REVMOVE SPEC LIMIT PLZZZZZ

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    How on earth do you think you will get an answer if your question appears to be an abomination of respect.

    But here is an answer to your disrespecting question: SOON.

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    hello ,,,,

    This is my call of duty account which i used for ghost and it was linked to my playstation account

    now i bought call of duty advanced warfare digital pro edition on a new playstation account because the older was from UK and it would cost me more and there wasn't digital pro edition is playstation store for UK so had to make an USA account

    what i want to know or know how to do is ! how i can link my call of duty account to the new playstation account ( note that it was already linked to another account but how to unlink it and link it to the new one )

    please need help ,,,, btw the game is really really great and love it from the first 10 hour on MP it was really impressive and fast paced game ,,

    Thanks for reading and helping ,,,,

    p.s : sorry for anything wrong in my English not an English guy ,,,and if i have asked this question in a wrong place

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  • 11/04/14--05:10: Re: Please fix PS3 !
  • i am with you men, really bad job so far by highmoon games

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  • 11/04/14--05:10: Re: What a Joke!
  • No need for bashing. Everyone will not like the same things. That's what makes us Human.


    I actually have the opposite opinion. I really enjoy this game, but I did also enjoy Ghosts, so I dunno.

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  • 11/04/14--05:09: Re: Shotgun buff please
  • Yeah there's sparce pickings weapons wise but the alternate options should help out a bit.

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    After Black Ops 1 the Devs realized that the netcode needed to be changed and written to accommodate players who played with cheap cell phones as wi-fi hot spots, players who had three other devices connected to their modem via wi-fi and people who, due to the bad economy, down graded their internet.  So with such large large discrepancies in connections and QoS, I'm afraid  the lag issue is not going away.

    Cause no amount of coding can really even out connections, only the illusion of smooth play and that always has someone on the short end experiencing horrible lag. Of course there are the players that will say it's you and that "you suck at the game" because on their screen it seems you are, but on your screen it's almost impossible to play.

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  • 11/04/14--04:35: I need help big time.
  • I am having some annoying issues in multiplayer, and I need to know how to fix it.


    1. It takes on average ten rounds to kill at close range to the torso and five to the head, whilst I even with stim active I get insta killed.

    2. I am getting killed where I was 2 seconds earlier and through stupid amounts of hard cover, for example I was one on one and I boosted behind the enemy and he shot at my previous location and got the kill.

    3. I keep on getting put in servers with people that have high ping.


    These are the main problems for me and I don't know if my internet connection is at fault, here are my internet speeds to help which I have tested several times, they are 69.8mbps download, 16.9mbps upload and a 9ms ping with a wired connection and my router set to my xbox one and fiber optic internet installed.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You can take a look @Havoc_Elite on Twitter or read through this post.  HAVOC_ELITE #22 in the world Now Recruiting (360/XB1)(Sponsored)





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    The sad fact of the matter is Activision, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games do not give a crap about the PC version of Call of Duty. Since MW 2 was released consoles have been their main focus, as that’s where the money is in sales. The PC version since MW 2 has always been a crappy port from a game designed for the consoles. However Treyarch has a dedicated PC development team, which worked on BO II and that has been the only game since CoD 4, which has ran pretty smoothly on PC.


    I totally agree with the OP here and something needs to be done rapidly. As quite frankly what’s the point of releasing a game for the PC, without proper optimising and testing? When Nvidia entered into a partnership with Activision, there was hope that we would get a more optimised game, one which run's smoother, is well balance and actually playable, both on a single monitor AND multi-monitor set-ups. The biggest problems are frame drops and lack of FPS, as AW just like Ghosts has a 90FPS frame cap. So what’s the point of buying a single 120Hz or 144Hz monitor, (let alone three which I have), when the game itself is restricting the amount of FPS delivered? As its pointless having a monitor with a refresh rate higher than 90Hz, as the game is throttling the amount of frames being delivered. At least Treyarch made a wise decision to increase the frame cap to 200FPS, with BO II. This should be the minimum standard for CoD on PC and Activision should force the devs to deliver a set standard of PC specific features and settings, but alas the PC is always the devs last thought sadly!!!


    I have 3x Eizo Foris FG2421 set-up in portrait, delivering a resolution of 3240 x 1920, connected to GTX 780’s in 2waySLi, yet I have had to turn the settings right down just to be able to play AW. My screens are capable of running at 240Hz, yet I cannot run them higher than 120Hz otherwise I get increased stuttering and delayed rendering. Plus I have the added issue of with my game being prone to crashes, freezes and graphics lag as well. The game is just running a stretched version of 1920 x 1080 res and has not been optimised for any resolutions higher than that. Not all of the in-game graphics settings are working at the moment too. Ghosts had god awful rendering and frame rate drops, sadly the baton seems to have been passed to AW!!!

    The only light at the end of the tunnel is that I hear Nvidia is releasing a new Geforce driver today (344.60), hopefully that will fix a few problems with the game and at least make it somewhat playable??? 

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  • 11/04/14--05:14: Re: Shotgun buff please
  • Lol, Snipers have been hit hard... No love whatsoever!


    ADS has increased, movement reduced and no more drop shotting or quick scoping (all good changes though, just maybe a tad too much).


    I am having mixed to good luck with the Tac shotgun? Which one are you struggling with? The second one down is pure uselessness with a trigger.

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