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    If you mean will there be a phone app for AW like in Ghosts..............yes................if you do not mean that, then sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about.




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    Hey dude i just applied, thanks for this thread hope to speak to you soon bro!

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    With less then 24 hours before it is released in Europe, we are continuing to look for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One players.


    We have setup events for the whole of November and with clan wars starting on the 26th November, it would be a great time to join.

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    "I am still holding out hope for the 3rd on 360 for pre-order and then use the One version as well.  But, I have talked with others who have called MS support.  I know they are not always the most knowledgeable about everything but they have all been told the 4th is the release of the digital version and that they would need to buy the disc if they want the Day Zero and early access on 360.  They have all been told the One version can be pre-ordered now but there is no One to 360 like there is 360 to One.  Activision was saying it was up to MS and MS has had plenty of time.  And it is available for Day Zero digital pre-order on playstation store for PS3 and has been for a while know.  Seems like MS wants the digital thing to be a big draw to the One.  So, no pre-order for the 360 and you miss out on the early content and day early access with double xp.  Want that and you upgrade to the One."



    Props to mfraley65

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    Gracias por su atención

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    I have just the same issue here, its so unfair if de cant preload on both platforms

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    Solution: Delete all blocked users from your blocklist, MP won´t crash.

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  • 11/02/14--04:32: Re: PS3 AW Digital Version
  • Are you able to play offline and story modes? If so that's a great idea.

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    Clan n00b is looking for Xbox One CoD: AW players, and we will be doing clan wars, which starts on the 26th Nov.

    We are mainly Europe based.


    See here for more info: Re: [Xbox One] Clan n00b is recruiting players for Advanced Warfare

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  • 11/03/14--04:41: Re: What a fantastic game
  • Too bad SMGs with AR range are ruining the game already.

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    I am in the 2nd Level of the campaign, I do the initial Grenade Training.... Then the dude (Gideon) tells me to do it again & it shows "Activate" on the terminal but will not let me activate it & I am literally stuck in that little area & unable to Proceed!!! Is anybody else having issues like this? & if so, any ideas??




    I basically had to "Restart Mission" from the Pause menu, do it all over again & it worked fine the next time around....

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    It's not happening to playstation. My friend bought it on ps3 and was able to download the ps4 version straight away.

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  • 11/03/14--04:41: Re: Shotguns need a buff
  • I used the Slug ammo in Ghosts and that improved range but only really works in HC games.

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    here too.. Brazil..solutions pleasseeeeee

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  • 11/03/14--04:45: Re: Shotguns need a buff
  • i totally agree they don't shoot far enough on these maps to be effective.  ghost had the same problem

    bull dog shot 4 feet lol and got a hitmarker everytime

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  • 11/03/14--04:43: Suggestions for improvement
  • i'll cut to the chase

    1. Hard points are not lit up enough.

    the  barely visible yellow line isn't enough. its hard to find the hard points

    we went through this with hardpoint on black ops 2 and they fixed it with a much easier and clearer view of the hard point by highlighting the hard point perimeter (windows included) with a moving WHITE perimeter.


    2. hard point spawns

    the spawns in hard point are so incredibly poor

    the enemy is constantly spawning (and visa versa) with in like 10 to 20 feet of opponents alot of times right next to the opponent


    3. we HATE clan wars I mean HATE

    its pubs fantasy wars. it shows no skill or competitiveness its annoying the app sucks

    the time frames for playing are annoying. and if the ghosts crew thought we were playing clan wars we weren't

    we played it for 3 months unlocked war cry uniform and never played again.

    please abandon this clan WAR idea its a waste. League play was the real winner.


    4 Speaking of league play.

    if your "Ranked Playlist" is really a clan v clan type setting. Change it!!!

    clan v clan on ghosts was also a big loser. it was played ONLY because ghost had no league play!!

    League play in black ops 2 was the best addition to the game since the franchise started.

    It was a true test of ability and rank. if you were a master it was worn on your playercard with pride.

    it was great to have the moshpit 6v6

    and champion series or eSports 4v4


    the only thing treyarch did wrong with league play was they would only allow 3 in champions series if you played with 4 you HAD to be a team.

    .and we found that the same 4 people of a team it was hard to get them all together or you'd have to wait for all 4

    it should have let us play champions with any 4 players like in moshpit. any 6 could party up and play


    if you have league play with real rankings and playercards that would show our best rank that would be wise. if not, no braggin rights, no one to show off your rank too= not worth the time


    i will say the game play is great. perfect ttk no delay or insta death. the kills and deaths are believable!! thanks for bringing us out of the mire of ghosts.


    any thoughts????

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  • 11/03/14--04:46: Re: What A Mess!
  • That broadcaster is apparently offline so I couldn't watch the video. To answer your question, I am quite sure that I played Advanced Warfare last night. I measured framerate with fraps and it almost never went under 90 fps. I had no lag at all. I am not saying that you aren't experiencing any problem. I am just stating that it's not my experience.

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    i was told by playstation the crossbuy wont work until the actual release date


    i had the same problem.

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    I Have the same issue on ps4. Let me play one campaign mission and that's it. Says 3 hours 20min left on install for multi, but said that for las 4 hours wtf

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