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  • 11/04/14--05:15: Re: Too much Sniper hate.
  • I'm not a good sniper, but had no problem using the moars in this game. You just need to adapt to the new mechanic. I do agree with you on the lynx tho. It needs a buff. Chest up should be OHK.

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  • 11/04/14--05:15: Re: Please fix PS3 !
  • For sure ! I was so hyped and now I guess we're gonna have to wait till they patch this, cuz I don't wan't to play it like this.

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  • 11/04/14--05:16: Re: What A Mess!
  • Unfortunately it doesn't matter how "fun" the game is. Dedicated servers provide a much better online experience connectivity-wise. You can find servers with communities you like and frequent those. With an in-game server browser you can find and identify a server nearest you for best latency and it makes a world of difference.


    More importantly, with dedicated servers you have admin abilities to ban and kick cheaters, hackers and trolls keeping the server fun. What I just mentioned is one of the biggest reasons ghosts went down the toilet fast. People simply just stopped playing because they got sick and tired of playing with the same ol' d-bags all the time. Hackers and trolls gravitate toward games that the community cannot directly impact their d-bag-esque behavior. They can't be insta-banned in these P2P titles unless the devs do it and that's about as likely as you finding a bag of money on the ground.


    I'm sure this game is quite fun right now, however when the P2P starts to not play nice as player counts drop and people are left to play with smack tards that hack and troll we will see how long this title lasts.


    ghosts was actually fun for me for a couple weeks but then reality started to seep in. ghosts was dead in about 8 months after release, titanfail after a mere 3 months. I'm watching this one too to see how short it's life will be.


    If it turns out to be different than what I predict great but I don't make the same mistake twice so no dedi = no buy for myself and many others.


    I'm glad you are enjoying it thus far because there is nothing like feeling you were just conned out of 60 bucks for a game that is not worth that amount.

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    Does anyone know how to access the upgrade I bought the digital version of advance warefare and I can't upgrade to xbox one. I even uninstalled the game to see if that was the reason. But didn't work. I was able to download the season pass and the Atlas bonus map. But can't download the game itself. Any help would be great.

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    Can the game-ruining hitmarker sound be turned off(audio options)??

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    I am wondering if my brother and I can use the same code or get the same materials seing we share the xbox

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    Agree'd 100%.  The sounds in this game are so off.  I can hear my own footsteps like a galloping horse, but you can't hear an enemy two feet behind you.  Sound is a very important part of the game and they missed the mark as far as that goes.  While I also agree that the game is "fun", it's not the type of game that I will take seriously as I have done with CoD in the past.  It just seems a little kiddie like....maybe too much like an arcade game for my tastes.  Are we sure Fisher Price didn't design this game?

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    FFix your internet

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  • 11/04/14--05:20: Re: Dedicated Servers?
  • yuppers... it is very disappointing.


    I know at least 15 people that would have bought the game other-wise. If they did the math and applied that to the rest of the PC gamers even theoretically it still comes out to lots of moolah they missed out on.

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    I bought this console bundle as wekl, and was able to enter my code yesterday (3rd), but I can't figure out how to start the download... would you guys walk me through it, please?



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    I am used to a small map in the left, ammo in the lower right, and that's it. I like the new HUD and all, but I wish it could be adjusted a little. Mostly, all the random people that like to blast music/use Kinect/heavy breathing/etc that keep that mic symbol on screen. That symbol is very distracting, and pops up almost dead center in the screen. Why not have it as a tiny blip in the corner like every other game?


    Now before I get the, "just mute everyone" thing, unlike most, I like to work as a team when I can. Especially when playing game types that require it like search.

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    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare i mean...

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    still no answer from them

    i send them 3 times and they ignore me

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  • 11/05/14--05:54: Multiplayer is impossible
  • i have a AMD radeon hd 7770, I've updated my drivers, I've run in borderless window mode. I've disabled all the shadows and stuff.



    EVerytime i join a multiplayer game, my game starts constantly stuttering and i can barely play, on the loading screen, it freezes, puts me in the game and sits on the spectator with a solid white background on the map for a few seconds, it that laggs and puts me on the class selection. my mouse moves terribly slow and it takes a while. After that, it puts me on spectator again and starts spectating other players, while that is happening, i can barely do anything, and the spectating is really slow. After a minute or two, i finally spawn and for the rest of the game it keeps freezing and unfreezing.



    What do i do?

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    Its happened to me a few times that I only spectator and no game play???


    wonder why?

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    kryptonitej3sus wrote:


    Anyone got any advice I've always played by myself and never had an issue with connections (50mbps wired Internet here) and as soon as I grouped up with someone without party chat and I was constantly red barred and we jumped around 5 or 6 lobbies before I got fed up and turned off the game.


    Anyone know what might be happening?

    there is no ensuring you will have the best connection possible. Currently the games connectivity is (to me) poor.

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    Yeah, i can't even install it because my NEXUS 7 is not supported.

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  • 11/05/14--05:57: Re: Dying too fast and ARs
  • I use the bal, and i think its a little op compared to others, and why do you assume i "blindly run in"? Also i was just stating that there are not many guns, why do you people have to go on forums and get pissy with people that state an opinion?

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  • 11/05/14--05:57: Hacked!!!!
  • Yes... you saw...


    Games been out a day and already some people have hacked  it.... Prestige 14 in under a day?? this is retarded and something needs to be done ASAP.

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    Runs good on my HP w/Phenom ii x4 965/lowly gt 730 2gb/8gb ram. Have to agree with the hit detection though, it seems to be very poor.

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