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    Its pretty simple, the way he's been using it shows that he doesn't have a clue.

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  • 10/04/14--22:58: Re: need a clan?
  • are u playing bo2  and my clan are trying to get a lot of people we trikshoyt

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    GOOGLE: ghosts unplayable lag

    proof positive you have no idea what your talking about.

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    I play with a controller on the PC, which means no aim assist.  However, I still perform extremely well despite the disadvantage given.

    HunterCZE wrote:


    Only players which cannot play, plays on consoles.

    On PC you can skill yourself through game. Consoles players touch one button and they has their weapon on you... it is for noobs !

    What you wrote confuses me.  If people cannot play a game, then wouldn't that prevent them from playing any gaming platform entirely?   Also, what is this ability to "skill" yourself?  That makes no sense.  Lastly, console players do not have the ability to auto-aim with the touch of one button.  That job rests in the aim-bot modification a lot of PC gamers seem to run around with.  I find it ironic how PC gamers consider themselves as the skilled master race of gamers, yet most of them hack, mod, and cheat their way to victory more often than any other gaming platform.


    Yes, I can speak about PC matters because it's happened to me plenty of times while playing on my rig.  It gets to ridiculous to the point where playing on a console (with friends) seems like Heaven...


    ...compared to this Hell



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    Coming from you that's completely meaningless.

    You have already proved you have no idea what your talking about.

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    CashforgumjobZ wrote:


    Bahahaha  Then why did they pull the "listening servers" months ago? LMFAO  So good, they got rid of em, ay?!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^  see this.

    This shows you have no idea.  You also refer to Ghosts running off P2P.  That is incorrect.  You also made me chuckle by referring to the pulling of listening servers. I'll explain below


    Definition of P2P for you

    Files can be shared directly between systems on the network without the need of a central server

    This means that in P2P there is no master state. Means that there is no host at all.

    Let's make this clear.... COD does not run off P2P.

    I'm guessing you have seen a "Host migration" --> only possible if there is a host in the first place,,,, yep, that means you are running off a listen server.

    Ghosts has not pulled "listening servers".

    Let us use simple definitions -->

    Listen servers ...  the master state resides on the hosts console.

    A dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the network.. Hence, the master state resides on the dedi, and all gamers connect to it.

    HYBRID system (can't believe I'm typing this again)

    Ghosts uses a Hybrid system of dedicated severs and listen servers.

    If a dedicated server is available you will play on it.

    If not, then you will play on a listen server setup.

    You do not play on a dedicated server and a listen server at the same time... it is one or the other/

    The idea of a hybrid system is that you get the both of best worlds. Simply put -- dedies do not reach everyone adequately,,, some folks are better off playing on a listen server.

    CASH --> by all means state that you wish for there to be more dedies.

    But if you wish to debate the validity of a hybrid system it is best that you actually understand what one is.

    For the billionith time --> no one is stating that dedies are bad, no one is stating that listen servers are the best. What we are saying is that there are pros and cons to both systems.


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    They can't do it.

    Placing bets...

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    Google:  (any online game ever) unplayable lag.


    Proof that you wouldn't know a good counter argument if it was sitting on your face.

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    Ok great, so if youre so right...answer my stinkin question meow.  Why is MS braggin about full dedicated servers if thats not the best option and Listen servers are? Are you saying that MS is possibly wrong about full dedi's since Listen servers are the best and thats why Acitivision uses them?. smh

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  • 10/05/14--23:07: Re: 100% Dedicated Servers?
  • Really the only misconception is that you know what your talking about and can refute any of these.

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  • 10/05/14--23:08: Re: Clan switch over
  • Thanks for the link rankismet. I tried the website and was unable to register my current clan. I am the clan leader but it states, " IF YOU'RE IN A CLAN, CONTACT YOUR CLAN LEADER TO MAKE A SELECTION BY OCTOBER 23

    Is there a fix?

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    Read them and exposed them as nonsense. I can't believe your back after your total failure to prove anything.

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    i am thinking about both sides, they can't please everyone, sorry, go cry to them and i said a minority of people.. That doesn't mean just you also the servers are already there, they are just "expensive" there are server providers all over the place, These other companies can do it but not COD because they are greedy as hell. All they care about is making money not the players.. Just like Microsoft, another reason why they dont put more servers out in Aus or Africa. Once again repeating myself, which is because of you, which is annoying.

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    When did you expose...please expose me now I can't find your posts.

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    Yeah!!! Billions!!!

    You have no clue how much it costs to lease 1 server do you?

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    Well at least you are responding normally (most of the time) and I thank you for that.

    The annoyance is directed at Gum Ball and Bendover not at you. They don't respond properly I just get a spam of random junk that makes no sense.

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    Troll Time!!!

    We have been talking to a troll all this time! Had his butt handed to him over and over again and then can't find those times!

    No wonder no of posts had one valid point in them!

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    Provide links or you are fake.

    You are a troll.

    You are embarrassing yourself.


    This is all I hear from you, you don't actually ever explain yourself.


    BenDovernlag wrote:


    Yeah!!! Billions!!!

    You have no clue how much it costs to lease 1 server do you?

    Do tell

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    Sorry, but i can't play zombies until the 25th October, sorry for any inconvenience but i will be happy to do the easter eggs then.


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