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    Whenever someone beats you you just call them a troll. It's very pathetic.

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    Dude, don't bother wasting your time. He's a shill.

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    also a cookie for this guy xlwolfshirt1


    "The latency issues are inexcusable.  MW2 didn't have these problems, and it ran on the same damn engine that Ghosts uses.  Somehow, they found a way to break crucial gameplay mechanics on something that worked fine before.


    Also, the fact that listen servers are still being used at all in the year 2014 is bullshit.  You make enough money Activision, stop giving us Snoop Dogg voice overs and cat camo and give us dedicated servers and some decent maps."


    Also i didn't get any replies to this except from a guy that clearly works for activation that probably didnt watch it and shot it down.. Very interesting video, what do you guys think about it. I think this video is the reason for some of the issues explained above.


    Will Advanced Warfare Multiplayer LAG ON PURPOSE? COD Advanced Warfare Lag Compensation Info - YouTube

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  • 10/05/14--23:35: Re: 100% Dedicated Servers?
  • I'm pretty sure a few forum members does not represent the entire community. Majority...like 0.000001% of the population.

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    I Know!!!

    Get more dedicated servers!

    I guess your a little slow at problem solving.

    Draw me up a financial plan on how much it will cost devs/MS to implement this.

    Then draw up a financial plan as to how much they will have to pass onto the consumers for spending well over an entire series of games budget just for dedis.

    That is unless you want them to spend all their cash on servers and nothing on actual game development.


    I must be slow as I cannot see how that is financially viable.

    You do know gaming conglomerates aren't non-profit companies yeah ?

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    You are right. not having ranked playlist will most likely eliminated the chances of DDoS-ers. However i feel like without ranking system, players wouldn't take it seriously. Ghosts' clan v clan is a joke. players leave the game after 1 death. playing 2v4 or 3v4 most of the time.


    And also for some reason, i just dont feel the ''need" to win in ghosts' CvC. it is completely different story in BO2's league play, i can't stand losing.


    Since DDoS is illegal, i think ISP should take action on it. DDoS is now a common issue in real life situation. recently, PSN got DDoSed, League of legend's and DotA 2 as well.. Xbox live got hacked...


    not sure if this is true but optic midnite said on one of her videos that its harder to DDoS on next-gen consoles. im assuming its harder to find the IP on next gen? maybe there's a filter to it.

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    Also i didn't say if you live in the country you are poor, learn to read better, i was responding to another post

    Perhaps use the quotation tool so that people can see what points/posts you are responding to.


    Microsoft has more than enough money to put more servers in Aus and Africa, they just don't care to and apparently LA doesn't even have a dedicated anything, can't even tell if you are on a listen server or dedicated.. oh wait host migration.


    Of course it does - but why would it ? There simply aren't enough players to warrant such expenditure, especially given any games general lifecycle. (ever hear of cost vs benefit)

    I would love dedicated servers for certain games right next door to me but lets be realistic eh.

    IMO alot of major games should not be released on full dedicated - there should be a backup listen system for the minority (or not so minority) to play using a method that is capable of actually giving them a semi-decent online experience instead of a consistently laggy one.

    Otherwise they will lose even more consumers which - guess what - means less $$ for them to develop and support future games. 


    Try analyzing these aspects in an objective frame of mind.

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    Once again my link was dismissed as not even there.. Thats fine, Anyone else in this discussion working for Activision?


    not enough players in Aus and Africa? Definitely not true and ya of course i have heard of cost vs benefit.. lol They are benefiting and its costing us our time complaining in these forums, soon there wont be any cost for them to make games because no one will want to buy their crap. Thats why pre orders are way down. Most are waiting to see if the game is going to turn out like the past Call of Duties and some have given up on COD altogether.


    They are making a BILLION DOLLARS. Do you not think that is enough and yes i understand about expenditures.

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    I am having the exact same issue. I have the Xbox One Dark Edition, and have captured the first 5 villians, and there is no sound coming from the speakers, and the traps are not lighting up. It is very frustrating and saddening

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    FalconR6 wrote:



    I wasn't sure what materials carried between characters.

    I had read that Glimmer transfers between characters.

    So do vanguard/cryptarch points/ranks work across all characters ??


    I see where you are coming from now

    Glimmer transfers immediately. You can move ascendant materials between characters, but not all characters use plasteel plating, hadronic essence etc. So while some things transfer, not all will smoothly. - No, your vanguard/crucible/cryptarch points and ranks will not transfer. So whatever your primary character was that you started with, it's best to see them all the way through. Lame, I know.


    gotsomestars - I switch between the two and often. Striker for the three plates to access the raid, defender for confluxes unless I'm on Ice Breaker duty, striker for jumping/navigating/accessing "cheese spots, and so forth.

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    Thank you. I grinded teeth for a month playing all maps solo hardcore so I feel like I've got that down. This however is a world of difference. Choosing custom game instead of solo play gives you no revives, spawns TONS of gargoyles throughout the game, rhinos during obilisks, faster spawn rates, ect. I wouldn't recommend this if you have a tendency of throwing controllers :/

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    Don't listen to people. There is no rule book to play CoD and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot, especially when there are so many immature CoD players who like to put on the act of some sort of 'high-school' bully. It's pretty pathetic.


    Play how you want and if you get crap for it there is a 3 step guideline I generally follow, report, mute and keep doing the exact same thing that is making you play so well.

    To the opposing player, there is only one guideline, get over it. There is a reason they made the Cranked game mode. Your fault for not using it.

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    Whoa, that would be awesome to see and it sounds like it will happen.


    My load out for this challenge was medic/tank, csa, grach, riot shield, feral, and ims. I did miss the knife a gargoyle challenge but I was able to max class. +1 to shield and ammo and +2 to pistol. I just couldn't kill fast enough at the terminals so I'm trying Ws/medic next time. Although, I feel like I'll need that extra health to make it that far.

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    Nutting, this could be many things in my experience.

    You could be right, maybe your modem/router is giving up the ghost.  Have you recently added devices to run off your router ?? Some routers will only cope with, let's say' 6 devices connected. Newer routers accommodate more.


    But, this could also be symptoms of having an intermittent line fault issue.  I know all about these unfortunately.For me, whenever it rained I would start to get packet loss and lose dsl sync. Rebooting the router would trick it in to working again - but the inherent problem remained.

    So, if I was you.--> next time you drop out of the game quickly run a ping/speed test. You are looking for an abnormaliies. Run a ping test through your PC cmd ,,,, run it for 100 units  and see if there are any lost packets.


    for instance,, go into cmd....  ping www.google.com -n 100         (the -n command means 'number of pings)

    I'm guessing you already know how to do this stuff - put it in there just  in case.


    Also, you might want to check your wifi settings on your router. The first thing I configure on new routers is the wifi channels -- I put them to the highest possible. This is a cheats way of making sure other wifi signals are not causing trouble.


    Hope that helps mate. I gotta go to dinner.  Playing pool at a pub with a counter meal whoop.

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  • 10/06/14--23:07: Re: Camping
  • I have to say nicedrewishfela  that was the best and most articulate definition of camping.  And I completely agree with your view point of what a true camper is compared to just good teamwork as well as spawn campers. 

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    By any chance was the hackers name eddiemac? Cause he's the one that hacked with 3 different accounts on the gun game leaderboards, It's annoying for me to because I'm suppose to be #1 now i'm not even in the top 3.

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    AngryBus97  I love your posts.  To the point and spot on.  I 100% agree.  Everyone has their preference of weapons.  I switch out between a handful of different guns.  Depending on which game mode I play.


    AngryBus97, I think it would be really fun to play a few games with you.  I am sure I would not stop cracking up.

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    Hello Lucas-Oliver,

    Sorry to hear about your Lost Island reset. A support case has been created for you – and a Customer Support Representative will contact you soon.

    You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website - support.activision.com. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".



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