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    That will be something to see.

    But I think, if they decide to sell them, you will have the option to choose which variant of the weapon to buy........ I think.

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  • 10/03/14--22:22: Article 8
  • Hey there,


    As stated, we would not be able to help with banned account. All decisions on banned account are final and cannot be reversed by our our support center. More info can be found the the link previously mentioned.


    If you'd like to check your account status, please feel to check it at the following location: http://support.activision.com/rankreset


    Please note ban discussions are not permitted in the forums. As per those guidelines previously mentioned this post will be locked.




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    I'm an Aussie. And yes, we are having trouble finding Aussie matches.

    Yet, it is very full hardy to try to blame this on the type of server system used.

    You'll notice that the article is from the Xbox One section. When I go online there might be 700 total players playing Dom.  Now, reduce that number heavily to account for players that are only in Australia (perhaps New Zealand too).

    Now --> reduce that number to the total amount of players that share the exact DLC map packs that you have.


    Do you see the problem here ??  Nothing to do with Listen servers/dedies.  It is all about matchmaking and player population.


    I enjoy my Xbox One. But being an early adopter has its drawbacks..

    Ghosts has had to deal with player populations being fragmented by the next gen consoles.  When all is said and done.... the number of complaints about lag is less than those of BO2. (And no - I can't provide proof on this.... is is merely observation.)  And before anyone wishes to call me a one eyed fanboy --> I had much worse connection in BO2.... and let my feelings known.


    Question for CashforGum ... can you please explain what the P2P/Listen/ hybrid system is ?  I would be interested in knowing myself.

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    Although it's only a month before the next title of CoD is released, you seem that you decided that you like Ghost and you will carry on playing it and after AW is released.

    So if the season pass is on a good offer then buy it. There are a few good maps that you would love to play.

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    Hi AugurkNL,


    We thank you for contacting our forums for help with your issue.


    This message is to let you know that a case has been created for you on our support site at Activision Support . Just login to the site and go to "My Support" and "My Cases" to update your case.


    We look forward to helping you resolve your issue.




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    [TRBE] MajorLeagueTribe

    Clan Level: 23

    Clan K/D: 1.75

    Members: 27

    Division: Diamond


    Clan Requirements:

    -Be loyal.  Don'tbother applying if you're a clan hopper

    -Be active, friendly, and respectful. Play together if on!

    -18+ Years of Age

    -All K/D's accepted

    With clan wars season over, we are openly recruiting players of all skill levels to work towards level 25. 

    We are steadily growing and developing a crew to play together in Advanced Warfare.

    Improve your skills with a casual, chill community. 



    Abstract Verbal









    shredsector[1.98 KD / 300+ Hours Played]

    Please have a Call of Duty account to receive invites.

    Add me on XBL and leave a msg.



    Thanks!  Hope to see you on.



    Message was edited by: shredsector

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    CashforgumjobZ wrote:


    ohh now its both...yet with no link.  Stop, your case is closed, buddy

    It's not very hard to understand. Why would I link THIS thread??? Its right here. . Also I gave the other link 2 pages ago...

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  • 10/03/14--22:54: Re: Point System Change
  • turkey3_scratch wrote:


    Why earn 100 points a kill instead of 10?


    Why not ????????????

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    Why am I constantly getting an error msg with all men/traps on my portal?

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  • 10/03/14--22:58: Re: Point System Change
  • BenDovernlag wrote:


    rankismet wrote:

    Oh, well... at least it wasn't a dedicated server rant.

    Tired of loosing that battle I bet.


    No one can win that battle and it's pointless trying to. There are not open ears enough to pass your arguments through.

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    trialstardragon wrote:


    It was never promised that they would be only dedicated servers. It was told that they would be hybrid servers. A combination of dedi and listen. You had to be within certain area's to get the dedicated servers otherwise it would revert back to listen servers for anyone too far away.

    Get real. There are no dedicated servers. The game runs on players game consoles using their residential bandwidth only. Because it's free.

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    You were asked a VERY simple question.

    Explain hybrid severs. That's it.

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    Shadowelite555 wrote:


    "I dont believe you because:


    -you're a troll"

    -dedicated servers are better"

    -you have no proof"

    -you are a fanboy"

    -no one is asking for P2P"


    Just some common answers one might expect from these two.

    And because you can't refute any of those. I don't know why you keep posting as you have no information on the subject at all.

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    We better watch our IP's...gonna get banned for not eatin the activision cereal.

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    Aleady have previously in this thread... also asked the question im asking you previously..yet nobody would answer

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    What's up guys, new here, looking for some people to play Black Ops 2 with!

    Would appreciate if you have a microphone!

    I am on almost every day for an hour or two, just looking to have some fun playing objective games with friends!

    Been playing cod for years so I am somewhat seasoned.


    Add me on Psn : CusImBATMAN

    Talk to you guys soon!

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    Shadowelite555 wrote:


    Has COD online connection been so terrible that its unplayable? No. Dedicated servers will not rectify any problems that some players are having; dedicated servers might add to the problems list. Yes, there are benefits to dedis, but there are negatives as well, just like listen and P2P servers. Each have pros and cons.


    Answered a thousand+ times. Gawd.


    Player entitlement is real. Activison ( Infinity Ward ) doesnt owe you or anyone anything.

    You have answered nothing. You have repeated false information from the shills on this forum. You personally know nothing about it.

    Dedicated Servers are superior to playing on game consoles. Gawd!

    Give us the problems list if you really know anything. Translation: your getting called out for bs.

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    You were asked a VERY simple question.

    Explain hybrid severs. That's it.

    Why should he answer some random shills question? Why don't you look it up if you can't figure it out. Try GOOGLE.

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  • 10/04/14--22:50: Article 11
  • Hey there,


    Sorry but we don't have any details on that as of yet but please stay tuned to the website for more official news and info.


    In the meantime you can check our FAQ here: Activision Support


    Thanks for your support.


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    i sent you an invite buddy

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