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    I don't think it is a necessary change.


    What is more important, in my opinion, is to bring back the differences between weapons classes and to add effective recoil and challenge back into the game.


    We've gotten to a point where nearly every weapons class works the same. SMGs can be used across the map as effectively as an AR. ARs are effective in close range and can be as accurate as a Sniper across the map. LMG's are more effective for Sniping than Snipers are.... you see where I am going with this.


    Make it so that every class works how they are intended, create maps that makes them all viable options. Make it so guns have noticeable recoil again so that skill and aim is brought back into the equation and reduce the effectiveness of hip fire... and I think you solve a lot of the issues.


    In a Fast twitch shooter, you don't always have the time to adjust for bullet drop, etc.

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  • 08/19/14--15:49: Re: What is fun?
  • As long as they have to be tied to last gen consoles, I don't expect major advancements for next gen.


    That is why I was kind of surprised to hear AW would be out for 360 and PS3.

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    You have to apply at www.dom-clan.org fill out app and we will accept it

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    Tired of playing against full parties while your side is at the mercy of random, horrible teammates?  If you can play well regardless of the lobby you are in, join those of us who got sick of the same thing and let's BOSS on these scrubs together.


    overall clan stats:  KDR: 1.5  ;  WIN %: 60%  ;  Members: 15+  ;  Member Age: 18+

    clan rank: 25 (max)

    clan division: diamond**   (my guys prefer longer clan wars, so we opted out to keep bossin' on the platinum wars)


    We normally recruit only hardcore players, but we go hard in clan wars so softcore players are welcome as well.

    Our minimum requirements are as follows (you don't need to meet both but need to be close for consideration):

    Hardcore:  50% win %, 1.5+ KDR

    Softcore:   60% win %, 2.0+ KDR


    The Circle of Bosses has been an established clan since CoD 4, with an experienced and dedicated core group of players who have played every game in the series.  We max out both individual player and clan level/badges/awards every game, often resetting stats and doing friendly competitions among ourselves.  We have lives and jobs, we are NOT just a bunch of kids with spare time to troll and annoy people - when we play it's all business, and we put in work!  Everything you will need to know as a member of our clan is coordinated through good old fashioned conversation with leadership.  We won't ask you to sign up for some garbage 3rd party website or forum or anything else that will take time away from your life or gaming.  If you want all that social media and nonsense, we probably aren't for you.


    If you are interested in joining the Circle of Bosses, message PSN: CoB_Easy or apply in-app.

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  • 08/19/14--15:53: Re: Camping are u serious
  • search maritime gamers on youtube and subscribe

    profile pic is 2 eyes

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  • 08/19/14--15:54: Question about GHWoR Drums.
  • I just want to know if any drum dongle is compatible with the GHWoR drums, or if I need the specific one that goes with the set. Can anyone help me out or if you have the correct one for sale i may be interested in buying it.

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  • 08/19/14--16:03: Re: My god...Its Titancod!!
  • Not sure what he could be talking about but I think I do.


    "but getting rid of this lag compensation might be good"


    Assumingwhat he is talking about here , you cant get rid of lag compensation in online gaming its a necessity. Without it you would have to still fire 20 feet away from your opponent to make up for the lag and you still might miss entirely. Lag compensation basically gives you a better position to aim for when you go after your target. It smooths out the rough spots in the internet latency basically. Its not a single "thing" they put into the game.


    But thats what I read into it. Hope it helps.

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    Blazeww3 wrote:



    Where did you...how...what?

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  • 08/19/14--16:10: Re: Teh OT FaiL Theory?
  • I watched this video on YouTube not even 10 minutes ago


    Girls Fail Miserably in These Hilarious GIFs

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    i already tried this link (Activision Support) and i already resetted my app but none of these things worked. Do u have to win diamond division two war in a row or how does it work?

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    looking for clan members

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    I have been saying for YEARS that the UAV needs to be higher streak. For how useful it is it's too easy to get. Yes there is a perk to counter it but that means using one perk slot to counter just on thing. The UAV should be at LEAST a 5 kill streak.

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  • 08/19/14--16:14: RECRUITING FOR CLAN
  • Hi! I'm L7N3 illusion, and I am, with the clan leader, recruiting for L7N3. This clan has absolutely no restriction except for you must have ghosts (duh) I am pretty active on XBL so all you have to do is add me and we can discuss all the stuff.

    Hope you get in!


    GT: L7N3 illusion

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  • 08/19/14--16:14: Re: Teh OT FaiL Theory?
  • Collateral Damage WIN!


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    I love my csa and wouldn't change it if you gave  me the choice. It's even better when you have arcing stun ammo as the arcing electric effect also causes the incendiary ammo to set the aliens on fire. I had 6 scouts round a flare and shot one bullet into one of them they all got zapped and set on fire, one more bullet finished the lot off,  2 bullets to kill 6 scouts is some powerful ammo. Plus if your killing a rhino everything near it dies while you kill it due to arcing fire effect. Add this to the ark you scavenged or the one on your pistol and nothing stands in your way.

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  • 08/19/14--16:26: Re: What is fun?
  • What you say makes sense, but at the same time wouldn't it be a great marketing ploy for the new gens to sell more, if the games offered more than what the 360 and PS3 offered? At least more than just ground war.

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