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  • 08/18/14--15:21: Re: Damn You COD!
  • I don't have this happen, because I join a game, ride it out, and go back to the lobby on even footing again.


    You are creating your own problem here, hand in hand with the quitters who put you in that situation to begin with.

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    OOkay I will add you later

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    I don't know why they can't see that the simple solution is to not make people's footsteps stupidly loud. It's quite simple really.

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    which ones are u trying to do?

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  • 08/18/14--15:23: Suche einen Clan [Xbox One]
  • Hey, wie schon im Titel beschrieben, bin ich auf der Suche nach einem COD Ghosts Clan auf der XBOX ONE...

    Bei Interesse kommentiert doch einfach meinen Beitrag, dann melde ich mich bei euch ;D

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    I think it will just feel weird playing Classic.


    Kind of like playing an old map brought back in a new game.  It just does't always work in context.

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    Off Topic really, but to answer your question I think it'll easily outsell AW, by quite a large margin.

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  • 08/18/14--15:27: Re: Need to join a clan
  • Every one is welcome and it's not a clan it's a community

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    Better late then never!! lol

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    I mean we are not here to talk single player. I haven't played SP since COD3. So all those wars you have just came up with don't have any variation to what we have seen in the past. We have pretty much covered every war generally speaking.


    Yes if they were going back into the past they could have a good SP, but the MP would be the exact same shi/t we have seen.


    "oh but they could add vehicles" that day and age is over my friend.

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    It wasn't a patch(update) just a normal Playlist update, & I'm on PS3 & still getting 10-15 teeth a game.

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    Playlist will be HORRIBLE guaranteed. They are going to make it as crappy as possible (one gamemode, no map vote, bad map rotation etc.) so that everyone says "i like regular better!" and they look like geniuses. Like the 'geniuses' at IW that made HD mode by increasing the health (when that just made some weapons/lethals completely useless), and making it a rotation of bad maps and/or gamemodes.

    Don't be fooled by any of their 'we're looking out for you/all' jargon.. they'll tell you want ever you want just so that you buy the game.

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    If you are on PS3, you can also install textures by going to Multiplayer then to Options then select Install. It usually helps in freezing issues.

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    I know your a little dim but I clearly stated the facts. EVERY MAJOR MULTIPLAYER GAME HAS GONE TO DEDIS. Pretty clear there. No opinions. Where did you get your sales figures? From activisions lies about theyre shipped, not sold figures? What a baffoon. You gonna quote wikis and the turn around and diss them?

    Pretty sure the topic is dedi's here and since you got nothing you want to change the subject?

    I read all those other game forums complaints about lag and not one single person said they should switch the game to p2p. Duh.

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    Thank you for saying this. I agree


    "Im gonna play classic because I'm too stubborn to accept change" - every kid disputing

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    Come join our cross platform clan! With over 250 members expanding across Ps3, Ps4 , Xbox 360 and Xbox one!

    Orion is a gaming community where we all game together, have fun, play seriously with other, but most important we make a family.


    Our clan consists of divisions such as:


    Nebula- CoD black ops 2 (xbox 360)

    Chaos - CoD Ghosts (xbox 360)

    Omega - CoD ghosts (xbox one)

    Lunar - CoD ghosts (Ps3)

    Andromeda - CoD ghosts (Ps4)


    Head over to oriongc.org and apply now!:) acceptance will be quick!

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    JOIN! we have red tags!

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    deo optimo maximo

    established November, 2012

    FIND US:

    Visit us on YouTubeVisit us on TwitterVisit us on Facebook


    We are now looking for more QUALITY gamers for our already successful and active community. We've been around for almost two years, and have been continuing our success. If you are looking to play with other gamers who are dedicated to team work, communication, and great attitude, then look no more! We concentrate in working together, to WIN together! Our community accommodates all consoles: PS3, PS4, XBOX360, XBOX ONE! This is an already established community and you will find members to play with no matter what day/time!



    • Active members, ONLINE DAILY
    • A home to be proud of and very active (website/forums)
    • Participation in CLAN WARS! (Diamond / Platinum Divisions)
    • Social Media Involved, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Channel! - MARKETING TEAM!
    • Clan events – training sessions, inter-clan tournaments, scrimmages, game nights, meet n' greets, community involvement is at its best!
    • Sponsored tournaments to win cash prizes! Events happening every quarterly or monthly based!
    • MLG/Gamebattles Team for competitive players
    • DOM REWARDS - get cash back by just being a LOYAL CONTRIBUTING MEMBER!
    • Family-friendly community! Respect between all members regardless of age, location, gender, skill!


    • NO K/D REQUIREMENT:  If you are looking to learn more about different game modes, WE CAN HELP YOU EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN THE GAME!
    • MIC REQUIREMENT:* YOU WILL NEED A MIC that’s how you can learn to communicate effectively with other members!
    • NO AGE REQUIREMENT, but the maturity level MUST be there!
    • A QUALITY recruit, no cheating of any kind - boosting, hacking, prestige glitch, god mode, etc...

    We truly are different from the rest as every member of our community is committed to DOM’s success and overall future. We all work together; play together, to win together.It is an exciting time for us. If you want to be part of a winning team that likes to have fun but knows when the right time to be competitive then please check us out! 

    All players welcome. Casual and competitive, male or female, family-friendly clan!  We have members from all around the world and you will have always someone to play with!

    To apply please go to our website at www.dom-clan.org Browse around and get a feel for our community. Then find the clan application that represents your current console and fill out the application.


    You must fill out the clan application on our website first.

    No applications will be accepted on GHOSTS app.


    Good luck on your search for the right clan/community for you!

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