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  • 07/16/14--04:25: Re: XB1 Clan recruitment
  • no but it would be helpful to be on gmt time and clan wars is just playing pubs for points so you play pubs the more you win the moe points you get

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    Did you have 3 or more members before the roster lock ? If so then you should be in ,, certain parts of the app just have default statements in place until the cw starts. If you did not have enough members in before the roster lock then your clan won't be in this clan war.. Roster lock can occur up to 24 hours before the start if the clan war.

    right now the best way to verify is once the cw starts check the app and you should see if your in at that time.

    good luck

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  • 07/16/14--04:28: Re: XB1 Clan recruitment
  • just message my gamer tag

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    Clutter****** maps killed MW3 for me... IMO they do more harm for map flow than terribad chokepoint maps.

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  • 07/16/14--04:29: XB1 Clan Recruitment
  • We are IcONicZ EVO we are a platinum division clan looking for more members for the upcoming clan war


    Mic would be useful but not needed

    Must know call outs

    No Abuse towards other clan members

    Must be active

    Must be able to GMT time

    No try out necessary

    Message me on XBL My GT is Mr Crazy65

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    If anyone wants to party up and play search and rescue add me "zmr94"

    Send me a message before inviting me otherwise ill likely not join.

    Im ranked top 200, please at least know how to play SnR

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    We had always 9 members.

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    AAdd me Mreleven1181 and we will play your mlg team my clan also has a mlg team

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    As previously stated post your thread here GHOSTS CLAN RECRUITMENT you should have better luck there

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    Yes I hated MW3 myself. I was horrified when I found Ghost to have many of the same problems.

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    No magic knife lunge is another that comes to mind.

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  • 07/16/14--04:32: Re: Being Host
  • Sorry G' you should have shot us a message to say you were on

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  • 07/16/14--04:34: Re: Being Host
  • We are mostly PS4 players, Nats are open and networks optimized

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    No. Sorry that Ghosts does not live up to your expectations.

    But, as a consumer you need to take responsibility for your purchase.

    Note: Ghosts is not just multiplayer. It has local play, Campaign (which is monies worth in itself), Squad mode, Extinction.

    The game is not broken. The simple fact is you are just not enjoying it.


    Tip: if you are not sure that you are going to enjoy a game you have options. Try it out at a friends. Read reviews. Buy the hardcopy, so at least you can trade the game in

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    My reaction to this really misinformed post


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    Sounds like a personal problem to me. I have a feeling no video game will ever make you happy.

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    Few are going to agree with you because the Honey Badger is probably their most used weapon. Honestly though, you're right. It's the most powerful weapon in the game and like most other weapons of it's style they try to pass it off as an inaccurate weapon but since recoil in this game is barely in existence the HB can "have the most recoil" and still be very accurate. I can burst fire with it and get kills. Fortunately it's range sucks but not by much. The HB is the only weapon that successfully mixes all the qualities of an SMG and AR and it does so beautifully. It's every the Peacekeeper was suppose to be.

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    After playing this game ont he PS4, its really crazy to see how grainy and hazy the game looks on the PS3. I'm glad AW will be built for the PS4.

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