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    First Clan work with me I work with you. I am good player but can be greater so don't get your hopes up.

    The Know No Better (KNB) Clan is recruiting members. Our Motto "They Don't Know No Better". Max Members 14 including myself. At least 5 spots are female reserved!!! Fellas Ladies first!!


    Purpose: Have Fun, Be Dope, Be Competitive Do Right and Kill Everything!!!

    Casual Play, Clans Wars, Future GB possibly this will get serious so have an option to be ready maybe soon maybe later but either way be ready.

    Create a Group of Cool COD killers who Reign Havoc




    -Must Be at least 21. Considerations will be made just hit me up if under 21 no younger than 18 Lets be Mature in the end it is a game.

    -MUST HAVE MIC! Must Talk!

    -Play at least an hour a day We want more but understand. Not enough playing time Sorry but you got to go.

    -K/D  .800 or above no lower than .775. *Unless mine is lower than that *

    -Real Dudes and Females. No Lames. No Game Gangsters if you REAL You REAL nobody virtually can take that from you! Have personality, style, swag, laid back etc....social media links helpful.

    -Yes females are welcome, it would be great if you look and sound good keep those dudes in the lobby cause they don't know no better and kill'em all!

    -*Playable time zone* Great if you live in EST but all are welcome as long as you are able to play when we need you too.



    -Respect each member of the clan equally you don't like something said or being done bring it to my attention and we can square it out easily. The fair way with no words if it can't be settled with words. 

    -Fellas Respect the Females

    -Make each other Better.

    -Stick up for each other in the lobbies remind them they don't know no better in the game

    -Have Fun but Compete and NO DISRESPECT!!!!! KNB will not tolerate it. Automatic removal. Unless issue is corrected.

    Clan objective will change from time to time. Be open to change and ready to practice with clan and be ready to have fun!!! You never know what is in store!

    *Please follow the rules, lets have a dope time and remind them they don't know no better!*


    If you don't want to apply but just want to have some fun still meeting the requirements shoot me a msg PSN: MuffinxMan365


    Want to apply: Just reply to the post or hit me up in a party chat PSN MuffinxMan365

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  • 07/17/14--04:50: Re: Easter egg question
  • As far as I know, there are always two in the first area. They can only be seen while jumping on the mushrooms.  There are three possible locations for the first two eggs. 1- above the door where you first enter the level. 2- above the barrier to the second area. 3- a little to the left of egg #2.

    There will be two more eggs in the second area, with four possible locations.  1- behind the dead guy in the waterfall mammoth cave. 2- in the arch above where you enter the second area. 3- before you enter the highest mammoth cave, look left and up. Its on top of a ledge that seems to be out of the cave. This one can be tricky to spot. 4- above and to the left of the barrier to the third area ( must jump on mushroom).


    Hope this helps. Kinda hard to explain with words. There are some good videos on YouTube.  Good luck.

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  • 07/17/14--04:48: Re: Create/Select a soldier
  • Yea otherwise you will have a huge variety(not that it's needed) to choose from. Maybe it's a fair play act , cause I sure as hell ain't buying extra create a classes , 5 is enough for me

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    Why not add gamepad support with aim-assist to PC but only allow those players to connect to console servers (cross-platform) or if that cant be done yet why not have seperate 'Gamepad Only Servers' on PC, when connecting to these servers, the game could easily be programmed to un-bind all vital keyboard and mouse buttons temporarily.


    We should still have 'KB+M with Gamepad' servers but aim assist should probably be disabled.


    Local Split-Screen with Online Multiplayer  would also be very beneficial to the game on PC if this 'Gamepad Only Servers' system were to be put in place.

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  • 07/17/14--05:02: Re: Nemesis Map Pack
  • Crossfire or Backlot.

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  • 07/17/14--05:03: Re: Nemesis Map Pack
  • We need more maps like departed and bayview. So far, all of the remakes have been crap in this game, so I say leave them out this time.

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  • 07/17/14--05:06: Re: Point Blank Tips
  • Rush, and rush a lot. Use the lightweight, ready up, and marathon perks so you can run right up on someone, and get the PBK before they get a chance to shoot.

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  • 07/17/14--05:15: Re: Awesome game
  • I've had an amazing game with OFC PUGNAX and two randoms.


    It was months ago on point of contact. We were all communicating using our mics, I think 1 of them hadn't completed the map before so we managed to do every challenge including the 50% accuracy one which we got on the final hive.


    Meaning we got him his first escape as well as completionist.

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    The game been out for a while now but yet there is still a lot of problems like delayed spawned in or trying to accept a game invite! Like seriously i tried to accept 4 invites and it all said invalid and i know the person who was sending me the invite had a party of 5 so i dont get the problem. Another is when you're in a party sometime one person just randomly disappear from the lobby! and then when you try to invite that person they can't join! Their invite says it's invalid or can't connect or it takes too long and doesnt connect!

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  • 07/17/14--05:27: Re: Can't do it anymore
  • All other CoD's have had campers that could be easily countered actually. Either way, I've been playing ghosts still and topping every game with 20+ kills and increasing k/d and w/l (more importantly). I put my point across and got some mixed opinions, which I respect everyone's constructive opinions at the end of the day. The less constructive hate I didn't care much for which is fine, none the less I still think ghosts is a good game and I'll continue to play from time to time. I feel its important to express opinions and to sometimes get others opinions also to improve future CoD's and to give the "majority" of players what they want.


    Like I said before, if I'm a minority, then it won't be changed...either way I will most likely be playing the next cod and put my feedback in accordingly.


    Thank you all for your feedback, happy shooting.

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  • 07/17/14--05:27: Diamond to Silver
  • My clan was in diamond division at last clan wars but in this clan wars is playing in silver diamond why ? Maybe the system was freezing and now it sent my clan in silver division... please sent my clan {YNMP} in the diamond division immidiatly

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  • 07/17/14--05:27: Re: 100% Dedicated Servers?
  • Activision + Development Team = No PC Support at all... They only care about 1 thing and that is what is in better interest for themselves and there pocket book. I totally agree with Dedicated Servers and being able toi remove unwanted players or hackers.. Lets see as far as I can see there is already little to no support they aren't telling the PC community anything but answering all the Console Players... Yet go figure the PC community is growing fast and furious style but nope they're blind... GTA V is coming out soon so I'll save my money for that game...

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  • 07/17/14--05:35: Re: Diamond to Silver
  • They changed the rules for this war (as advertised in the notes for the last war on the COD app).  Any Diamond clans that were inactive in the last war were unenlisted from the Diamond division and sent back to the Bronze through Platinum wars.  That's not to say that you couldn't have re-enlisted yourself in Diamond had you chosen to do so because you could have.  Basically Beachhead decided that too many Diamond clans weren't participating and they removed them to up the competition.  They also reduced the diamond field to 6 clan matchups instead of the normal 7.  I have to think that had more to do with the amount of clans that got purged than anything but I could be wrong about it.  So in the end you are stuck for this war in the Silver division.  Be sure to enlist back in Diamond for the next war if that is were you want to be.

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    nicedrewishfela wrote:


    Complaining about complaining is counter productive.

    well complaining about complaints on complaining whiling complaining that the complaints aren't productive is counter / double (bannable) productive

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  • 07/17/14--05:44: WPG clan recruiting
  • We are recruiting our clan, we are currently winning this clan war in silver division, there are only 2 active players now and I am looking to get more active players. K/D is to important but I ask that you be a well rounded player. just message me and I will respond here and add you, thanks!

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    It sounds like you are a good player that just has the misfortune of getting paired with bad teammates too often.  To have a high of 59 tags in KC I think says it all.  You had no help in the that game for sure.  Here's the thing, the better team always wins.  Whether they were a clan or a bunch of good random players.  The better team always wins.  You can separate the randoms from the parties and that fact will not change.  Last night I played on my back up account and won several matches in KC and HC KC against 4 and 5 man clans.  My team was lucky if it had 2 clan members on it and often was nothing but randoms.  One of those matches the other team actually forfeited.  Granted, I'm very good at KC.  I easily average 20 to 30 tags a game.  So I only need a couple of other guys having a good game to pull out a win.  I'm not going to pretend that I can do it all by myself.  Sure I do lose matches as well even with stellar performances but I win a lot of them too.  The reason for it is quite simple.  The better team always wins.


    Since Ghosts is dominated by clans and parties, a Mercenary playlists that prohibits parties would be a good option for you to get away from them.  However, it's going to be very lowly populated and you will most certainly find yourself in a number of matches were you will be so far lagged behind the action that you won't stand a chance.  So you have to ask yourself, which is worse?  Going up against stiff competition on a generally decent connection or going up against somewhat less stiff competition on a crapshoot of a connection?  I think when the dust settles you will prefer things as is.

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  • 07/17/14--05:55: Re: Looking for a clan PS3
  • hi there

    my clan are in DD, we play daily

    max rank (lvl 25)

    clan kd 1.83 w/l at 68%

    roster lock is tonight for tomorrows clan wars

    if you want to join add AK33M_7

    p.s we are uk based so clan wars is 7-11 pm

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  • 07/17/14--05:57: Re: WPG clan recruiting
  • Where are you based?

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  • 07/18/14--06:10: Re: what are your stats?
  • Sad but true

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