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    You provide nothing but insults and abuse. You had the option to address me in a decent way instead you come straight out in your normal insulting petty way. Your opinion is of 0 value to me or anyone else who wants a good COD experience.

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  • 07/15/14--02:34: A Question about Treyarch
  • Is treyarch still supporting Black ops 2 currently? if yes, well we see anymore updates on the game?

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    Hey, i just got ghosts but in every other call of duty i was very active so ill be active in this one too, my KD is a 1.30, im looking for an active clan for people to play with, my psn is demon12666 so if you want to invite me to your clan.

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  • 07/15/14--02:42: Killcam question
  • What is most embarassing or coolest killcam you have ever seen?


    Most embarrasing ive seen when a guy destroy own teams sentrygun and ballistic wests in same killcam

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    All you need to do is log in to the account (that you originally downloaded the DLC) on your new xbox and do a license transfer. The license transfer with switch to the new user (if you have a new gamer tag) and to the new console. I have done this with my old world at war CoD map packs.

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    I love when you where just at the xbox live store and then switch to cod it says "connecting to xbox live" and sits there for a while.

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    Hi I am interested in joining the clan. I enjoy doing clan challenges and compete against other clans online. I am Seri but also have fun. My PSN name is VaderTheGator.

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    Are you on now

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    I an really hating the connection lately as well. I have an open NAT yet my game for the past week (was on vacation a few weeks prior, so I haven't played at all in the weeks) has only searched for players and nothing more. So I have yet to even be able to play any type of multiplayer what so ever! Tried contacting activison for support using the link given on the game but when I fill out the information on their website and try connecting it tell me "Oops"  and some BS crap about the page not being available! This is one of the only games I liked to play lately and can't even really enjoy it because of these damn issues. 

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    Web accessibility.

    And after all of beachheads failures, I'd be content with an app that works more than 50% of the time.

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    Kunthead wrote:


    Thanks. Its a no go though. Downloaded it again this time through the in game store and same deal.


    Oh well. Not the end of the world.

    Can you answer the questions in my last post.

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  • 07/15/14--03:26: Re: To the THE WORLD
  • BLack ops 2 has host migration. I am sick of seeing the words HOST ENDED GAME on bo1 whenever someone goes down.

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  • 07/15/14--03:29: Short Jokes
  • Q : What did the nut say to the bolt

    A : Screw me


    Two blondes walking down the road , when they find a mirror compact, One opens it an says dang, this girl looks familiar  , the other blonde says, let me see and she takes the compact, looks inside an says, of course dummy it's a picture of me.


    Q : What did one wall say to the other wall

    A : Meet you at the corner



    Post a funny short joke just for a laugh : Beware, Not all will get it , so make sure it's basic

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    im not paying to win.

    have had many nukes/moabs under my belt with my old standard controller.

    i just had the money to buy a scuf and it made my hand first of all feel 10x better when holding the controller.

    scuf did something that stil to this day MS and sony are to stupid to do themselfs.

    BACKPADDLES! they give more fingers purpose to use instead of just being there for show during gaming.

    i use my middlefinger for the backpaddles but before they were relaxing near the batterypack.

    the trigger stops dont have a major inpact to the game sure you can pull the trigger that little bit faster sure but the problems COD have been having these days with connection even that few MS wont save you.


    also if you just picked up a scuf your not instantly a seasoned pro.

    you gotta work with it and get used to it.

    its a pretty big change having a standard controller to a scuf.

    and no not because of the blabla the backpaddles takes getting used to.

    same as a gaming headset.

    your not instantly gonna be oh he is there!

    no you gotta learn the sounds of everything around you.


    so if you invested in a gaming headset its pay2win?

    even if i bought it for general gaming? and not for COD.


    also they were promoting gaming headsets back in BO2 even though they gave you no advantage.

    and before you argue you could hear footsteps i wil say no you cannot.

    ok in custom games where its absolutely no sound from anyone else but your friend running around with or withoud awareness doesnt make a difference.

    but in a lobby of 12 people running around shooting everything throwing explosives footsteps are not there.

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  • 07/15/14--03:41: Re: How I Appreciate Unlocks
  • After you disconnected last night (hope it wasn't anything serious), me Retro and Sarah set a custom lobby up (just in case you returned) and tried PoC again. We had a few hairy moments, but kept going, doing as many challenges as we could without splitting up, but lost it at the hive nearest the final hive (the one on the Island).

    We would have loved to try and leave this challenge and deal with all the aliens but it gave us the worst one ever, if I remember correctly it was the 'Do not let the drill health go below 50%', I'm sure Retro will correct me if I'm wrong, having this one on any other hive would have been easier, just wish it had given us the melee a scorpion one instead, it was as if the game just didn't want us to complete it without you, after all this was yours and Retro's idea, we were just along for the ride

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  • 07/15/14--03:44: Re: Short Jokes
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    Maybe you should change your game style ! Dont run around the middle of the map try sneaking around the edge if your getting owned all the time by the HB or even better dont play cod anymore

    Why dont you give bf3/bf4 a try ?

    You can thank me later.

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