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        Fallen Victim

                                                           Come and join askillful and friendly community


                                              Clan Stats

    Clan Level: 18

    Members: 60

    Clan K/D: 1.25

    Clan Win%: 50


    K/D of 0.85 or higher

    - You must play at least 2-4 days a week

    - You don't have to be very good at the game but should be able to work effectively with your team

    - You must play with the Clan Tag and play with other Clan Members if any are on

    - It is highly recommended that you own the Call of Duty App to be able to communicate with other Clan members and so that you can stay up to date on Clan Wars

    - It is recommended that you own a mic (Optional)

    - You must play as a Tactical and Strategical Team and use Team Work

    - You must play with pride and show other people and clans who the real Pros are

    - You must be friendly and respect each other

    - You have to stay dedicated and loyal to the clan


      More Info

    PS4 leader and Commander - LuckyAlpaca

    2nd PS4 leader - sureshotuk7

    PS3 leader and Lieutenant Commander - noconcern

    Xbox one leader - ????

    Xbox360 leader - xXboxManiacXx

    Message if your interested in being a part of the clan.



    Hope to hear from you

    - LuckyAlpaca

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  • 07/14/14--00:40: Re: Full of Win
  • You sure do like your babe - win gifs - You made instigated  me to do this gambit1969


    [IMG]  [IMG]

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    is your clan a sniping clan

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    The first person might be the co owner

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  • 07/14/14--01:42: Want your mind blown?
  • I just did this. Watch it and flip out.


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  • 07/14/14--01:57: Content not allowed to post?
  • Wtf how do i know what in my post i try to write is not allowed? Im trying to write about killstreaks

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    Wtf how do i know what in my post i try to write is not allowed? Im trying to write about killstreaks

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    Hello ladies and gents! Today I'm presenting the opportunity to join an amazing squad of dedicated players who play to win! Our team is currently sponsored by two very nice company's and we are still gathering more sponsors, we also have a wonderful youtuber that's on our team that's partnered. We usually do in-clan scrims to build team work and chemistry with our team, currently we have nine members in our team and by that statistic you can tell that were very picky on who we let it etc. Here are some ways you can have a better chance to get in, we require ALL members to have a working mic, you MUST be mature we have a self image to maintain and we don't want new comers to ruin it that does't mean we don't joke around at all were COD loving fans that are close and we share funny moments, we also require our members to be active by that I mean AT LEAST PLAYING 2 HOURS A DAY! If you are interested feel free to contact the leader Anguish o, business manager Viper77277 or the media manager aG Xenos, if you are interested to join send one of us a message including the following text, I have read the bio and I would like a tryout. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

    - Anguish

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    Hiya! Ladies and gents! Im looking to make my team stronger by scrimming against other clans! Just something casual here and then to build team work for my team so I'm looking to get some 4v4's\3v3's. If you are interested on doing this please do message me on my account Anguish o and we can get a time scheduled!

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    im in search of ppl with real military/swat type training for C.O.D. MW3 and GHOSTS.NO bunny hoppers or solo run an gunners plz.i myself am not military or the like,however i have had extensive training in military tactics through family/friends who happen to be MARINES,and NAVY SEALS.so i know what im talking about.we can discuss qualifications later.im in no way control freak,a team is a team,and all input is valueable.id just like ppl in my clan to think the same,i.e.a team is as only as good as its weakest individual.i strongly believe a well organized team can DOMINATE these games.if u feel the same way then contact me at the clan name,GET LOW HUSTLERS OR AT MY PS3 ONLINE I.D. FLAPJACKDADDIO for an invite, also,friends wanted for other games as well which i wont mention here.thaks for ur consideration.GLH(GET LOW HUSETLER



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  • 07/14/14--02:04: Re: If given the option...
  • No but there should be an option that allow u to do that and it reset everything, but show for everyone that u has reseted them and how many times. But nothing stops u to create a new account and start fresh

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  • 07/14/14--02:09: Re: !CLANS! I AM CONFUSED
  • If you wanna create a clan and play clan matches and even win some money in tournaments, jo can go to MLG-website ( Major League Gaming ) There you can create a clan and choose what games your clan is going to compete in. But you must have at least 2 other members to create a clan.

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    When I put the game in and it loads it disconnects me from Xbox live plz help

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    When I put the game in and it loads it disconnects me from Xbox live plz help is xbox live down?

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    DSR is a good rifle, but the ballista is a pure hitmark machine then it come to quickscope

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  • 07/14/14--02:14: Re: Who is down to play?
  • What do you mean by crazy sh*t. I'll hope you dont mean hacking and boosting.

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  • 07/14/14--02:15: Re: If given the option...
  • I have never reseted my stats on any game but i know really many players that has and why.


    1.They had bad k/d ratio and try to do improvment

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    Well there I was playing conservatively on Overlord with an Ied at my back and my LSAT with grip Acog and Focus in my hands. Someone tripped the IED and at about 5 game meters dead center mass it took a measly 42 rounds to put the player down. Call it connection/lag/hit detection whatever you want.

    I will call it a Ghost moment.

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