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    tuurtle wrote:


    I'm sure this isn't the first time that this has come up, but holy f***, please nerf the Tac 12. I'm so freaking tired of getting mowed down from 10 feet away by some n00b with a Tac 12. I'm not talking like, huge nerf either. Even nerfing the damage drop for it would make it less annoying. I'm just so unbelievably tired of going into small maps, and getting one shotted from across the map with a shotgun. The FP6, MTS, and Bulldog are all fairly balanced. No idea why the Tac 12 hasn't had a nerf yet. So please. For the sake of my sanity, and everyone elses, nerf the Tac 12 before it breaks the multiplayer.

    You SHOULD be mowed down at 10 feet away with a shotgun, well BECAUSE ITS A SHOTGUN. Why in the blazing blue hell should a shotgun NOT kill a person from 10 feet away? Also in all actuality this is the FIRST thread we have seen with anyone complaining about the tac-12. It seems to me like someone needs to step their game up......

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  • 07/08/14--20:24: Re: nat type strict
  • !Here:

    HOW TO CHANGE YOUR NAT TYPE TO OPEN!: Black ops 2 PC! - YouTube

    Follow these steps and you're good to go. Just make sure you name it CoD: Ghosts or something instead of Black Ops 2, it still works for Ghosts.

    You should also only need to complete all the steps from 1:50 but prior to that open up cmd and just type: ipconfig.

    Edit: Lol, just say that this thread was made in November, lol.

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    add: TheZombieStalkermy k/d and w/l are terrible because all I would play was infected the first few months

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    swaggboi1 wrote:


    i can check my spelling my self so idont need t ouuse a spell checking thing when i can check it myself ok

    There are 4 (if I'm generous) spelling errors in this. You clearly can't.

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  • 07/09/14--00:04: Re: Internet racists rants
  • You still have not answered me if you use racial slurs or not and why and why not? Don't worry we are using it within the right context here. I haven't seen you write anything about you using the words yourself but are adamant about others being able to use it in context.


    You wrote:

    For you to have the audacity to say you know exactly what does and does not offend them since you had the same basic origin is either complete megalomania or delusion.

    What is delusional is that you assume that I don't have family still in Vietnam. Australia has a large population of vietnamese and I'm sure not all of Viet families have their complete families in Australia. It is delusional that an Asian does not have Asian friends or perhaps have a in-laws who are from different asian cultures. I live in Houston Texas with a vast population of many other Asian cultures. So for me to be ignorant of the difference of my own race is ignorant in my part and even more for someone not of my race to assume so. Please stop assuming you are an expert in how cultured I am in my own race.

    May it be whatever race you are, we as human beings don't like to be lowered by insults via our race. If you are a human being that feels that it's ok for others to racially insult you and you enjoy it. More power to you! You have a much THicker Skin than I do.


    You wrote:

    Now following that logic you learned that word is offensive AFTER someone told you.

    If I didn't tell you that and you said the word, not even knowing it's meaning at any point  then you would be a racist.

    See where I am going with this ?

    WTF? does this make any sense? If i don't know what the word means and I use it? How the heck would I learn the word in the first place? I'm a two year old trying to speak for the first time and my mom and dad are training me with this word? In what world does that happen? I'm around my friends and they use that word and I have no Idea what it means and I start sprouting it out? WTF? I've been locked up in a cave and they finally found me and the first thing I hear is that word so I start practicing using this word? The most likely scenario is that I learned it at a young age from a racist within my family so I used it freely. Even after I learned it is not an acceptable word to use in society I go into a anonymous internet lobby and I am once again free to use it. OR I find out what the word means and I refused to use it and admit I did not know it was inflammatory out of the respect of others.

    You wrote about Kramer:

    Now some people will be offended by that

    let's get real here. Some people? I think majority of people were offended that's why you haven't seen his face on TV since. Let's just say HE GOT BANNED even after he apologized. Why is that? Is it because we a society said let's give him a free pass? Who is the social jury here? Who decided it was OK or not OK? It wasn't me alone who thought it wasn't OK. Kramer himself apologize and realized his mistake. Do we really know if it was a comedy bit for real or was it his true feelings? Do you know him in person to ask him this? He is ignorant to say that only white people are considered racist. Racism happens across all cultures.

    You wrote:

    How about in a political debate then ?

    If someone is addressing the "N word" and actually say it (as they should, people should always address correctly what they are debating ) then that can offend someone and being a "racist" word then that person is now deemed a racist for even acknologing the word they are trying to eradicate.

    Why don't you try it out here on your next post? This is has become a debate. Are you willing to test it out for the sake of debating the topic? Let's see if it makes it passed the restricted words that will be stared(*) out. Now why has this site deemed it improper? HMM. Perhaps the majority agree that it is.


    You wrote:

    Learn to take critique if you wish to post such subjective matter.

    I have taken your critiques but do I have to agree with them? The matter like you said "subjective". those are your views and it's not my view. I'm not making you change the way you think I'm giving you my opinion. Take it or not. As I will decide if I will take your critique or not.

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  • 07/09/14--00:06: Re: cheaters n hackers
  • I disagree, most people are unable to accept that someone is better than them. Its always because you've got some hack on or something. I get this every day without fail and I've never cheated in my life. Its all ego's. I have gone into games where there are hacked maybe 3 or 4 times in 400 hrs playing time, so I really disagree that the game id overrun with hackers.

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  • 07/09/14--00:06: Re: Tryouts Hit Me Up
  • Bump

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  • 07/09/14--00:07: Watched noobs playing
  • I started with 3 beginners(level 4-29) on awakening and wanted to know how noob i was in the beginning so i was like spectating but playing


    1. they waked up 2 mammoths at same time in beginnnig

    2. they didnt do any challenges

    3. all of them didnt use skill points

    4. upgraded things you dont need (explosives only)

    5. placed grenade turret in weird positons when there wasnt any aliens and on the other side of map were obelisk was

    6. sentry gun placed back were ark and mammoth is against a wall

    7. they was down all the time

    8. game would have ended in 5 minutes without me



    Any others tried this? Its so fun

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    Im finding it not fun at all but I love the game. The hacking part is so way uncool dude!

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    wtf??? GOd mode and a unlimited ammo bazooka?? Cmon man...

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  • 07/09/14--00:12: Re: Unearthed vs Dome
  • Yes its basically same but really different, favela is closest to remake of maps

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    You've got to be the dumbest SOB I've ever encountered. Ever. You have no idea what you're talking about. Seriously kid, there us not a single person that has read your crap, that doesn't put you in their top 3 retards of all time. Honestly after I spent a few hours laughing, I felt sorry for you, then I got a little angry when I realized my taxes are going to be paying for your existence for the rest of my life. Then I got a little depressed when I thought you might reproduce someday. But it ended on a happy note when I realized that no human in their right mind would ever lay down with such a dolt.


    Just stop....




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    hello, I am OpAf_Lethal on ps3 leader of the OverPoweredAsFuck clan and we r recruiting and starting YouTube very soon, we r a trickshoting clan with about 20 members and I would like to see if you wanted to join, it would be very cool. Message and add me if u r interested

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    Bump!!! Still lookin for more members.

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    Hi guys, how could I have been banned? I do not use modded lobbies, hacks, I dont even use a Mic so I havent abused people! Also still havent been contacted by a soul. I went through that connection issues page. Ive done it all, nothing.

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    No shyt? Really? So that's why they have more than one?.... dude... you're a moron. No matter how many times people answer your stupid fuggin questions, you just keep spewing.


    Have fun macc.

    I've reached my "fugg it , he's a moron limit" ... it took longer than I thought....

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    "I don't get why folks feel the need to compare, honestly.


    I wasn't a fan of Star Trek growing up, but I loved Star Wars. I'd say those are in the same Genre, but to compare the tool is a futile exercise.


    Why does one have to be superior? As a gamer I play various games because I enjoy different aspects of them. I don't play Assassin's Creed or Bioshock and think about what is better, the same, or different from CoD. Like books, or like movies, you need to judge a game on it's own qualities and what you as a gamer enjoy or dislike.


    Comparing, especially a Futuristic Mech-Driven FPS to a more Military-based FPS, is just for folks to create flame wars and discord. Play what you want to play. Play what you ENJOY playing. The comparisons are meaningless and  useless." - nicedrewishfela


    Without the ability to compare you would not be able to improve upon existing technology, translate language or determine the differences between anything. You yourself made a comparison when you said "they are two completely different games." You came to that determination by comparing the differences between two first-person shooters.


    An example of this would be if you were to compare two different cars to determine which gets better gas mileage, or comparing an Xbox console to a Playstation console to determine which has better processing power. Regardless of what you compare everyone compares, even if you don't realize it yourself. The point is this, you too make comparisons but look down upon those that do the same, that, by definition, makes you a hypocrite. And no amount of arguing is going to change that.


    My intent, regardless of your presumptions, is to allow everyone to express their opinions and socialize with others regarding two very popular first-person shooters, not to start a "flame war." My previous statements will attest to that, while yours will only serve to incriminate you further.

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  • 07/09/14--23:30: Looking to party up
  • I come from a know GW clan known as NoX. I am not looking to join a clan, but maybe play with a clan or just a group of players. I can play pretty  well in any game mode. Hit me up on ps4, my psn is ii--evolutionz

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