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    What I think the definition of speaking SWAG is :






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    i am currently looking for a black ops 2 clan for xbox360, i have at the moment a 5.09 kill death ratio(yes legit. no boost no dashboarding, only leave games when randoms become idiots.) i play domination demolition team deathmatch as well as league play, i would appreciate it if someone would take me to their clan:P please feel free to message me anytime:) GamerTag: PierceTheVeilxO.. thank you(:

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    We are a clan looking for members. If you want to join a Brand New Clan this is your clan. This clan will be participating in many events such as clan wars.






    Our rules are simple. No HACKING is ALLOWED



    How to JOIN:



    The process is very simple on how to join. Just go on the Call of Duty app and search for PSN Gamers and apply. Thats it.






    - Must have a K/D of above a 0.85

    - Must have the Call of Duty App

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  • 07/09/14--23:51: Re: Xbox 360 Clan
  • I will have a clan war with you after I get more clan mates... unless we have a 4v4???? Message my xbox gamertag: HashtagBelieb and maybe on day we can be allies or something above those lines??? but i will call you up when we can, okay?

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    Bf4 is going off now man, after a shakey first 9 months it's freaking awesome.

    So much to do and add custom servers - the sky's the limit.

    Not to mention longevity - played hundreds of hours and still a fair way to go from maxing out.

    Helps that past level 112 its over 500,000 XP just to level up

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    Add me on skype @ iPublicEnemy or DM on twitter @MrPublicEnemy thanks.

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    swaggboi360 wrote:


    bet yiy dibt wabt verse ne cause you know il pwn you.

    All jokes aside I honestly have no idea what this is supposed to say.

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    I am interested in that xbox one commander position. I have a kd of 1.3 and it is going up. Win/loss ratio is 1.3. I have experience in 4v4 gamebattles and 2v2. I have lead a clan that got pretty far in gamebattles. Add or message me on here or xbox Gt: Whammer41

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    I play with shotguns most of the time, I never use a Tac12, it is gutless. Plus the single shot is rubbish on all shotguns and the FP6 reloads way too slowly, That leaves only the Bulldog which is pretty under powered and the MTS-255 which is just about OK but should have the punch of the FP6. I shouldn't have to put 2 or 3 shots into someone for them to go down.


    However, I choose to play with a shotgun and that takes a certain type of play. If I am silly enough to go walking about in the open then someone with an assault rifle, snipers rifle, sub machine gun or LMG is going to take me out from 50 yards because they have range and I do not.


    So why do I not post "Nerf every gun apart from shotguns! Sick of being killed at 50 yards"... because it would be both ridiculous and extremely unintelligent.... I'm sure you get my point

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    So you wan't to know why you can't get it for free on multiple consoles by using another person's account info?  Think about it..

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    I'm looking for a friendly clan that has fun and isn't too serious. I can be serious if needed and my kd is..... ughfhh .640 when I started the game I was terrible I'm sorry D: but does the kd matter? I love the game ^^ but anyways, now I normally get more kills then deaths. I'm a sniper -NOT QUICKSCOPE- I don't like quick scoping it doesn't make sense, please don't kill me   sometimes I revert to my old buddeh mr.knife (not often usually when we are winning by a lot or when we are losing terribly just for fun xD) and i dont have batteries for my mic right now but maybe in like two days i will. So yea thats pretty much it.


    im a girl...

    so liek i dont want a clan called sexi laddies or somthing xD

    now thats all comment or message me on xbox (Bacon Kitten) if you are willing to take this stray kitten in :u:

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  • 07/10/14--00:28: Re: What's Teh OT's Mascot?
  • That swag kid should definitely be the mascot. He needs a job more than anyone.

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    impoZZible is a brand new clan looking for great active members. there are 3 members so far but I am looking to expand into a great clan. there are no requirements to join but I do prefer for you to have a mic. I will soon be getting an xbox one and will be making the same clan for cod advanced warfare.


    for more info/invite contact me on my psn and or use the app psn- burgerfryer     clan name- impoZZible

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  • 07/10/14--00:28: Invite a clan ;p 360
  • Looking for for a good clan to play with! Preferably level ranged from 18-25. My kd is currently a 1.351, my Win/loss is currently 1.261. I have experience in platinum, Gold, and Diamond division of clan wars. My gamertag is xo Dreams. Feel free to message me the details and requirements to your clan.

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    Hello and welcome to the Plague recruitment page.

    Before you start I want to let you know that plague is a new clan and we have only 1 member (ME)

    Plague is a competitive sniping clan.

    So this page will tell you how you can join and the requirements of joining and what to do if you get in, so lets get down to it.


    1. Must own Call of duty Black Ops 2

    2. Must have a k/d ratio over 1.35 (I do this because we are going to be a competitive clan and we don't want bad people in our clan.

    3. Must have a mic (This makes it easier to communicate)

    How to join:

    Email me saying I want to join your clan, Plague and then I will give you my PSN and we can communicate from there.

    What to do if you get in:

    Make a new account


    Where there are question marks you may put whatever you like (Please don't make it rude)


    So that is about all



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    Is it not obvious fellow forumites.

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  • 07/11/14--00:07: Re: Mayday question
  • I knew you would say that,   But you ask very simple questions man, stuff that YOU should be able to work out on your own!!! Are you that silly that you actually have to make a topic? I mentioned on one of your many threads .... Finally a discussion , what happened? can't think of anything?? , Not that you will care , but gonna avoid you like the plague, I cannot stoop to your level again

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