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    Have you tried adding good players to your friends list? I used to be very frustrated, but now I only play with people I've met that I know are good. Occasionally, I will go publics and perhaps find one or two players that are worth adding to my friends list.

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  • 07/07/14--23:49: Re: fuck you
  • I have never seen you post before, sooooo you are jumping the gun a bit here me thinks

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    He told you all of that, not to be a ****, but to prevent you from getting your account banned. If your account gets banned, you lose the remaining time on your Gold membership, all DLC licenses, and can no longer play in online lobbies. You wouldn't be able to play multiplayer or Squads in this game online. You'd only have access to offline modes, and there isn't any ranking for offline.


    He's just keeping you from getting a bigger headache, and keep you from getting even more frustrated than you already are. Because if you get banned, I can assure you, you'll be more pissed off than you are now. If you don't like what I have to say, so be it. He's actually helping you out there. As am I.

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    Hey, Im looking for a close knit clan or gaming org to join. where members actually play with other members and dont throw you aside after you get (recruted) i wouldnt mind a rank structure and possibly try outs so not everyone can join. If you have something like that or know of anyone to contact lmk thanks!

    GT: Merx Rex

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    Gender, not at all. But I have yet to meet a female extinction player.


    Age though, it's different. If they have a mic, and they're communicating, it's usually alright if I have three experienced friends with me. I actually like it, it brings a refreshing, often humorous mood to the game when usually it's pretty silent.


    But yeah, I agree playing with split screener 8 year olds who sound like they're just hogging older brother's PS4, I usually back out. Or I will back out on a kid when I'm not in the mood to corral and teach someone.

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    Check it out, this engine ...



    is the same engine as all these engines ...



    because in getting to this engine ...




    very few changes (that were relatively minor in comparison to what we see on the outside) were made to this part of the engine ...



    But can we really imagine this car ...


    performing anywhere close to the way this car performs?


    Probably not.


    Granted, Chevrolet stopped using the "original" small block a few years ago ... sorta. The current 5.7L engine uses the same bore and stroke on a connecting rod engine ... which means that elements of the original engine design continue to be used 57 years later. And, after all, it IS an internal combustion engine that is powered by gasoline and air.


    Game engines are very similar in concept. They utilize code that largely incorporates mathematical formulas translated into code. That code is powered by electrons which tell resistors and such to turn on and off. You can't change Pythagorus' theory and, therefore, you can't have an "entirely" new engine in the manner so many people think you can have. It's just like that car engine. You can change from using gasoline to ethanol ... but it is still an internal combustion chamber engine (GM even tried to use diesel in these engines for a while!). The point is that just like every new model year the Corvette has a "new" engine, every new model year of COD has a "new" engine ... that isn't really new. And has a less likelihood of being a genuinely new engine than does a car engine. Why?


    Because there are limited supplies of gasoline ... there's an unlimited supply of electrons. That means there's less need to try changing A + B = C.


    What I find truly amazing is that the community has yet to figure out how to deal with a 0.25 kdr corner camper but we're in here debating sh!t several rungs over our pay grades.

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    Platinum Division Clan now recruiting for the upcoming clan wars summer schedule.

    We are looking for players from PS3/XBOX360 who are ACTIVE DURING CLAN WARS.

    You don't have to be active when a clan war is not live.

    All we ask is that you are ACTIVE DURING CLAN WARS...

    Playing the game modes for capture during the war are a must.

    Thank you to all that apply

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  • 07/07/14--23:54: Re: Cheating??
  • Yeah I've been in a lobby that did this once. It was pretty funny; it's like the mayday one - it's not "cheating" but it's abusing a game mechanic. (Cheating in my books is defined as obtaining an unfair advantage by hacking into the console, like hacked/modded lobbies, etc.)


    Again, I don't promote it, and it was fun the first time. But the Vanguards aren't even that difficult, so the idea won't catch on.


    It basically abuses how aliens spawn on Awakening; they will spawn whichever way players are facing. People could build this into their strategies, for example, everyone can face one direction on obelisks to obtain a flare-like effect where all the aliens are coming in one direction.

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    Hi my name is Jarryd. I have a ps3 and mainly play bo2. I would like to join your clan and wouldnt mind given any high order ressposibilty. You can bbm at 7BAA219B to talk more or on Togo__Zeus or KILLER-B3ATz_813 on psn.

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  • 07/07/14--23:56: Venom question?
  • We was on mayday and one guy had venom schematic and was running around searching for red tool boxes and looted them all by himself so he could create a specific colored venom weapon when we others did the hard work!

    So are there much different in power and damage between theese different coloured venom guns?

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    Agreed, but there is so much cheating and hacking in PC Gaming. Why would you even want to play in that arena? Give me a console any time

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    Same problem here. It's pretty annoying.

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  • 07/07/14--23:59: Re: solution to campers
  • dayatoffc01.JPG

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    You have come to the right place my friend. My clan literally fits your description perfectly. Check out my clan's recruitment thread for more details. I'm sure you'll fit right in with us. [360 & One][US] HNG - Lvl 25 Competitive Diamond Clan With Website Recruiting for MLG GameBattles/UMG Gaming and Clan Wars (1.5+K/D)


    - Tiberium

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    I think the main reason for inconsistent games is due to the fact that this game, online, runs on P2P (Peer to Peer) servers. There are no dedicated servers, that I know of, and that's part of the problem. The other problem is that some players in the game you're in may have crappy connections. Lets say I was in your game, I'd be bringing the whole lobby's connection down because of my slow DL and UL speeds. Then you throw the lag compensation crap into it, and it actually hurts a faster connection more than it helps.


    I did a test not too long ago to compare slow speeds versus faster speeds with my console. I had 11 friends playing, so I decided to explain to them that I was doing a test, and wanted to start a private match, and they all agreed. So I started playing, on my slow speed, wired, and did alright, and they were lagging. Then I switched to wireless, with the same lobby, and things went smooth for me, and worse for the others. Then I told them all to stay on, I'd be back online in 30 minutes. Went to a friends house, his speeds were at the time 10-15 time faster than mine at home.


    So I started with wired connection, got in the game, and it was lagging big time for me, hit markers only. Then I switched to wireless, and it went a little smoother, but still very laggy.


    I'm not saying go out and get the crappiest internet you can get, because online public matches for me at home, with 1.5mbps dl and 1.0 mbps upload speeds, the game is still very laggy. This is the reason I stick to Squads. Just so I don't bring down a game that may have good connections. I don't stay out of online public matches because it's poor connectivity. I stay out for the other players to have the best games they can get.

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    Join Kronic Today!


    We are a Sniping and Trickshotting clan war in need if members.


    If you would like to join, add Kronic_Savvy or Kronic_Havok.


    Ps3 Only



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    If your looking for an active, competitive, organized, dedicated, and friendly clan, then HybridNerdzGaming may be the clan for you. We are a tightly knit Level 25 Diamond Division clan with 30 members and a 1.89 average K/D ratio who have been together for over 8 months. We are based in the US, specifically on the east coast, but also have members from the UK and Europe. Our clan is in a sponsorship with Cinch Gaming (use the code "HNG13" for a discount off Cinch Controllers). We also have multiple competitive teams who play MLG Gamebattles and UMG matches (if you are interested in doing gbs please let me know either in a message or in your application form on our website). Our recruitment process is quite strict as we only accept members who have completed a tryout phase and who meet all or most of the requirements stated below.


    To be eligible for this clan you must: (please read all of the requirements as they are all very important to our clan)

    1)Be a very active playermeaning that youplay CoD at least2-4 days a week- especially on weekends (for clan wars)

    2) Have over a 1.5 K/D ratio and over a 1.5 W/L (or play better than your k/d)

        -this shows that you are a competent player

        - If you apply with lower than a 1.5 k/d, you will most likely not be accepted into our clan (you may still be given a tryout however)


    3) Play Clan Wars


    4)Be mature & friendly

        -this also means having respect for other clan members


    5)Be dedicated to the clan

        - don't leave the clan for another clan

    6)Have a mic...

        - If you can't communicate with other clan members, you aren't much use to the clan


    7)Join the clan website (just search "hybrid nerdz"on Google and it's the first result) before joining the CoD roster

       - You may not be in this clan without joining the website

    8) Follow the clan rules specified on the website

    9) Complete our tryout phase (which can last from one day to a week or longer depending on your k/d, communication skills, and attitude)

    10) Have fun

    - In the end, it's just a game so have a good time while playing it

    -All of our members are very friendly and easy to get along with so please make sure you do the same

    - We are more than just a clan. We're a gaming community. So help us to make it a fun community

    Our Diamond clan war time-frame is 7-11 PM EST.


    If your interested in joining, message me on Xbox Live and leave your reply below (Please note your stats as I have done) or submit an application form on our clan website (remember, just search "hybrd nerdz" on Google)

    If you are interested in being on one of our competitive teams, please let me know where you are located (east coast, west coast etc) and your times of availability

    You can also check us out on Twitter (we have over 600 followers and growing fast) - @HybridNerdz

    My gamertag: Hybrd Tiberium

    My timezone: PST

    My Stats:

    K/D: 2.070

    W/L: 3.610

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  • 07/08/14--00:08: Re: I dislike attachments
  • I want same ban thing for xbx1, theres a avoid player thing but it dont help much

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    That is one method and can work quite well.

    Another, very similar to what STEELERPRIDE7 said is to try is placing IED's or IMS's in strategic locations where if an enemy has to get to you you know they can kill him.

    EG: exploding barrels, under cars etc.

    Now instead of shooting at them as a distraction, if you know they are roughly near you let off a few rounds to let them know your there.

    They will rush in towards you thinking you don't know they are there - right into your traps.

    If you get hitmarkers (use either DC or 2xIEDS) then you can finish them off with bullets.

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